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The Apocalyptic Gamer

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About The Apocalyptic Gamer

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  • CPU
    Core i7 6700
  • Motherboard
    Msi Pro Series z270 PC Mate
  • RAM
    16gb ddr4
  • GPU
    Asus Fml 750ti 2gb
  • Case
  • Storage
    3 Drive 1tb setup
  • PSU
    Corsair VS 650w
  • Display(s)
    Dell se198wfp 1400x900
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Dell average
  • Mouse
    Blackweb gaming mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Train sim world fps really wierd?

    So I recently got Train Sim World and now ive been noticing really low fps. But the reason I do not know. I can get around 20-25 in game, 100-130 in pause menu. But no matter the graphics settings, the same fps. But its really weird as my 1660ti hovers around 30% usage in game but 90-100 in the menus. But the cpu is around 70% in game and the same in the menus. The gpu goes full boost in the menu but stock clocks in game. I dont know what is happening and its wierd. Edit: The usage varys but both cpu and gpu isnt 100% usage, both can be around 30% at times.
  2. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    New or Open Box Gpu?

    So I am choosing an rtx 2060 for an upgrade from my 750ti. I have narrowed down my choices to the asus dual or turbo. I have the node 202 case so the turbo would be better thermal wise. But to the point, both cards have an open box price that is cheaper on newegg. Also, newegg was the cheapest I could find. I really dont know what to choose for the gpu, I haven't bought any open box items from newegg, just refurbished. But new has benefits and some promos. The Link for the cards: https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100007709 601327179 50001315&Order=PRICE
  3. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    750ti Fan whining?

    So my Asus fml 750ti is very annoying with the fan being a mother futter and constantly spinning up and down at idle usage. I have tried msi afterburner and used manual fan settings and it just wont work. The fan is high pitched and makes it very hard to sleep when I try to update stuff overnight. Please help as I cant take it any longer!
  4. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Cryorig c7 or noctua nh l9i

    I looking to a cooler for my I7 6700 and this will be put into a node 202 case. I was curious which cooler would be the best and the quietest. The c7 has a larger heatsink but I know noctua does some pretty wow stuff with the performance of their coolers. The i7 is non k so 65watts is all to cool.
  5. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    What motherboard should I get?

    So i've been saving up to finish my PC build with it being small and compact. I will be using my i7 6700 non k with 16GB of ram. But I have been struggling with trying to find good boards for the cpu in itx form. My preferred brand is asus and there boards that work, new or used, are expensive. I'm looking for a board thats $140 MAX. At this point i've decided that used is fine as these boards are expensive new.
  6. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    6th Gen I7 with 8th Gen Board?

    Soooooo, lga 1151 boards that are for 6th/7th gen cpus are expensive right now, probably cause stock is low. Since 8th gen mobos are cheap and available I was curious if that my i7 6700 would be able to be ran in one. I know that 8th gen cpus aren't compatible with 6th gen boards.
  7. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Custom laptop coolers???

    Ok, it is a pretty old laptop and has been sitting in a classroom for years now. When i get it I will reapply and thermal paste and see what that does.
  8. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Custom laptop coolers???

    So I plan on getting this laptop from my school and it has one problem. Today i used it and the noise from the cooler is loud at idle, louder than it should be. The laptop packs an i7 2630qm, 8gb ddr3, and i forgot the gpu but it was along the lines on an radeon hd series. The laptop is pretty thick for the specs but is close to an inch thick or less. It was a cd rom drive and I've always wondered if a cooler could be made to take the place of the cd drive and make it quieter and cooler. It currently has one fan, a single heatpipe for both cpu gpu, which is one long one. Im pretty sure its possible with the right knowledge and tools. Just asking the community what it can do. Edit: The cpu is a 45w tdp
  9. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Windows 8.1 will not start or go into auto repair!

    Today I was going to try and see if this old windows 7 will boot on my PC. It had issues and it wasn't able to repair them. So I switched the drives back to regular. But my windows 8.1 had this error code, 0xc000000f code. And said something about a boot file missing or corrupt. This happened when I reset my PC a few months back. But it was fixed when the CMOS battery was taken out and put back in. This didn't work this time though. I read some forums and tried the wait for three time to fail and let windows start the auto repair and recovery. But this never happened, I let it auto restart or fail 5 times, nothing. The OS is licensed with hp and there is no recovery drive or CD. I dont know what do to at this point but ask the community and see if this can be fixed at all. I fear that i might have to purchase items or trash the OS.
  10. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Any quad core cpus for am2?

    So I have this old athlon system with an athlon x2 5000+ in it, 4gb ram, other stuff. I was going to try to get this 64 bit win 7 running on it and if so put 10GB of ram in and try to get a quad core cpu for it. I know there is phenoms for am2+ but that doesn't work with regular am2. Just curious what I can do for it.
  11. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Epic games Launcher download problems?

    Right now im trying to download a game off the launcher but I run into this problem. To where the speed of the DOWNLOAD will stop after a few seconds. The WRITE speed will to, and it seems like download speed depends on the Write speed. It will show random bursts of write then nothing. The max download right now is 5Mbs or around 550KBs. The problem won't occur in steam as it is just fine and network speed is consistent. But with Epic it downloads at extremely slow rates and I cant deal with it. Task manager Epic most of the time is using 3-4Mbs, the drive it is downloading on isnt being used all the way, or even at all sometimes. It seems like the Launcher isnt good with these things.
  12. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Asus fml 750ti fan noise issues??

    I own a used Asus fml gtx 750ti. The fan is a big noise issue with this one. The fan will, at idle, will ramp up to max speed then go to 0 rpm. I've tried msi afterburner and manually setting the fan speed. top get the fan at a constant speed and not stop. I have to set the speed to around 50%, not very pleasing. The gpu temps are fine at idle sitting around 33-35 Celsius. The gpu has done this from day one after i got it but it has been getting worse recently. I have tried driver updates but no fix. This problem doesn't occur in games though, the fan will ramp up to speed depending on the temps. It may be the gpu bios or firmware. If anyone can, pls help!
  13. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Esc key muting mic?

    For so long my mic has been muting when I press the esc key. It frustrates me as I cant record videos for you tube. I don't use third party software for my mic, just the driver from msi, which has no hotkey configuration. I have checked discord and stuff to see if they where the problem but nothing there. Im using a BM 800 pro. It seems like windows is the one to blame since it shows in the sound manager and sound manager from realtek. It doesn't seem to be malware as anti malware bytes doesn't find anything. Im using windows 8.1 pro and there seems to be no configuration settings for windows key-binds.
  14. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Mine-craft keeps crashing, do to low memory.

    Well, I still play minecraft. But I play modded so i'm good. I have recently been trying to use a mod pack for this multiplayer server called red-sands railroading. I have 16gb of ram and it will all be used. It frustrates me as when its hits 95% used, the game will be force closed by windows to save ram. The thing is that my friend plays the same mod-pack on the same server, he also has 16gb of ram, but in a laptop with a worse CPU/gpu then me. He can run the game just fine with none of these problems. We both chat over discord as well. I also only load the mod required for the server.
  15. The Apocalyptic Gamer

    Esc key muting mic?

    I am using a BM-800 Professional mic. I haven't installed any third party software for it either. The only thing I have installed for it has been the driver from Realtek for my board. And that was to try ti fix the problem. I don't have any other programs muting it, I can check my manager and press the Esc key and it will become muted, press again and it become unmuted. I usually have steam and discord open though, but I can check the mic settings real quick.