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  1. I'm using an aftermarket low dB fan which helps a bit for airflow, but still not as much as is needed apparently ^^" Tying up some fans to my gpu is something I've already done without much luck :c I have to underclock my gpu when I do that
  2. I recently moved to Japan and for the first time in a long time, I decided to build myself a pc again. Bought the cheapest case I could find and added everything inside. Case: Versa H17 from Thermaltake CPU: ryzen 2600 GPU: rx 550 Motherboard : b450m s2h gigabyte m-atx 16 gigs of high profile ram and an ssd and hdd (I am planning on maybe upgrading the hdd) My problem is the sound of the graphics card ... It is noisy at idle. I measured the holes and found that it's a perfect square of 4,5cm x 4.5cm so I was thinking: "Maybe I could just put a cpu cooler on it " but looking at the different kinds of sockets, I couldn't find any that would fit So I could mount it with zipties .... OR..... The second idea is to build a case myself which allows for better airflow so I wouldn't have to possibly kill my graphics card Also, mounting extra fans to the panels of my case causes a lot of noise from the airflow passing by the fan grill, any way to solve that? Else I could maybe just add more fans to improve airflow in my current case I just want my pc to be quiet, so or I find a sollution for the gpu cooling, or I could try to make myself a case which allows for better and more airflow which I could also make more sound resisting, or I make my current case more quiet (how?), .... Does anybody have any ideas? Because of Corona I have to stay inside so this is really not good for me as I keep wanting to do something with my noise pc ^^"
  3. It's a gigabyte B450M S2H, not sure if it's considered a cheap board or not, was expensive for me at least
  4. https://www.scythe.co.jp/product/cpu-cooler/scnj-5000/ This is the cooler I would like to install in my case, I'm usin the AM4 socket but wondering if this cooler is maybe a bit on the heavy side and if it can cause damage when being mounted because of it's weight or if it can damage the board when moving my pc. Anybody has experience with this?
  5. It say's that it is no longer maintained, does this mean it won't work anymore or just that it's outdated? Edit: Because honestly, at this time the last security update I received was in 2018 .... Thanks motorola ^^"
  6. Wouldn't it be possible to just build my own ROM than? Not sure how I would do security updates and such but it sounds like a nice project to get to know how my phone actually works. Still, making sure that the partition layout is matching and configuring the kernel to my hardware with the drivers sounds like that may be a bit troublesome ^^"
  7. Ahh I basically thought I get myself an android version and put that on my phone. I guess there aren't really safe way's of obtaining such roms?
  8. Hey guy's, I've been wondering if I should try to get a newer android version on my phone or not. Right now I have the moto G4 (yes I know quite an old phone by now). Is it possible to put an android one version on any phone, and would it be smart? Because I don't know how security updates go then ^^" I use Linux Arch so getting into the programming side of things won't be a big issue for me :p Anybody has any idea or advice about this?
  9. After having finally managed to get my stick with arch linux working again, because I couldn't get past the grub loading screen. Now I am stuck with another challenge, How can I from the Linux Arch install screen remove the grub loader? I can only find guides saying I should boot in windows or with a disk for windows repair, but I only have this laptop and as I can't boot into windows to make that usb drive .... Anybody has any advice? xs
  10. Hey guy's, So I have been wondering about this for some time, is it possible to have kind of a remote desktop between a pc and laptop? I have a good enough laptop but for gaming and video editing this laptop just doesn't cut it. I have tried some remote desktops before but there is too much lag and most games just glitch out when playing over a remote desktop connection, also the input isn't that on point as well, for video editing over a remote desktop that's quite a pain as well. Someone has a solution for this?
  11. So I have been on and off with Linux for some time now but I am being troubled so often by Windows that I want to switch completely. 6GB ram, i3-6157U 2.4Ghz 128 GB ssd 1 TB HDD So I on my hdd are all my personal files. is there a way to install linux in a way that I can maintain all my files on that disk but also set it as my location for music, video's, documents, but still save programs to my ssd. I do very light video editing in premiere pro, browsing the net, I use Unity every now and then to work on a small game project and some very light casual games. Is it smart to switch to Linux completely? My main worry has alway's been my file management and video editing as premiere pro is not available for Linux. I am already somewhat familiar to Linux.
  12. Not at all, just some casual mmorpg's and other small games :p
  13. Hey guy's, I have been a laptop guy for quite some years now but I want to make a half switch to a proper Desktop pc. But I still want the mobility every now and then. Is it possible to share the screen to my laptop from my pc and game through my laptop with the performance of my pc, if that makes any sense? I would only do this while on the home network. Would I need to buy any software or are there good free ones? Will this work for gaming or will there be too much lag? (considering I have a good connection) Thanks in advance ^^
  14. Hey guy's. I have to install windows on many computers and have to change the Start layout on all computers in the same way. I used Export-StartLayout -layoutpath "layout file" and Import-StartLayout -layoutpath "layout file" -mountpath $env:SystemDrive\ But that doesn't seem to change anything to the current windows user. These window versions don't have access to GPO/gpedit.msc Anybody has any advice?
  15. Solved by installing Xorg-Xinit and changing the lightdm.conf. I had to change the user session to i3 and uncomment it and also uncomment the line with lightdm/xsession in it. One more problem came up hower, and that is that I can not use mod+enter to start a terminal Anybody knows how to solve this?
  16. For the people with the same issue. Startup a linux os and install gparted. Create a new partition table on the usb and format it in fat format, not ext4. This solves the issue. I also discovered why I was having this issue, when I installed Arch with these usb sticks I forgot to unmount them before plugging out the usb which made the files and maps stuck in read-only mode ^^" luckily gparted could fix it --- SOLVED BY MYSELF ---
  17. After already having a lot of trouble installing arch and getting lightdm to work, I now face a new issue which I really can't figure out on my own or by searching. I am using arch distro, Lightdm and i3-gaps. No idea what is needed as information to help me solve this problem. W hen I start up I get my login screen and i3 is selected as de. I enter my password and press login, but the screen goes black and then goes back to the login screen again. Please say what other info you need and thanks in advance for being willing to help
  18. So here is what I think is happening. While installing Arch, the usb becomes read only but changes everything so it becomes unreadable for windows (I think) but now the files are stuck on there in read only mode with no chance of getting removed and making my usb drives useable again
  19. no it really has to do with installing Arch, I tried it with another usb and this usb is unable to format as well because it is read only
  20. there is nothing of value on the drive ^^" I just want to be able to use it again
  21. So after having mounted a archlinux iso on the usb, the usb now refuses to format because it is "write protected" I followed all tutorials I could find like this one: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-fix-write-protection-errors-on-a-usb-stick/ But basically nothing helps and I don't know what to do, xc anybody has any advice?
  22. as you can see from the included picture, I have 8 boot options. that is not really a problem. but I don't have CentOS nor Manjaro on my system anymore, how can i remove those? I know that I better don't mess this up by just trying to fix it as this is my main system ?
  23. He's a friend after all so I would just ask 350 or 375 500 is more the price you would ask to a stranger or to a friend which you don't like that much
  24. This is the best bang for buck laptop you could have: https://azerty.nl/product/hp/3257635/stream-14-ax011nd-celeron-n3060--1-6-ghz-win-10-home-64-bits?gclid=CjwKCAjwkMbaBRBAEiwAlH5v_k6sEGUe3827mQkzvNyjQS7Ja_uBrUOdF1Ezgpbp_nmazKN4sSiY9RoCyEoQAvD_BwE But won't be powerful enough as a design student so here is another option https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1134239/asus-fx503vd-dm103t.html