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  1. DenkataBG

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    Thanks, but should I edit "MouseSpeed" or "MouseSensitivity" ?
  2. DenkataBG

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    I am currently using 1000 Dpi and I need my mouse sensitivity to be 1.28 by default.
  3. DenkataBG

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    I don't use any kind of software to change my mouse sensitivity and my mouse is a Canyon CND-SGM6N
  4. DenkataBG

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    Hello! Recently, I wanted to change my mouse sensitivity but when I went to the mouse's settings the scale was Slow-Fast. I want a more precise scale. Example: 0.00 - 10.00 If you know how to change my mouse's sensitivity ,using the scale that I want, please tell me! P.S I am using Windows 10
  5. DenkataBG

    Is my Sound card dead PLEASE HELP

    Step 1 was the solver
  6. DenkataBG

    Is my Sound card dead PLEASE HELP

    So I've got a new keyboard and I decided to test it, and so I have done some cable management unplugged my speakers, plugged them, my microphone too. I started my PC and I've got no sound neither does my microphone works. When I go to Sound-->Playback it says that my speakers are unplugged. Please help. I am using Windows 7 Edit: I forgot to tell that I tested my Speakers to a another PC and they work
  7. DenkataBG

    Is everything going to be OK?

    So if I use ASRock H310M-HDV/M.2 instead of the H110 one it will be compatible right?
  8. Hello guys! I just want to ask,can a computer be build with these parts? Sorry for my English Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VHL Micro-ATX CPU: Intel Core i3-8100 GPU: GTX 670 AMP Zotac RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz Team Group PSU: Njoy Woden 650W ATX Hard Disk: 1TB Seagate Barracuda Case: Unknown name, but it is ATX case and supports Micro-ATX
  9. DenkataBG

    Is GTX 670 AMP going to fit into MSI H110M PRO-VHL

    Im such an idiot! I should thought of that!
  10. Guys, I need help. Can someone tell if my GTX 670 AMP is going to fit MSI H110M PRO-VHL. My case is atx, but supports micro atx too. Thanks for the support!