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    Computers, and especially older hardware.


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    AMD Duron 600 @900
  • Motherboard
    EPoX EP-8KRAI (KT600)
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    Radeon 9600XT
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    Random OEM case
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    64GB CompactFlash
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    A shitty TN LCD
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    Random OEM cooler
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    Chicony membrane keyboard for PS/2
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    Windows XP

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  1. Yes I'll probably grab both and see what they turn out to be, I have enough room for both storage and usage of CRTs, so that should be a non-issue. The price is a small concern, since I'll also have to buy an active convertor from Displayport to VGA, but that costs 20 euro, which is not that much.
  2. I used a shitty 60Hz CRT a looong time ago when I was fixing my granddad's PC, but I don't remember much of that, except for that it flickered a bit BTW: The Hyundai 17" I originally wanted (specs: Maximal resolution 1600x1200/75Hz, Recommended resolution 1024x768/100Hz, Horizontal refresh: 96kHz, Vertical Refresh 150Hz) is probably good for around 15 euro, I also found another ad selling a Hyundai 19" monitor (specs: 1600x1200/85Hz, 1280x1024/85Hz, 1024x768/100Hz, 800x600/85Hz, 640x480/120 Hz, Horizontal refresh 110kHz, Vertical Refresh 150Hz), it's more expensive though at around 30 euro incl. shipping, and the seller would probably need to ship it through the entire country. What do you think about it? I can't decide! Is it easy to damage a CRT in shipping?
  3. The 17" monitor I want to grab is not really THAT good IMO, but I think it should be enough to introduce me into CRT. It's a region-specific Hyundai model btw. About damaging a monitor: I think it's definitely possible if I screw up the timings, more often than not the failsafes trigger when I set the timings too high, but long-term it may not be good. Also the ad for the monitor is 3 weeks old, and nobody has grabbed that monitor yet...
  4. Banned for saying, that year 2000 is ancient.
  5. Banned for not being pedantic enough to distinguish the year 2000 from the year 2008
  6. Banned for saying bs, the Duron 600 was released in 2000, thus my PC's main part is 18 years old.
  7. Banned for having a PC that is too new.
  8. The monitor I looked at is capable of 96kHz horizontal frequency, and 150Hz vertical frequency, and it's officially rated at 1600x1200 75Hz (I'll use that for older games) AND 1024x768 100Hz, so I assume 120+ Hz 800x600 should be perfectly fine to run without damaging or degrading the monitor.
  9. Hello. Do you think it is still worth it buying a 17"/19" CRT that can handle 120Hz at lower resolutions (800x600, 1024x768) for gaming (mostly older and fast paced games like Far Cry, CS GO) if I have a low budget atm (150 euro is optimal for me, but I can invest at most 240 euro)? I can get a 17" Hyundai CRT in very good condition for $15 locally, coupled with a $20 DisplayPort-VGA active adapter and a $15 thick VGA cable I think it's the most affordable and highest price/performance way for me to get into high-refresh, low motion blur gaming. What are the real drawbacks of CRT monitors, except the flicker, high power consumption and the thickness (none of that matters to me btw)? I heard CRT monitors are still the best budget choices in some ways like black level, color reproduction and so (especially with cheap TN panels). Is that true? Thanks, MISLcz (I'm new to this forum, so please don't hate me for doing something wrong regarding this post.)