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  1. Both 6 pins are connected. I used the same PSU and GPu on my old setup. Both of them were working perfect
  2. Ik bro but it works with gt 210. Why wont it work with gtx 670 AMP Zotac. Im so sad oof
  3. Brand new! My brother bought before 1-2 years. And he gave it to me. It comes with papers and stuff
  4. I will go to the only PC service in town. I try to avoid this guy in there because he is known for scamming people. Example: Your power switch pins are disconnected. He says(knowing the person dont understand PCs): "Your motherboard is damaged, we need to buy a new one:" I will ask him to test it on the spot.
  5. Isnt it too risky. I just got the Motherboard. I dont want it ruined. Any safety mesaures?
  6. I did they are all in. They are 6 x 2 12 volt pins. I tested them with the multimeter and they give electricity.
  7. The PSU is 900w I dont think it doesnt have enough. I also used this GPU on my old setup with the same PSU.
  8. Hello! Recently I bought a new CPU and new Motherboard (i5-4670k, ASUS z87-PRO) I migrated my parts to my new motherboard. Im working with checkpoints. First I installed the CPU(with the cooler), RAM, PSU, 1 SSD, 2HHD. I started it up and it booted to bios with no problems. Later on, I put the GPU(GTX 670 Zotac amp) and when I press the power switch the fans spin for a second and then everything stops. I don't get an error code from the motherboard(Z87-Pro has a little 2 eight digits LED that shows the error code). Then I replaced my GPu with some old one(GT 210) and it worked. I updated bios to its most recent version but nothings changed. I need help guys. If anyone knows why and what is happening please respond to this thread. I can take pics of the GPU if it will help. Thank you in advance!
  9. Thanks, but should I edit "MouseSpeed" or "MouseSensitivity" ?
  10. I am currently using 1000 Dpi and I need my mouse sensitivity to be 1.28 by default.
  11. I don't use any kind of software to change my mouse sensitivity and my mouse is a Canyon CND-SGM6N