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    6600k OC @ 4.5ghz
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3
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    16 GB (2x8GB) 3000 G.Skill Ripjaws V
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    Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2080 (OC'd)
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    Cooler Master HAF 912
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    500GB Samsung 850 evo, 1.2TB Intel 750 NVMe, 2TB WD Black
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    4k Samsung 42" TV, Asus MX259H 1080p
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    Cooler Master Evo 212, Lots of fans, Air!
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  1. Sorry I am catching up from the weekend and this is a long thread, it is Monday after all... ...Gotta love rude millennials.
  2. Here's a good thorough honest review comparing it to the real-world:
  3. So everything you keep arguing about is that there are SOME people out there that this vehicle would be for. I agree that SOME people will buy it, but MOST people will not, which is what Tesla is after, the mass market. Ford sells an F-150 almost every 30 seconds (almost 1.1mil in 2018), and that is just ONE model of a truck from a single company. Add up all the rest of the 'traditional' trucks on sale and those 200k pre-orders (which doesn't guarantee a sale) looks pretty insignificant. The reasons that the person you responded to gave are all most of the reasons people buy those trucks in the first place. No not ALL the reasons, but the vast majority. If you are trying to bring electric alternatives to the massive truck industry, you need to have at least a handful of the same features from all those 'traditional' designs, there's a reason they are there. Otherwise you are only gonna get the enthusiasts or random handful of purchases.
  4. So if I squint when looking at it with blinding lights behind it it may look like a supercar... cool. First off, this is supposed to be a truck. Not a car. Second off, those cars were designed using a 'wedge-shape' for aerodynamics and handling as well as being sculpted to look good. Not using an actual wedge for the design. Granted it is clearly not the final design (I mean it is missing a TON of stuff to make it road legal), but no one who needs a truck to do truck stuff is going to buy this, and people that want a truck, want it because of how it looks. A handful of tech enthusiasts and car reviewers will be the main customer. And that is nowhere near the # of customers with the needs or wants of a 'real' truck.
  5. Lol, YUP. I'm still running a 6600k in my system, granted OC'd, but paired with a rtx2080, still holds down 4k gaming very well. Haven't found a noteworthy upgrade path for me yet as I am mostly a gamer rather than a creator. Time to hurry up and wait some more...
  6. ...you were replying to 2 comments talking about people being mad at Gamefreak about the rosters cuts, but finding any other reason to be mad because of that one reason. But I also never said you wanted to take any action again gamefreak like smashing them up... sooo fair enough I guess lol. 800 is a lot to get into an open world game like this especially with them out in freeroam now and everything. So I understand them slimming it down for technical reasons alone, but they should have started slimming it down a few generations ago so it wasn't AS big of an impact. Or no one would be upset because it would have been the norm. I plan on picking it up after work and forming my own conclusions lol
  7. LOL, no you're not upset about them cutting the Dex at all, no thats not why you are mad... Of the hundreds of games that reuse assets (hell pokemon has done this in previous games, nothing new) why is it all of a sudden a problem? Because your'e mad the full Dex ain't there. Yes it's a little disappointing, but it's not everything. I mean there's still 400+ pokemon in there including all the new ones and new evolutions, that will take FOREVER to complete still Personally, unless the game is broken garbage or the models looked straight out of N64 (spoiler, they don't) I'm going to pick up the game and enjoy the hell out of it!
  8. ... are we really in a world where ppl are complaining about reused models and polygon counts for characters in our beloved franchises?! WTH, either it will be a good game or not, poly count or an asset imported from sun/moon and up-scaled won't change that. SO many games re-use assets, as long as they match in-game (and i have seen nothing to indicate otherwise), I see no problem with it. Stop being mad just to be mad ppl, I know it's so cool these days... lol. This is Nintendo/game freak we are talking about here, have faith that they know what they are doing... this isn't *ahem* EA *ahem*
  9. ... the person you are describing would need some semblance of tech knowledge to even think to look that up. Let alone know what the OS version names are that would work with their old MAC.That is definitely not the majority. Maybe majority of people on here, but most people would just take it to the apple store or buy a new one if it stopped working. Hell I know people who have bought new computers because they either filled up their hard drive or forgot their password. Most of the general public isn't tech savvy and has no desire to do those types of things. They just want something that works. My main point was shedding some light on what everyone knows, Apple overprices their products. (even tho ppl still pay it). That was just adding to the de-value of it, like having to buy additional dongles and whatnot. But I was just comparing the pricing of this new MBP to other similar spec computers out there then giving my opinion that its not worth the premium.
  10. ...sounds like the logic of a stand up company that cares about their customer base.
  11. Yea... so all those stories and news articles about customers being told that it would be cheaper to buy a new computer, or that they need to replace the logic board to fix a display issue, or that anytime they do anything with the logic board they say your data cannot be recovered if it wasn't already backed up to the cloud even tho its an easily removable SSD, or Apple actively deleting helpful posts on how to repair their devices or recover data off of them, or how it took an INSANE amount of complaints and years for them to finally acknowledge the butterfly keyboard issues, or any number of similar stories, those are all made up and false? lol. Come'on now. Just cuz you can walk into a store and ask for help, doesn't mean you will get it, try calling Razer support vs Apple support and let me know whats better? I'm not trying to compare what is the better product or company, I could have easily used Dell/Acer/ASUS/HP whoever and still proved my point. I was only specifically showing Razer because an average consumer would understand Razers web store just like how Apples is simplified. Everyone else gives so many options and makes it difficult for the customer to figure out what they want. It was just a similar web experience with similar HW to compare pricing. If I wanted to be a "but meh PC is better cuz I can build a ballin rgb gamer extreme desktop for half the cost of a MBP 16!!" pleeb, I could, but that is not what my OG post was about. I was TRYING to make a fair comparison before everyone jumped down my throat lol
  12. Then please tell me what would satisfy these requirements for you? I am doing a rough comparison here. I get you like MACs, i'm not disregarding that or looking down on that fact, you like what you like, but I'm also not being illogical here. Computer components whether they be in a MAC or PC are all the same, tech is tech. So if I can get product X that is the same performance with the same HW for $X amount of dollars less then product Y, and the only major difference is some software that you can run on any of it, it is my opinion that it is not worth it. For you it may be. But objectively you can see that Apple is over charging for RAM from my previous post, almost everyone already agrees that Apple has always done that, which is one of the reasons it takes the overall cost up much higher then anyone else.
  13. ...except that if there is an issue with Razer you can easily get your HW replaced or fixed without losing all of your personal data or having to buy a whole new computer. Razer is still a fairly new company, I could have compared HP or Dell as well, but Razer has a very similar user buying experience online compared to HP and Dells insane amount of HW options lol. That is why I used them for my example. If I wanted to just argue $$ I could just have easily have said go build a desktop with better components for half the cost and hackintosh it if you really want MAC OS, but that's not what I'm talking about. Also.. "gold standard" for quality control.. did you forget about the butterfly keyboards...
  14. We haven't really had many reviews of the MBP 16 yet, so you may wanna wait and see before saying that, the last MBP with an i9 in it had hella thermal issues. lol. But heat is common on laptops especially if you start cramming high end components in them...
  15. I probably wouldn't either, but their "buy it now" page is simplified very much like Apples, so that is why I used it as it had that simplified user buying process. The insane amount of options from Dell/HP tend to be overwhelming for the average user lol