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  1. i host the server my computer run with a i5 2 gen with 16 GB of DDR3 and a gtx 750 i only have 5 Mb/s speed and i see no problems play on the Minecraft server at my house and when i was at my brothers house and he live 35 miles form were i live i was playing on my phone to the server but when i load the game on the computer with the Minecraft server running i cant not connect to it my computer CPU runs at 50% usage and the RAM is at 45% usage and the network the lowest usage is at 600 Kb/s and the highest is at 3.4 MB/s
  2. ok i know i set it up right because i just log on and played it on my phone but my windows 10 pc will not login into it and i tried to find something online but i could not find anything. i am using the bedrock server that i got from the official Minecraft website and i have a friend the live in Seattle way before i made the server we both login into are Microsoft account and we tried to play multiplayer but it takes a long time to load up then it gets to the generating world locating server then it just disconnects i dont know what to do
  3. oh well i am not doing great lol i have a i5 2gen
  4. i might be doing something wrong but it is still not working
  5. austincanman


    OK i have the AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas Model R6220 from netgear and i think it haves a corrupt firmware the only green led is on is the USB and there is unthinking plugin the USB port is there a way to fix it
  6. OK so I've have doing my math wrong thank you so much
  7. OK i am looking at Lyontek Inc. LY621024LL-70LLI Package TSOP-32 what is 128K X 8 BIT i konw what 8 bit but what is the 128K for
  8. ok i am trying to find a GPU the will not bottle-neck a pc that i am working on for my dads cowoker the CPU is a intel core 2 duo E4500 i think the HZ is 2.2 i think now i was thinking a GeForce GTX 460 or a GeForce GTX 560 Ti and i cant find anything online for it p.s. now i will tell him it will not be good because the motherboard is DDR2 and what i seen on the motherboard datasheet it can only hold 4GB so it will be a little to a hold lot slower on newer games titles due to the memory limitations and the CPU
  9. Ok well thank you so much and I am not that worried about productivity it is for one of my dads coworkers so he can have two options 1 screen with SLI or 2 screen with out SLI he just wants a gaming PC the pc that I had to fix for him is 1GB of ddr2 and I and it took 4 to 8 days to fix it is so slow with Windows 7 64bit that calls for 2GB of ram and I cant remember what CPU it was but it is fix