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  1. Well.. if you think you fancy a server and is not sure what to do with it, off the top of my head I came up with these entertaining activities... 1) Run a PLEX server!! Stream all the latest movies to all sorts of devices in the house (or office) 2) Run a decent firewall, Perhaps Suricata running on PFsense. 3) Run a transmission server to download stuff. 4) Run your own cloud filesharing tools such as OwnCloud or NextCloud 5) Run a VPN and route all the mobile devices through the VPN and firewall. Again PFsense I would think with OpenVPN. I guess as per the OS I would think FreeNAS with jails or proxmox to virtualize all of the above I would think. Just my 5 cents!!
  2. Hey all. I have managed to get hold of an IBM TS2900 tape library and want to see if I can all this ass a secondary backup solution for the place where I work (We are a small team of VFX artists working on TV commercials), Can anyone recommend me a software (and operating system) that I should be able to communicate with the tape library? At the moment I am using a Windows 2012 server with something called Quest NetVault backup, which works fine, but it is damn expensive! (Am using a trial of windows server 2016 and the quest software as well). I would love it if I can find something that would run on BSD (FreeNAS) or Linux (But not MacOS). For the moment our storage is on a big NAS running FreeNAS so something that can run in a Jail or Docker container would be amazing! Please share your visdom.
  3. Hi all.. Is it possible to dependably run windows 10 for workstations on a Dell server!! specifically a dell 910 with 4 CPUs (I have a good deal on a couple of them refurbished). I want to use two of them as two render nodes (Maya, Arnold and hopefully Aftereffects) which would mean I need to get some kind of windows running on it. As the systems are not shipped with any version of windows, I would like to know if there is any possibility of running Windows 10 for workstations on it (i can afford the 200$ price tag per license. however cannot afford the multiple thousand $$$ license for windows server). I need to run aftereffects on it which would mean Linux is out of the question. I am worried that some of the motherboard components do not have any windows 10 compatible driver. They ship with a Broadcom 5709c NIC but I am going to put intel x540-t2 10GB card to connect to the network (maybe even in link aggregated mode). It ships with a PERC700 raid card, but again, I don't plan to run any raid off it, as long as windows can detect it. As a boot device, I plan to get an NVME to PCIe card. Maybe someday I can score a few InfiniBand 100GB cards and a switch someday and set up a 100GB network (But even Linus had issues with getting RDMA working on windows 10 for workstations... I wonder if there is any change on this with the update) Please share your views on this plan and whatever complications I might run into (or if it's even possible) Cheers!!
  4. This is for work so the budget would not be a big issue. Id say anything around a 1000$ or so would be getable The idea is so that the GPUs can do their thing without being bottlenecked.. So what would your recommendation for a threadripper and MB combo be? that would be able to take two or three GPUs without having issues! We also need 10GB networking, so something with that would also be saying a few bucks off an additional card!
  5. Processor and motherboard ideas? how important is the processor in a GPU reader station? I've heard of GPU bottlenecking in games, but I have no idea how it applies to GPU rendering!!!
  6. Hey guys! I am part of a small VFX production house in South America and need some help to figure out a configuration for one or more render only render stations. We need to build some hardcore render nodes to do GPU renderers on RedShift and Arnold GPU (not even released yet). they scale very well with multiple GPUs. We were thinking of doing a 3 X 2080ti or 3X 1080ti per node. I've heard Linus talk about not being able to run the 2080ti on 3X SLI configurations in a video, but as far as I know, I don't think SLI is required for GPU rendering. Please share your view and experience on this as it would be greatly appreciated. this is going to be a future build so hoping to have a thread ripper 2nd or 3rd gen and a shitload of ram (again, advice appreciated) . But nothing is set in stone, so please advice based on your experience especially with regards to CPU bottlenecking on multiple GPU stations, and other complications we can run into. FYI. currently, we have 8 X Dual Zeon render stations doing CPU rendering and we want to get on this GPU rendering bandwagon. Thank you all for your time.. Greetings from Chile!!!
  7. Well, the thing is, if you want to have multiple frames rendering on the same machine, you can use something like "Deadline" that allows all sorts of projects to be executed simultaneously. Well, i had experience with backburner and for me it lacked some advance control that a tool like deadline offers. (Im guessing you are using autodesk products such as maya or max to render)
  8. Hi all.. first of all, greeting from Chile,!! Please excuse the noob nature of this question. I work in a small VFX studio, and we have a Fiber Channel HBA storage system installed, which is not in use right now. However, i am attempting to connect to this storage array using a windows 10 system with a FC HBA card, and keep running into some problems. I have connected my windows 10 workstation, using a ATTO 82EN and can confirm that the fiber connections are correctly connected to the switch. I just did this and haven't done any configuration at all. However, i am unable to mount the drives, and keep getting multiple instances of RAW drives show up on my device manager! I do not have any background on these kind of matters, and the vendor who installed this system doesn't exist anymore. Please, if you have any information on how i should configure a FC HBA please send me in that direction. I have admin access to the storage array but again, i do not know how to get this to work. I was also told that i need to enable MPIO to get the multiple instances of the drives to behave as one, but i have no idea if its possible or how to do it!! Thanks in advance!!