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  1. is this a good streaming/gaming rig? Also i would like to know why you switched out some parts from the old one? like what benefits I could get etc? also can i use my old psu? Corsair cx750m
  2. Can you upgrade some of it? I'm doing a 1000$ budget gaming/streaming pc? Also i'm selling my pc by parts is it fine that I keep my old PSU? Corsair 750M
  3. Hmm im gonna try to go check again.Because I was tryna build this https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LxryJ8 and I thought that getting most parts here would be really expensive. Since a GTX 1050ti in my place still goes around 200$-220$
  4. none in my place :(( Went to 15-20 shops and went all around my malls they said they dont sell them yet
  5. I'm planning to buy the RTX Gigabyte 2060 from Amazon or newegg since there is none in my hometown. Philippines(SEA), Because if i ship it here, There is still payment for tax and shipping. I was wondering if you guys know any legit third party shippings?(ShippingCart) Like for example the item is from the US. I ship it somewhere on a warehouse in the US and they ship it to my country?
  6. Hello! Is it fine if I use my old PSU? Corsair CX750M
  7. What are the possible problems for this? Incompatibility?
  8. i'm from SEA or Philippines? i was wondering if most of this parts are available at Newegg so i could order them?
  9. how long is that rig gonna last? Also how much should I sell my pc for?
  10. I'm a streamer who loves to stream and play games. I edit videos using AE. I importantly focus and love GAMING! i'm looking for a build less than 1000$ or maybe a bit of 1000$? Make sure its RTX and Ryzen. I was sure already for the RTX 2060 Gigabyte w 3 fans and idk the rest . Im upgrading since im planning sell my old rig GPU: GTX 1050 ti, ASUS Expedition 4gb OC Edition. (The graphics card used to be a AMD r9 270x) CPU: Intel Core i7-4770k(K series) (Allowed to be Overclock because it's a K series) Mobo: Z87-GD65 MSI Gaming motherboard(32GB Max RAM) SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB(Good For Gaming) Hard Drives: WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 (1TB) Ram: 16gb 8x2 ddr3 HyperX fury black. PSU: Corsair 750M (Gaming PSU) PS I PLANNED ON BUYING AN RTX 2060 BUT TBH IDK WHICH IS BETTER. SELLING MY OLD RIG THEN ADD MONEY FOR A NEW RIG :) upgrade from gtx 1050 ti to RTX 2060 or sell the old rig then save then buy a whole new one
  11. Wafaduck

    i7-4770k 4 cores 6 threads?

    can u speak english? I dont understand that at all or simplify it haha
  12. Anyone know how to fix this? im suppose to get 8 threads. How to enable HyperThreading? MOTHERBOARD: MSI-Z87-GD65 im pretty sure i didnt update the mobo since 2013 no idea
  13. awesome thanks guys. I think i wont turn it off since i always do edits and rust optimization is basically fu*ked