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  1. This guy probably is referring to grey market. AKA stolen goods.
  2. Yeah I agree to some extent. FREAKING diabetes sugar mothertruckers advertising everywhere COCA freaking COLA. The reason why I started this is actually because most xmas music is utter dog poop and VERY annoying. They play some of the most horrible songs in supermarkets during xmas. There are certain xmas songs where if they are playing... say for example a supermarket, that I hate it SO much I walk out. Music and smells are powerful things that we can either love or hate. It's interesting to see just how many people hate xmas due to the consumer aspect.
  3. WTF is wrong with all you Linus forum guys? Why do you hate xmas?
  4. Seems everyone hates xmas. It is magical in movies. In real life it can be. Depends on who you are with and where you are. With a hot girl and good friends in a luxurious log cabin with a fireplace and a deep rug, huge bed etc (friends in their own log cabins) in the french mountains with french hot chocolate (real hot chocolate not that powder crap... real hot chocolate starts at 12 Euros a small jug)..... well. We can all dream huh.
  5. It's xmas all year round. Good xmas songs are cheery and warming and upbeat and childish to some extent. They can be dreamy. Who doesn't like songs like 'I'm walking in the air' from the movie the snowman? Or some of my personal favs, songs from movies that have children that are magical. How about HOT CHOCOLATE from the Polar Express? Catchy song. Excellent hot chocolate is hard to come by. I would recommend Cafe de Flore in Paris, France.
  6. Noise levels EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB KO ACS3 - Whisper quite - Runs at 85c when gaming Gigabyte HD 7870 OC Windforce 3x 2GB - Insanely loud - Has vibrating shroud which is HIGHLY irritating and loud - Runs loud even when idle - Can't remember temps as the card is now RIP Why is it that a card from 2007 is whisper quiet whereas a card from 2012 sounds like a jet engine?
  7. Best before only indicates when the food item will taste as it's meant to, and have all it's nutritional value intact. NOT when it is SAFE to eat by which is the USE By date. I ended up not cooking the minced beef as I wasn't even sure it was minced beef and instead pork which I hate. Long story. It's from Hellofresh. I would strongly not recommend buying hellofresh as the macros are insane. The chicken chow mein paste and sauce (which both go into the dish) combined contain more sugar than a can of soda. More than 35g of sugar! It also doesn't taste good. The thai prawn curry I made today was utterly disgusting. My first and last ever thai dish although as I said the recipes from hellofresh are utter vile. They rely on the flavor coming from there cheap premade sauces/pastes instead of fresh spices and herbs.
  8. Read my OP. I haven't really ever cooked. It's been years since I cooked properly and even then I have never cooked an entire days worth of food by myself for myself as I don't know any good recipes. Either my mum and aunty cook or I eat out for the past many years and go hungry most of the time. Also I just discovered a game on the Mac called Rimworld. I have been playing it for 10 hours straight now apart from sleeping. Help me. It's one of the most addictive games I have come across. I haven't eaten for over 24 hours now.
  9. Please emember the difference between use by and best before. Easy to mix it up. In that video he lady says minced beef has basically a larger surface area and so goes bad faster. I have MINCED beef with TODAYS use by date. 1) Is it safe to cook and eat it today? 2) Is it then safe to store it in the fridge once it's cooled down (it will be cooked with other stuff obv like potatoes, rice, red pepper etc) and then eat it over the next 2-3 days, bearing in mind the USE BY date is TODAY?
  10. This is written on the NHS website. I live in the UK. If you don't know what the NHS is look it up. Prove you wrong? What die or become disabled somehow due to infected meat? No thanks,
  11. This is wrong: Don't use any food or drink after the end of the "use by" date on the label, even if it looks and smells fine. This is because using it after this date could put your health at risk. ... Once a food with a "use by" date on it has been opened, you also need to follow any instructions, such as "eat within 3 days of opening".
  12. oK so that just tells me cooked meats are ok to eat 2-3 days. Which I already know. My cirumstance is outlined above - TODAYS use by date etc etc.
  13. I just started cooking properly for the first time ever. I have two beef minces in the fridge from hellofresh. 2 different recipes. I can cook them both tonight (it's 10:06pm here in the UK). The Use By date is TODAY. Does this mean I can eat them today? What about after midnight - it's like wtf.... I know it's not magically gonna become e coli infected after midnight but at what point do you adhere to the use by date then? IF I can safely cook and eat this meat, can I then store the cooked meat in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days? Me sacred. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the detailed reply. Clearly you ddn't read my posts properly. I have checked for years. I tried everything. This case needs to be sold or binned.
  15. I left for a few hours and WTF HAPPENED. Insane. A billion posts.
  16. No I'm not. I have owned various consoles over my over 30 years of being alive and still have one. A PS3. What a dumb thing to say 'basing what you're saying bla bla'. Don't make assumptions. The PS3 looks totally fine. I have no issues with it other than there are no new titles for it. Love playing on console. You turn it on and game and it just works.
  17. FPS is VERY different for consoles. 30FPS is playable on a console but not on a PC. Plenty of discussions about it: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/console-runs-smoother-than-pc-in-30fps-why.2496021/ https://www.neogaf.com/threads/30fps-on-pc-vs-console-why-does-the-latter-always-feel-better.1061621/
  18. 3700X, 2080 Super EVGA, 32GB 3600Mhz RAM B die, £300 case, £80 fan controller, Dark bequiet cooler, £250 mobo, 512GB NVME, £180 PSU, etc etc. I got 2 faulty HAF X's and each time I built in them and my builds take forever (days, as I am very careful with cable management) back in 2012 so Coolermaster said pick any case you want to replace it with. I chose the Stormtrooper that I still have (same build from 2012 as I never built a new one nor upgraded). It had rattling but not this bad since day 1. I complained but the guy made a suggestion (contact was via email), which was to check the HDD cage was secured, which obviously as I spend days building (part of the time consumption is making sure each screw is in perfectly), it was, and I really wanted to play Borderlands 2 and have the PC running, so I didn't bother following it up with him. That small rattle became unbearable over the years. I tried for years to isolate the noise. No idea wtf is rattling. Here at the bottom of the page is a video I filmed of it (Crank up your volume): GPU that died recently is a Gigabyte Windforce 3x OC 7870. OMFG. This card is STUPID loud. Well was. Idling it sat at 40% which was STUPID loud. I had to set it to 20% for it to be quiet. Then when I wanted to game I would have to remember to open the AMD control panel again and set it to Auto again as it was originally. In game the fans were SO loud. Then there are all the BSOD's, Gigabyte never released the CPU fan controlling software for my mobo which rendered me unable to play Fortnite as I started using Speedan which took weeks to learn how to use and calibrate, but Fortnites anti cheat thing thinks its a cheating tool and wont run the game. Without speedfan my CPU would overheat in game so that was a no go. Reinstalling the OS is a MAJOR deal. It is VERY time consuming to try to remember every little thing you need to backup before a reinstall. Facebook purity settings, game saves, software settings, bookmarks etc etc etc. I spent £204 on the GPU back in 2012. Which isn't that much but it's not cheap either. Nor was the case cheap. Point being is you say I don't have to build and expensive PC, but even at those price points the components were inferior. There is nothing to be done differently as you put it. All the sound issues I have had to endure are manufacturing/design errors. I read even the 2080 GPU is loud. Thats a top tier GPU. I also read that a 2070 Super will only JUST run AAA titles at 1440p and to run 4k I need a 2080 at least. That is a £1,000 GPU. The PS4 Pro can game at 4k and costs only £350. The price of a Ryzen 3700k. One component inside a pc. ONE. There is no joy in building a PC when this is the long term result. Consoles are plug and play. However for the past few hours I have been researching into PS4 Pro noise and it turns out it is VERY noisy. So now I'm like WTF do I do. PS4 Pro is too noisy..... Oh yeah, top fan on case has a ticking noise. They sent me a new fan - same issue. Front fans too loud. Nightmare to build and own a 'custom PC' and these are only SOME of the issues. Oh yeah fan controller died last year. Casey Neistat, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Alfie Deyes, Zoella etc ALL use Macbook Pro's for daily videos. A Macbookis fine for YouTube 1080 or even 4k videos.
  19. Dumb thing to say. Just because I have 5k to spend on an item that will generate me income doesn't mean I am made of gold. I bet that video comparison were both on PC. It is not console 30FPS vs PC 30FPS or 60FPS. FPS is VERY different for consoles. 30FPS is playable on a console but not on a PC. Plenty of discussions about it: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/console-runs-smoother-than-pc-in-30fps-why.2496021/ https://www.neogaf.com/threads/30fps-on-pc-vs-console-why-does-the-latter-always-feel-better.1061621/