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  1. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/sony-x900f-vs-sony-x950g/585/764?usage=7318&threshold=0.1
  2. Yeah the sony is what I want. FALD is still new, I'll just have to wait for it to get cheaper which then means wading through the rubbish implementation of the tech in mid range when it arrives. I can stack some discounts and get the 55inch sony for £950.
  3. due to poor background reading. on my part.
  4. I think the latest gen FALD is the technology I want to invest in. Flagship £2000 TVs boast 900 backlighting zones. I say boast but its actually quite a difficult specification to find. If my old plasma died I would have £600 (well ok then £800) to spend. How close can I get to the 900 zones can i get? As an EU customer some of the straight from southeast asia brands are not easy to come by. Looking at the top 4 Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic etc the moment you put FALD into your specification the price is £1200. OLED is not an option as the household viewing habits will aggravate burn in. I do like my dark moody scifi and I realise there will be some element of glow with FALD but I want the blackest blacks possible. What say you internet people?
  5. Zat0ichi

    GTX 1680

    I'm no Nvidia fan boy. Although I do always end up buying team green. Owned every GTX xx60/ti card I've wanted to buy AMD but they just did not have the product I wanted. The gtx 970 3.5 thing was the begining of Nvidia taking the piss. GTA V maxed at 1440p. 4gb gram usage. So glad I found a reasonably priced 1070 in 2017. Amd just hasn't been able to answer Nvidia's standard. Once you've paid the premium they are cool and quiet and trouble free. The premium is just ridiculous now. (I am most definitely a l. Rtx hater) Not sure if Raja's strategies just weren't implemented well, some deficiency in AMD or what. He is not necessarily a good talisman. I really want him to bring out rock solid stable cost effective GPUs that will destroy rasterised complex geometry. Let Nvidia do their under subscribed gameworks and rtx nonsense. That can be the premium. Just give the normal people high polygon high frame rates at 4k. I think tesselation and volumetrics are not gameworks exclusives anymore. They do add ALOT to immersion. Yes lighting is actually critical to good cinema but gaming is not ready yet. True raytraced GI is a wonderful thing, for the future. Rtx Witcher 3 patch anyone? So, Nvidia greed will hold back the 1680 until AMD or intel kick theM hard enough. That's years away...
  6. Zat0ichi

    GTX 1680

    Low and behold. Speculation is appearing through Google now. Not just this thread either. Maybe my other posts were not on high profile enough sites or needed to reach critical hit numbers.
  7. Zat0ichi

    GTX 1680

    I only found out recently that Nvidia was started by s splinter group of Silicon graphics that insisted on mainstream GPUs. I think that Nvidia need to take a slice of humble pie and take a step back. They have a good slice of the automotive and data centre market so they can stop squeezing the home users now. Their shares are now driven by AI and data centres so time to fix the massive image problem they have now to reassert comprehensive market dominance before intel step into the ring. Who knows what will happen then...
  8. Zat0ichi

    GTX 1680

    Love you. X
  9. Zat0ichi

    GTX 1680

    Forgive the intrusion. I'm playing with my tinfoil hat today and think that speculation of this inevitable product is being somehow suppressed. Or I'm mistaken the product is inevitable? Google will find nothing, at all. Even searching reddit for a post I made - nothing. Seems odd that when I'm searching for a weird little fix for some old tech i often find my own questions yet this remains mysterious. Why that would be done is obvious. Sales. Why would people buy a rtx2070 when an 1680 will give people the rasterising power they want at the right price point. Try it. Make a little 1680 noise and see if you can get an echo. How this "supression" is implemented is not for discussion. Treat it like astronomers using transits to detect black holes or crowd sourcing mobile phone photos to create photos of the milky way.
  10. c states allow the CPU to throttle back right? New cooler, no need for now as I have a baseline. (its the H60 first gen for what its worth)
  11. I'm looking for gaming performance. Giving serious thought to delidding my i5 3570k Currently running at 4.4ghz using 1.266v on a corsair h60 AIO loop. Prime torture will hit 90C after 5mins (at my chosen noise profile) Gaming max load is about 76C My motherboard is a GByte Z77-D3H I got the CPU stable enough @ 4.6 to run a CPU bench and I got 9600 ish but would blue screen me. Now I'm back to mid 8700 ish @ 4.4 I can get a 10% variance in individual core temps at the moment. Only during ramp up and cool down. They settle closer. Running this with a 1070 and its starting to bottleneck it, a tiny bit. Assassins Creed Origins is a prime example. CPU is maxxed and GPU is saying "come on keep up I've got another 15% left" at 1440p. Buying a 2nd 3570k if this goes wrong is not a problem although I'd rather not. £50 instead of LOADS more for CPU, mobo and GPU upgrade. Its an old chip and I haven't found any recent succinct overclock results before and after delidding. Lots of people running the same overclock and getting better temps. In one case using more voltage to achieve the same clock speed but betting the 15-20C drop in load temps. I using the C6 state thing to drop clocks when idle as this machine pulls double duty as a plex/p2p box. So I'm looking for a sustainable clock. Delidding, providing I dont mess it up, will give me better temps but is that necessarily going to give me that bit of extra headroom to get to 4.6 stable or even 4.7!? That could equate to the extra 5fp I'm looking for. I can't tell if I'm at the chip lottery limit or a thermal limit.
  12. GPUs are expensive and Ivybridge is way past its prime but I'm not in the mood to drop 1000+ on a meaningful upgrade. (waiting on the 1680ti lol before I retire the IVY) I'm running a 1070(non ti) and an i5 3570k @ 4.4 on an AIO corsair water cooler Prime temps are scary . Hits 90C abit fast so I stop it. If I turn the hurricane on and max the fans I can tame it but that's not how I roll It runs flat out in games at about 76-78C - again with a mild fan noise. My MSI armour GPU sets the limit and the rest of the system has to match that noise level. I bought new RAM and had to redo the overclock. I actually got it to 4.6 stable long enough to bench with CPU passmark. I think I got 9600 ish. Dialled it back to not blue screening after 20mins to 4.4. Now i'm scoring 8700 although I'm not a high score chaser, those are just useful metrics. Anyway I'm bottle necking the 1070 a bit. Assassin Creed origins being a good example. But at my chosen detail setting I'm always at about a solid 55fps. GPU still has some legs but the CPU is panting too hard. Squeezing the last bit of performance from this chip could get me my 5fps. i5-3570ks are relatively cheap so if i fk this up, worst case is that I have to get another one. FINALLY to the question Are cheap delidding tools off ebay ok for a one off? What liquid metal thermal compound is recommended? "heat proof" glue. Um, I have some glue for putting insulating rope on a wood burner - will that do? Heating the lid to begin with, do i need to? I don't have a heat gun so what ghetto solutions are available? I have the GFs hair dryer, a soldering iron or a clothes iron. Economy is the key. Best case is I can spend 15 on delidding A replacement 3570k is 50.
  13. Zat0ichi

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    anyone else had the G-sync setup option dissapear after working fine since launch?
  14. Zat0ichi

    Guidance re Weird Memory Type Fault

    Even though those timing are dealing with something like milliseconds my sticks were up to 20% different in a couple. That is despite the on packet timings being the same Trying to get a stable overclock was a learning curve as over clocking ram for gaming yields minimal benefits unless you're running top end so I'd never bothered. I think technically I was underclocking... Whatever, I'm still running an IVY i5 so my skills are dated. Need the over clock to keep bottle necking to a minimum on the 1070.
  15. Zat0ichi

    Guidance re Weird Memory Type Fault

    running an overclock? My machine was a PITA because of RAM Got a 2nd RAM kit, same model number but 2 years apart which i found out meant a few of the "other timings" were different. Manually bought the timings to the lowest common denominator (or highest) and it sorted itself out. PC now behaves (mostly)