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  1. No one is bitching on here about having to use EGS to play Fortnite, their own first-party game. No one is bitching that Nintendo is keeping their own first-party titles on their own consoles, giving consumers incentive to buy a Nintendo console. What everyone is bitching about is if Nintendo was to come out and say "Super Mario Odyssey is now coming to PC, exclusive to only the EGS store!!" Because EGS threw a bunch of money at them to lock those titles down to their platform only. There is a big difference between first party titles being released only on their own first-party store/launcher, so they keep all the profits, and purposely buying out devs/publishers with exclusivity deals to force consumers to use a platform that they don't want, mainly because of the tons of missing features and being forced to support a company they don't want to, just to play the game they want, when there are other options. They are clearly taking the "screw consumers, are the devs happy?" approach. And tons of people already have bitched about console exclusive DLC like weapons and maps in Destiny, and plenty of other games, it's just old news now. 4 words to resolve all of this: Vote. With. Your. Wallet.
  2. Oh i'm sure, I meant to add /s as well, lol, oops
  3. "consoles used to just work" ...fixed it for ya
  4. Agreed. There are no morals or values or even respect in american culture anymore, hence why everyone is suing everyone else or blaming everyone else for their mistakes. In Japan, there is pride in their work and schooling, regardless of the type of job or class. There are very limited public trash cans, but all the streets are extremely clean. They have the worlds biggest auto makers and some of the most successful tech companies. Hell, when the tsunami hit Fukushima, Japan just stepped up and took care of it themselves, there wasn't a mass call to the world to help them and they didn't glorify the destruction and fear like american media does. They are very resilient and it stems from their culture. The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from the Japanese.
  5. EarthWormJM2

    Windows 10 has been installed on 800 million devices

    MS can't get rid of control panel yet, There are a lot of settings and components that are not fully converted to a "windows 10 setting". If you go into a lot of the windows 10 settings, you are limited or only have so many options. A lot of the links on the right side of the settings window, link to an old "windows 7 setting/app". MS needs to completely integrate ALL of the options currently in control panel to the windows 10 settings before they can get rid of it. There are way more settings and admin abilities in control panel still that you can't control in windows 10 settings. MS appears to be slowly converting everything over, but they have a ways to go.
  6. EarthWormJM2

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    ...This definitely seems to be the case. I mean, converting all macbooks and desktops to ARM and iOS, essentially making them a more glorified iPad is not going to gain them any enthusiasts, that's for sure. But I think Apple is ok if that segment fails, their main money makers are iPhones and iPads (not to mention iTunes/AppStore sales). All of their laptops and desktops are already in the shadow of "PC" users with all the customization options, cheaper prices, and pretty much all the same software compatibility nowadays. Their only option is to completely lock down laptops and desktops with parts 100% designed and manufactured by them and hope that keeps more people in their absolutely terrible hardware/support ecosystem. i.e $$$
  7. EarthWormJM2

    What is causing screen tearing effect?

    How's your internet connection? You could be having internet lag or even server-side lag. Which is very common with these types of games even if your client is running at a smooth 60fps. Does it do it in other games too?
  8. ...and this is why I work with computers, not words... lol, my bias wasn't biased enough...
  9. ..If only proper psychiatric care was a concern to anyone in government in the US. They have been steadily closing mental institutions since the 70s to free up the federal budget, and now there are a ton of studies and articles pointing to needing mental institutions now. It's sad, but prison is basically some of these mentally ill peoples only option right now, and that is the mindset of a lot of the public since mental institutions are disappearing. https://www.npr.org/2017/11/30/567477160/how-the-loss-of-u-s-psychiatric-hospitals-led-to-a-mental-health-crisis
  10. ...Welcome to America , where an air of prudishness still lingers and saying something like "sex and drugs" still will set some people off here. 'Sex' was only put to try and make the employees sound more out of control and trigger some, it's not illegal, and you aren't missing anything. Also, weed is medicinally legal in Arizona, so technically not even illegal if the employee has a medical card. Way to go media VERGE...
  11. Well there's the problem, don't follow mainstream US news. Most of it is extremely bias and almost half of all local news is owned and operated by one company forcing a lot of the stories you see to air. Not an accurate view on how this country is, it's more like what the media wants this country to be. Unfortunately to get unbiased, accurate news in this country, you have to find your own reputable news outlet, most likely online or outside of this country.
  12. EarthWormJM2

    YouTube Kids App Shows Suicide Video

    This!! I posted a very similar comment on this thread too before seeing yours, lol. somewhere between 2000 and 2010, people lost their personal responsibility and now want to blame all these internet tech giants for problems they could have prevented in the first place...
  13. EarthWormJM2

    YouTube Kids App Shows Suicide Video

    ..yea, but that would make too much sense!? In reality, when "Adpocalypse" happened, YouTube had a choice, follow the advertisers (and the easy money) or, listen to the people and make it better for everyone (too much work). In our current timeline, YT chose the former unfortunately...
  14. EarthWormJM2

    YouTube Kids App Shows Suicide Video

    Simple solution... MONITOR or LIMIT your children's internet usage. Be responsible. I grew up with the explosion of the internet through the 90s and early 00s, and back then it was common knowledge that the internet can be a dark and dirty place, like a big city after dark that you wouldn't leave your kid alone in. Also, "don't believe everything you see on the internet", was a common thing in everyone's mind too. But now, even the most ridiculous, out there, disproven articles, (like the earth is flat!: here are 10 reasons why), People believe... smh.
  15. EarthWormJM2

    FTC to hold public workshop on the ethics of loot boxes

    Good, now lets hope the people reviewing them know what "loot boxes", or even an "online game", is. RIP EA's stock...