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  1. Zat0ichi

    1080p vs 1440p

    I used a 32 inch 1080p TV for YEARS, almost all gaming. Picked up an hp OMEN 32. Fired up Doom at 1440 and had a wow moment but acclimatised/acclimated quickly. Now I tut a lot because my 1070 can't drive all the pixels at 60fps with my preferred detail settings.
  2. I got the non ti 1070. It complains a bit a 1440p
  3. Was going to ask the same question but with a smaller budget, but around 80-100 It will be the base for a R3600 with an radeon rx 5700 (or a 2070 super if the price is right) and 16gb pc3000 ram Something passed me by on gamers nexus about motherboards playing a big part in ryzen performance. I game and mess about with sketchup. at 1440p (60fps is enough for me) I'd like to know I'm not hamstringing the CPU with a shit mother board and the price range I'm shopping at is a minefield I'm sure. LOOK AT THE RGB! not the appalling airflow for the VRMs etc My ivy bridge and gtx1070 needs to retire
  4. yeah. I don't video editing so I don't want to press the kid to save up for ages to then not have a serious wow factor when he first starts using it. The theory and benchmarks all say night and day but for college grade usage scenarios? Also gpu acceleration. Is it vital? I can give him an ancient GPU to drive the monitor so he doesn't have to mess about with APUs. Then he can save up for a proper one.
  5. My nephew is 17 and is doing his YouTube thing. He's trying to edit video on a back to school laptop, successfully i might add. He's using all the stuff he's learning in college so I guess I'm a bit proud at his skill. He has his first paying job in retail and was asking me about games machines. I think a barebones ryzen based rig will increase his productivity loads compared to a back to his laptop . £350 for cpu/mobo/ram/ssd (free case and PSU) is what I 'm suggesting he saves. He can then save up separately for a GPU, he has a console so PC gaming is not a priority. He's scrubbing through a lot of content and that must be torturous for him or not. ? I don't really know about this I just game. (would a sub £100 GPU make any difference?) Is there a video anywhere that shows the difference in video editing when you have a half decent CPU? Not pro grade. Just and i3 vs R7 or similar. Cinebench gives a score and a time rendering a scene but he cant translate that to what he does day to day.
  6. sometimes the side panel helps with airflow but like someone said , VRMs are designed to run hot. I built a mate a PC in a cheap case and there was a eddy current around the VRMs. They lived at 80-85C.
  7. In the uk they go for £250. I have the MSI armor variant and atm I wouldn't sell for any less. But reassuring people I've not mined on it or run it hard and OD's for any length of time to get the price is not worth it. New rig in april 2020 when the cyberpunk reviews are in.
  8. I got a 1070 18mnths ago. Asus are doing the part exchange thing and their dual fan basic 2070 is coming in at £490. With £210 off that's not bad. My 1070 was part funded by a 970 etc etc I have recently upgraded my monitor to 1440p so 4k is A LONG way away for me. But AMD and stuff. Selling my 1070 on fleabay is going to be hassle and I won't get much more for it (boxed as new, even still have the I/o plugs) 60-75fps 1440p is my target with everything that matters maxxed. Cyberpunk is my target game. The 1070 is going to devalue 2nd hand quite steeply soon so I need to make a play. Any thoughts?
  9. I came from a low end phone to the 3a so my opinion is skewed. I see it as pure android and awesome camera. (also just experienced samsung bloat on another device) On something you use so much I think the pure android thing is worth the sidegrade.
  10. Running a nexus 10 for a loooooong time. I've had a few budget phones in that time. motorola razr-i, wileyfox swift, wileyfox swift 2X (which I got Pie on but its just too flakey) Just got the pixel3a. (and a 4k tv a bit before that) My whole visual world has stepped up a gear and the Nexus 10 has a quality screen but it is dim nad I've replaced the battery 3 times. Its time to become a youtube kids and plex delivery deivce for the kids. Finally, I'm at the bit about what I wrote in the title I just got the TabS5e on deal (more about that later) The Wifi issue - you can "short" the wifi antenna and lose signal apparently but I couldn't get it to do it. Wifi is a bit shit though. The pixel will max out my connection on the other side of the house. THe Tabs5e will barely go over 55mbit in the same room at the router. No headphone jack, in a tablet... really. Bought an apple usbc - headphone adaptor because apparently it's actually good value for the sound power it can output. Turns out you get an adaptor in the box! I can confirm the apple one is louder. I have an employee associate discount which is about 15%. Then there's a £40 cashback AND Trade in £50 - 200 £300 for a TabS5e - that's value for a media consumption device. Which is where I'm chancing my luck. They only accept Amazon, Huawei, sony, samsung and apple tablets. There's an option when you click Amazon to give "Any other tablet" for a £50 discount. I've giving them my old kindle that I never used. A Paperwhite one. It has a cover that cost more than I paid for the tablet and the tablet has hardly been used so that accumulative static degradation thing is not an issue. I'm stretching things a bit but morally I'm cool with this. ANY other tablet. Some guy will open the box at the trade in depot, cock his head and go really? Think I'll get away with it? I have had to send it back less than 24hrs after it arrived because at minimum brightness is has a green line. Almost returned it for refund because I'm chancing the discount but I'm going for the replacement. Wish me luck
  11. @Tristerin I've replaced TIM and also delidded and reset the heat shield. (Grizzly LM) That had a HUGE impact. Dropped 20C under prime stressing. Looking at that YT vid it looks like I could just service it without cutting the hoses. Pop the plate off and scrub the fins. Flush and replace the coolant. (Auto anti freeze? Really?) Idle temps being warm is not a bother if load temps are 75 ish. But right now both idle and load temps are creeping up.
  12. And lo and behold Google bots throw this video up as recommended.
  13. I'm in an original fractal r4 case ATM Ram is Corsair dominator ddr3 Why do I think its dying? My idle temps have been creeping up and the occasional gurgle is now a regular gurgle. (Weekly) It's also 5 or 6 years old. Corsair h50