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  1. Hey guys I would like to create some torrents directly on an Freenas system. Did u have any experiance with that. Thanks for ur help. Edit: I am using qbittorrent
  2. I have blocked all microsoft domains -> so I dont get any Update or send any System Information. But care Updates are important. Update it regular eta every 1-2 Month one evening.
  3. Whats the right way to install Openvpn Client into FreeNas (FreeBSD). I always get this Error when I try to connect: Thanks for ur help. BLVCKRIPPER
  4. Hi I would like to access an admin Interface over the internet. I dont want a Gateway to access the internet. Anybody knows an guide, script, users that could help me. Thanks for ur answer, BLVCKRIPPER
  5. Why would you like spend this much money. You can get this ARCTIC Freezer 33. Its a lot cheaper and still pretty good. It should handle the oc still fine. best regards BLVCK
  6. Thanks for advice on this board. Only heard a little about it and saw the price is pretty low. best regards BLVCK
  7. I can recommend this device https://mikrotik.com/product/crs326_24s_2q_rm It has a bunch of sfp+ ports and 2 qsfp 40 gbit ports. This device needs a bit more knowledge but therefore it cheaper than the competetors best regards BLVCK
  8. I have this switch for user access: https://mikrotik.com/product/CSS326-24G-2SplusRM. This product works fine and is pretty cheap. U can easily buy one from Amazon. best reguards BLVCK
  9. Hi. I would choose this Case :"be quiet! Pure Base 600" and Motherboard ASUS Prime B350-Plus . best regards BLVCK
  10. Hey guys, I am looking for content. Prefer smbv3 or nfs over openvpn. ty BLVCK
  11. Problem identified: bad / wrong NIC in Gaming PC. Im looking to fix it soon. If it doesnt help I have to buy a new / better one. My recent card is :https://www.asus.com/Networking/XG-C100F/ for 50€ on ebay used. Maybe I will buy an Intel Card. BLVCKRIPPER
  12. Hey guys, can someone tell me why the hack i didnt get full 10 gbit speed? Fibers are clean with very loss rx and tx loss. BLVCKRIPPER
  13. Hardware PC1: ASUS (XG-C100F) Hardware FreeNas: Mellanox MCX324A ConnectX-3 40GbE Dual-Port Switch: MikroTik CRS326-24S+2Q+RM Gbic: Rapidcon Multimode J9150A-C Freenas -> QSFP 40gbe -> Switch -> Gbic 10gbe -> multimode cable -> Gbic 10gbe-> PC
  14. These are the stats from the gbic sfp-tx-power: -3.239dBm sfp-rx-power: -3.808dBm
  15. 10 gbit Multimode for just testing. Later ive got singlemode cleaned with 10 gbit too.