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  1. Get the cheapest 1050 ti out there
  2. Yea , I realised that I went a little overboard, Sorry And why is that? I mean why is Q300L better than the P6
  3. My Build- https://in.pcpartpicker.com/list/CdxxV6 Which case should I got for ? Coolermaster master box Q300L or Antec P6, Both are priced at $50 in my region
  4. I see, guess I'll get the cx 450 then, anyways thanks for your help and everyone else who replied I'll post by build log in a few weeks maybe
  5. But what about other components like mobo, ram storage etc? How much power would they consume ? So it is possible to surpass the TDP of the chip by overclocking , any idea on how much power will the r5 1600 consume at like 3.9Ghz at 1.35V ? I found the power consumption of the nitro+ rx 580 to be around 240W under load.
  6. Forgive me If this a stupid question lol , But if the system runs tries the consume more than 450W(is that even possible), Will that damage the system or it will just shut down, The Pcpartpicker shows the max power consumption to be 420W, Is that too close to the actual rating of PSU i.e 450W (sorry for my bad engrish)
  7. TDP means the maximum power consumption of the component right ? That means even If I do a little bit of overclocking the power consumption wont pass the TDP of the chip ? , Correct me If I am wrong
  8. I will be overclocking the Ryzen 5 to at least 3.7 Ghz If lucky enough then to 3.9 Ghz will the 450W able to handle such overclock Wont be overclocking the GPU as it is already heavily overclocked out of the box Maybe even consider undervolting to save some power
  9. Are these even accurate ? Many people say not to refer these calculators
  10. Ik that but in my region there are no good 550W PSU available
  11. Even tho it's one GPU the TDP of the card is 250W, same has a 1080ti
  12. https://in.pcpartpicker.com/list/rMdjvn Will 450 Watt power supply be enough for this build Which PSU should I get? Antec NE550M, Cooler master MWE 550 or Corsair CX 450 All are 80+ bronze Also will be OC'ing the R5 1600
  13. Most of the parts you suggested are not available or are overpriced here even in the offline market