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  1. Hi guys, I recently experienced something really weird with windows explorer, and I waned to know if some of you guys knew how to fix it. I have an micro SD card in my laptop for work, and for some reason it sometimes dissepears and show a message saying "insert a disk". And I believe this is related to my file explorer crashing. Any ideas why ?
  2. Camera broke on xiaomi mi5s

    Hi mate, the back camera is in trouble. I got you a photo of me replying to the thread so you can identifie the issue.
  3. Hi guys, Reddox here. I purchased a xiaomi mi5s about a year ago, and I have Linused it a few times (droped). Unfortunetly, the screen broke at some point. If fine with that. The actual problem is that the camera eventually stopped working. It still shoots, but it is no longer focusing anymore. To be clear, the camera focuses on the nearest object (I've droped an exemple below). So 3 questions : -Is there a fix, a way to repair it myself ? -If I change the entire screen thing, will they change the camera with it since it is an all in one screen ? -Can it be fixed at all ? Keep in mind that buying a new phone is NOT a option for me, but I can repair it. Peace, Reddox
  4. Upgrade L200H's HDD ?

    Anyway, thanks for your help, I'm gonna relocate the topic.
  5. Upgrade L200H's HDD ?

    It is an ultra portable laptoop I doubt there is any unused IO
  6. Upgrade L200H's HDD ?

    I oppened it and have seen no such thing
  7. Upgrade L200H's HDD ?

    I guess I should'nt do this at home... Do you have any idea where all the 12g of used storage are located ?
  8. Hi guys. I bought a ASUS L200H utra portable laptop about a year ago, and it fonctions great, but it has a problem. It is constently out of storage. To make matters worse, windows is harrasing me with "security updates" i absolutely have to install, but I don't have any space left, considering I only installed a bunch of programs such as chrome, discord, steam (without any games) and office. So, 2 questions. Is there a way to find the most space consuming programs (because windows itself shows wrong numbers : 12g used but none of the programs using more then 50mo, LOGIC). And is it possible to upgrade a eMMC HDD, and how. Thank's for your time, and sorry for my terrible writting skills, I'm not english
  9. X box One controller not working on w7 x64

    I am running a Core I2 quad 8200 and a gt1030 with 4g of GDDR2 ram on a foxconn n15235. Idk if the perfs are actually better on win 10 with this config, maybe I need to config it better. However, I saw an fps improvement but rolling back to win 7 (more or less 20 fps on csgo)
  10. X box One controller not working on w7 x64

    Thank you for your response but that is not a solution for me, my computer is getting old, and the only way to keep it running a few games correctly is to stay at w7
  11. Hi guys, I have recently purchased a afterglow prismatix wired controller for xbox One. It works when I plug it in my laptop (who is running win 10), but it doesn't work on my main computer (who is running w7 64). I tried all the solutions that I could find on the net : installing wondows drivers, external drivers, using microsoft 360 accesories, but nothing worked out for me. The thing is that the controller is detected by my computer but when I try to update the driver, it says "Error 37". Does anybody have an idea ?
  12. Downclocking GPU solves bottleneck ?

    OK guys I get it now , thanks for the feedback
  13. Downclocking GPU solves bottleneck ?

    I saw a lot a topics on different forums about bugs with OS's and games due to bottlenecks. For exemple, some games would constently crash because the games would have issues receiving and sending informations to the hardware
  14. Hi guys, Reddox here with a purely hypothetical question. I was thinking : bottleneck is when your cpu isn't powerfull enought to give your gpu all the data it needs to perform correctly. But what if we use some programs like MSI afterburner (wich is usually used to overclook gpu's) to downclock the bottlenecked gpu. That way, the gpu wont suffer of the usual bugs and bottleneck related issues, even if it wont perform as good as at factory settings. Of course, this method is purely theoric, and I have really no idea if it works. Any suggestions ?
  15. Problem with my new gpu

    The peripheral manager says that the PC is using the windows default card or smt. I'm getting the drivers instaled atm