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  1. Does that still apply even though the external monitor is an extended display in my case?
  2. Hi! So I had this weird idea of using my old monitor from my desktop PC as a second monitor for my laptop. My desktop's motherboard just quit out on me and I can't buy a new one, especially with the processors and RAM that came with it, unless I'm doing an upgrade. Since it has no more use, I don't want it to just lay there and pick up a lot of dust so I had the idea of trying to use it as an external monitor for my laptop. Obviously, since I don't have much of a budget, and I didn't have a choice in buying back then, my monitor and laptop just outright suck. Monitor: AOC E1670sw monitor @ 1366 x 768 Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15 5570 (Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4-2400, Radeon 530) - resolution @ 1920 x 1080 So here's how I plan to do it: My laptop is sort of like a desktop in my setup. It has a cooling pad that can't even blow much air, and also has 2/3 USB ports occupied (keyboard and mouse). Since using the 3rd port on my laptop as power source for the monitor, which is by the way, USB-powered, is causing me space constraints for my right hand and mouse, I decided to use a couple of old phone chargers, capable of outputting 5V 1A and 5V 1.5A respectively. Since the monitor uses VGA and my laptop has an HDMI port, I'll go buy an HDMI-VGA adapter later on. The question is: Is it going to cause a massive performance drop on my laptop? I intend to use the other monitor as a secondary monitor just to keep my facebook/twitter accounts in check, while I'm gaming on the main monitor. I might as well play some YouTube while at it. I'm pretty concerned if it's going to deal a massive dip in performance due to the added monitor, since I know my laptop had some really bad specs.
  3. Hi, recently, I have been experiencing issues with my build on randomly losing monitor display and then becoming unresponsive but still is running like nothing's wrong with it. My build: PSU: idk the brand, 700W switching (the cheap ones you can find at ebay) MB: Gigabyte H110M-H CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 8GB (4GBx2)/Teamgroup Elite DDR4-2133 (4GBx1) This computer has been given to me by my uncle before he went abroad, with the Teamgroup RAM stick installed about 6 months ago. Everything is running fine, then a month later, there was a sale for a HyperX DDR4-2666, which happened to be cheaper than the DDR4-2400 version of that stick for a limited time, since I'm planning to upgrade soon to a Ryzen 5 and B450, I bought two sticks. I installed them and everything is working fine, even though the speed is only at DDR4-2133. I have researched about the RAM stick being held up at a lower speed than usual, and I can't find much articles saying it's not good for my RAM. Everything is working flawlessly though. Then I replaced the stock Intel heatsink with a DeepCool IceEdge Mini v2. I even went on torture testing my PC (Prime 95) after installing the new RAM and heatsink, and everything was fine. So, fast-forward 5 months later, we had a Typhoon in our country which had strong winds, and caused multiple abrupt power outages before totally blacking out. I am using my PC at that time encoding on Excel, when power first went out then came back about 10 seconds later. I was eager to turn my PC back on to check if my work was saved, and there was some saved, so I kept working as power seemed to be ok, but voltage regulator was clicking frequently, then power went out again. This happened about 4 times before power went on to normal. Then the computer lost signal on the monitor but is still running (although no longer responding to anything except hard reset). This was my problem which went on repeating itself at random times (even on the BIOS and POST screen it goes like that). CPU Temps are at the 28'C (idle) - 41'C (on load) range, so overheating isn't likely the problem. I'm confused now and still have no idea what is the likely culprit. Btw my system cooling is made of the following: 3 x 80mm intake fans - 4-pin molex, full speed 1 x 80mm side exhaust fan - 4-pin molex, full speed 1 x 80mm stock intel cooler (DIY'ed to act as an exchaust) - 4-pin PWM, always set to full speed 1 x DeepCool IceEdge Mini FS 2.0 (heatsink w/ 2 heatpipes and 80mm fan) - 3-pin PWM, full speed Here's what I did so far: - The usual basic troubleshooting (hard reset, reseat connectors, clean and reseat RAM sticks) - Changing thermal paste for CPU heatsink and Chipset heatsink (to rule out overheating) - Glued a fan next to the chipset heatsink (to rule out chipset overheating) - Installed the latest BIOS verison - v24 (to rule out BIOS probem) - Tested the HyperX RAM on MemTest86 on stick 1 only, stick 2 only, and both sticks together (to rule out RAM issue) - Clean installed Windows and installed drivers from manufacturer website (to rule out software and driver issue) - Swapped back in the Teamgroup RAM and running Prime95 (again, to rule out RAM) - Tested on Prime95 with CPU fan off, rear exhaust fan acting as CPU fan since gap between is just a few centimeters (to test if thermal paste is applied bad) In spite of everything I did so far, the problem still persists. I checked event log everytime, but all I can find is that "the system shutdown at *time stamp* was unexpected" there were no indications of a driver problem, or a software problem in event viewer, so my likely suspect is a hardware issue. Can anyone help me out with this? I would like to hear some likely culprits before I start buying either a new PSU (Silverstone ~600w -ish), CPU (Ryzen 5 3400G), Motherboard (B450 Aorus Elite, or a similarly priced B450 board *i'm considering the TUF Gaming B450M*).
  4. I didn't set a budget on it because I would earn enough for my target build eventually. But for the build....I would like some good aesthetics and performance with little to no bottleneck for as cheap as possible. So recommendations are appreciated. I'd surely need a setup on which I can game for 60fps, and do some video-editing and smooth web browsing at any point while I'm completing the build. Gaming isn't going to be much of an emphasis yet since I wont game graphics intensive ones until I buy a graphics card. But I do plan to play Black Ops Series, MW: Remastered, and some more that might interest me in the future. Ps. I'd also like to keep the thermals as low as possible
  5. Hi there, I live in the Philippines, and I've been planning to upgrade my old pc by buying through Lazada a reputable online shopping store in our country (coz I don't have a credit card to use for AliExpress lol). I primarily use my desktop at home and I love using it on light facebook games, some PUBG, some BlueStacks emulations, some Premiere Pro and Filmora, and later I plan to play some resource-hungry games when my upgrade is complete. The ambient temperature at my room goes as high as 34-35 degrees C (estimate) in the summer, and goes no lower than 25 degrees C during rainy season. I do want to note that my room is mostly closed doors, with no airconditioning, plus closed windows. What I have right now: Neutron Legacy Case with 3 80mm intake fans and 1 80mm exhaust fan (4-pin Molex) GIGABYTE H110M-H Intel Pentium G4400 Cheap 750W PSU Teamgroup Elite 4GB DDR4-2133 WD Caviar 320GB @ 7200 RPM Seagate 500GB 2.5" HDD @ 5200 RPM AOC E1670Sw VGA Monitor Cheap Voltage Regulator into something like... (Still thinking about some things)...btw, I like RGB..lol Case (Not much ideas but I'd go with many intakes and exhausts, tempered glass side panel, and bottom PSU slot, plus slot for a 240mm CLLC up top) Segotep Halo 5 or 7 Segotep Wider X3 Motherboard (Thinking about keeping the Pentium for the B360 or go for AMD, though I plan to aim for the next-gen chipset of AMD) Aorus Elite B450 AM4 Socket Aorus Pro B360 Gaming 3 CPU (I have doubts on my budget, but I'd either wait for Ryzen 3000-series or choose to buy Ryzen 5 2400) Ryzen 3 or 5 (3rd Gen) with Integrated Graphics Ryzen 5 2400G Intel Core i5-8400 Keep the Pentium G4400 a little longer PSU (In doubt of my power consumption so not sure of the wattage) - I plan to but this one first since the Cheap 750W PSU could fail any moment Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Platinum 550W or the 650W variant 80+ Gold Rating is still welcome RAM (I'd only buy from one brand) - 16GB is also welcomed TeamGroup 8GB DDR4-2666 RGB (Dual Channel) HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4-2400 (Dual Channel) HyperX Predator 8GB DDR4-3000 RGB (Dual Channel) Storage (I plan using both HDD and SSD) WD Black 250GB NVMe M.2 SSD WD Blue 1TB SATA III HDD @ 7200 RPM Keep the other 2 HDDs. GPU (I'd prefer the one with at least 2 fans) - I plan to buy this one last Gigabyte RX 570 4GB with Windforce RGB Asus Expedition RX 570 4GB OC Display (I don't have much ideas but HDMI/DVI is welcomed) - I'd prefer IPS if there was a cheaper one Asus VP228NE 21.5" VGA/DVI Monitor AOC i2280SWD 21.5" VGA/DVI Monitor Cooling (I'd prefer to have positive air pressure in my case) 6 120mm LED Fans 4-pin PWM (2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue) Deep Cool Maelstrom 240mm CLLC PWM fan hub Keep the 4 80mm fans I plan later on to overclock my CPU, so I guess a B-series chipset for AMD should do. I'd also like to ask if which part is the first one to be purchased since I intend to buy parts over time. I'd also need some recommendations from you guys so I can have a better build, and also please tell me which is the most important part of a desktop PC 'coz that's where I'd like to spend the most.
  6. Hey everyone.....recently I was canvassing PC components for building my first custom Ryzen PC Build. I had some choices already but, then when I came across manufacturer pages of my core components, I found a great incompatibility amongst my parts. Here are my originally chosen parts: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H (rev. 1.x) G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR As I was crawling across the G.Skill website, I realized something might be wrong and my target clock speed for RAM might not be attained by my motherboard. I went over to their "Memory Picker" or something like that where it shows what RAM are good for my motherboard of choice. I am surprised when I searched for my A320 motherboard, it is only maxed at 2666 MHz and I couldn't see that GSkill RGB there. I then went on to change again my motherboard (canvassed again) and Here are my updated chosen parts: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Gigabyte GA-AB350 GAMING3 G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR So I then went back to G.Skill website to find it again if it is compatible but STILL I FOUND THAT SPECIFIC RAM STICK NOT IN THERE! So I got no more ideas left. Can anyone please tell me a good motherboard that supports this particular ram stick or at least please suggest me a good rgb ram stick for my motherboard and cpu (since I would like to stretch the CPU to its best - basing on the phrase "higher ram clock speed than the specified ram clock speed for your cpu always mean better performance") Also please give me a few more suggestions into getting the best performance per dollar on my custom build (which I would intend for some moderate gaming for popular titles like GTA V, some video editing and photoshops, and some light workloads) Here is my chosen build so far (Please feel free to suggest optimizations): Gigabyte GA-AB350 GAMING 3 - Motherboard AMD Ryzen 5 2400G - Processor G.Skill TridentZ RGB F4-3000C15D-16GTZR - RAM ZOTAC ZTP10510B GTX 1050Ti OC - GPU Corsair VS550 550W - PSU Thermaltake View 21 - Case Chassis Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB (360mm) - Liquid Cooling Samsung LS22F355FHEXXP LED - Monitor Please suggest a RGB RAM Stick if possible, I really like some good RGB Lighting for my setup....especially RAM