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    I love tech and want to learn more so that’s why I joined here
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  1. New build questions

    Ok. Can you explain to me what the difference is between a 240mm and a 120 AIO is ? I think it’s the radiator but I’m not sure.
  2. New build questions

    @Herman Mcpootis How’s this list? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/778P7W Im going to use my sister old hard dive for now instead of buying one. And I can get windows from kenguin for 20 or 30 bucks (bitwit did a video about it and it’s legit). And the rest of the changes are cause of price or looks.
  3. Mouse Help

    Happens to the best!
  4. New build questions

    Because I’m new to building pc and I don’t have half a crap of what to do.
  5. Question 1.I’m looking to build a new PC in instead of buying a new copy of windows any hard drive or SSD could I use the hard drive from my sisters laptop that already has windows on it? If I wipe the drive of all her stuff ( it’s her old laptop that she used for photo editing and now she’s at college and she has a Mac ) wouldn’t it in theory just still have windows and work with mine ? And now for question 2 . I’m using pc part picker https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q7x9RJ and it says that my motherboard might need a bios update and more jazz that sort of understand. It also talks about the cool I’m going to use that the mounting bracket for an am4 motherboard might not come with the kit but I checked the reviews on Amazon and it doses so don’t worry about that.( I also have the graphics card on the list it was given to me by my cousin, it was free so can complain! I will upgrade it later but for now I just want to have the pc to build.) AAAAnd question 3 if there’s anyway I could get a stronger pc for under 800 pls say so. I would like it to be ryzen and have a minimum of 8gb of RAM and preferably a white theme and must be atx form factor. Thanks and sorry for the misspellings and bad grammar.
  6. What should I review next?

    Review sort of old or just really old tech like monitors graphics cards cpus ... ect And see how it holds up!
  7. Off tops

    Are there any apps for iOS that let you usa it like an app for the LTT forms? So it’s an app based experience not browser? Kind of like how apps let you log into Twitter and it changes the layout and some functions?
  8. Help first build ever

    Ooh ... ok .
  9. Help first build ever

    @DocSwag I’ve done some thinking and I will do like you said and go with amd but will most likely save a little more and get a ryzen 3 and motherboard so later down the line I can upgrade to a ryzen 5 or 7. And I’m not really gonna spend my money now and get a cheap rig that can’t grow with out a lot more money. Thanks for your guys help you’ve been awesome...... how do you close a form, or dose it just sit like this forever
  10. Help first build ever

    I can care less about the case it was just a relatively cheap case within ATX form factor on Amazon. Are the parts you just posted upgradable with all the latest and greatest stuff to if I get new parts I won’t have to buy a hole lot again. What is a apu build? And all that for under 300, yeah that’s in my price range that’s pretty awesome. Thanks
  11. Help first build ever

    Haha that’s my job right now is mowing lawns. 15 dollars a lawn and an average of 3 lawns a week, it’s good money for my age but not for regularly buying expensive things like this. 😄
  12. Help first build ever

    Ok thanks will try to sell them what price would your recommend since they are old and used?
  13. Help first build ever

    @DocSwag The parts that I already have where given to me by a cousin from his old build that’s how I have them. As far as by budget I’m not too sure because I’m 15 and trying to save for a car. Any list would be great so I could get an idea of prices and parts. This hole build might have to wait till I turn 16 and get a good paying job.