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  1. hi all hope all is well is there any way to add something like google AdSense to my hotspot (captive portal) status page i know mikrotik as a ads thing build in but that feels more would work with a 50 min free voucher with adverts as the mikrotik build in one forces you to watch the add or else it cut your connection and manually putting in banners is hard bc the businesses does not trust you as there is no easy way for them to check that the ad is being shown and also will there be any issues bc i from my google searches i find things of this bc illegal bc it would look like 500+ devices viewing ads from one public ip
  2. hi sorry for the late reply got carried away with ather matters but basically my inverter is generic it works with win power but the issue is it needs to run on a pc and that eats power from battery's il se if i can find the make but i think its a common banded over inverter(i think the word for it is OEM) i did try ather forms but i no answers (and i dont want to get band for bumping a post Dont know why but thay like to ban me for that) i wanted to use the pi bc its just sitting heir and its a low powered device and it would be nice to control the inverter from any pc phone tabled over the network what i can say at the moment is that it is a MPP style inverter, it looks acsactly like this one but mine hase no branding on it https://shop.thesunpays.co.za/products/4kw-5kva-80a-axpert-pure-sine-wave-inverter-parallel?variant=12269008519239&currency=ZAR&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2018-10-30&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=CjwKCAjwh7H7BRBBEiwAPXjadgmjjwgoCc-bBRKlFIjbW667C3fsIy_Uc4XaYFCZcLNjASycZ0oy_RoC3BUQAvD_BwE basically the story is where live in south Africa and Eskom decided to rise there payments with 15% at the moment of getting solar (i think is 17% now not sure) we are on a farm so they ask a lot more for power then in cities so 15% is a lot and we work out getting solar and paying of the lot is cheaper that paying Eskom and was our only option bc we couldn't pay Eskom but we can pay the lone
  3. hi all i would like to ask if anyone heir knows of any good software that is free that can be used as a server for monitoring 2 mpp inverters in parallel (and mabe one inverter extra or just plane solar charge controllers) i dont want to go and buy prongs and adaptors (makes me think of apple dongles XD) to wrap around my battery terminals to monitor them that way i found this https://github.com/jblance/mpp-solar and got it working half way its speaks to the inverter but i have to add (-d /dev/hidraw0) before each command for it to work and also the grafana setup does not work bc i dont understand what i must do there it basically just say run it and make a dashboard and nothing more i dont really want to go for payed v bc all the ones i found was not good looking and i dont really have a lot to just spend $200 on something that makes me view my inverter from my pc thats just a few feet away
  4. i meant to write that i gone try upgrading to windows 2019 XD
  5. thx hyper-v is working great (got power back so could install it) i will try and make a img and restore point and upgrade my windows server instead of reinstalling it to a higher version and sea if i am lucky and it keeps the old lan drivers or something totally forgot SSH exists will remember it thx and mikrotik supports it from last i heard
  6. i have virtualbox 6.1.8 but not the extension pack will try it after i done looking into in hyper -v not egsacly sure but i think its a the name in device manager wat a broadband card with a number next to it but i dont have power so cant cheak for you i will try hyper-v and olso windows server 2009 after i made a image of my drive if its a build in solution it might work for me bc i just want a small mikrotik userman server with THE DUDE server running next to it
  7. i tryd 2012 2016 but not 2019 bc i gave up after struggling. i even tryd a few linux server distros and thay get stuck in boot loops
  8. the thing with ather window servers are it picks up the lan driver says (this driver is working) but does not detect the lan cable when i plug it in and i dit re crimp the cable and try diverint ones i have a HP proLiant microserver i think its gen 7 think it hase a 2 core amd 1.3 ghz cpu in with 6GB ram rest i cant check at the moument why sould i run windows in a vm i only want to run my mikrotik CHR in a vm i am running windows as my main OS and mikrotik CHR (a router os) in a vm
  9. i dit try to upgrade my windows server but the lan drivers stops working if i go higher
  10. ok will try VBoxVmService in the morning don't have power at the moment wile i am thinking do i have to start it in headless mode? I din't try headless mode and i don't realy want to start it in headless mode bc then i can't access the terminal if i decide to login with remote desktop.
  11. hi all how would i start a VM in virtual box without login in on startup so far all i got working was the shell:startup method and i have to log in every time for it to start and task schedule is not working my vm is running Mikrotik_CHR
  12. ok thx i think i will run ubuntu with QUEMU or virtualbox think its would be the easy path for me
  13. hi i cant find any good answers but basically i would like to know is their any free OS that can run a mikrotik CHR i dont need all the stuff like media player notpad and wordpad or paint bc i am not gone use it, so its a wast to use windows to run virtualbox sorry if their already a post like this bc i dint find any
  14. hi i basically want to know what vpn i should use bc i am trying to set one up but it seams that when i do that my freand is gowing thro the internet to my network and then back to the internet making the ping from him to me leas but the ping to the internet is more so what should i use to get vpn from me to him for file sharing and lan gaming and still have no effect on internet ping basically i want a just a connection from me to him but he stile uses his internet for internet not gowing thro my internet back to the internet i have my own vpn router i can chose from async l2tp ovpn pptp sstp (hope that makes sense)