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    I love tech and want to learn more so that’s why I joined here
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  1. Budddy27

    Apple charger with viruses??

    And just to be clear I was talking about the cable sorry
  2. A while back my mother and I where in the car bringing my sister back from a doctors appointment, and I had brought the charger to my iPad witch was from a 3rd party manufacturer( I got it from dollar general ) I brought mine because she usually forgets hers and when she asked me to plug her phone in I went to plug her iPhone in to my charger and she said stop .......... so I stopped and then she asked if that was her charger that came from apple and I said no it was mine then she said do not plug her phone in ( it was at 13%) I asked why and she told me and I quote “ I read somewhere on the internet that iPhone chargers have virus on them and they said to only use your apple charger.” ......... what. I’m not a computer god and I don’t claim to know a lot about any type of electronic device including charger. But I’m pretty sure that if this was true that millions of iPhone would be infected due to how often apple chargers break and I’m almost positive that what she read was some dumb clickbait on a news website. Please help me find the article she “read” and tell me if there’s any way this is possible. Sorry for bad grammar.
  3. Budddy27

    (LTT IDEA) Ultimate Chilled PC Build

    Freeze the whole build in a non-conducive liquid and use passive heat cooling so you don’t need to worry about moving parts. @LinusTech
  4. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    I completely agree, if they had owned the mistake I might even want to watch them ( I didn’t watch them to much to begin with but I knew who they where). Linus (or someone at LTT) even reached out to them on Twitter saying that he will help them make a correct video. https://mobile.twitter.com/verge/status/1040405022083895297
  5. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    Haha thanks. That’s very amusing .
  6. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    Haha sorry.
  7. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    But was it when the internet was such a big influence as today and could the news be spread as easily? ( just out of curiosity, what show was it? I enjoy watching the discovery channel.)
  8. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    I think there are other poorly made videos but non as significantly wrong and from such a well known company as the Verge.
  9. Budddy27

    The Verges credibility

    I was wondering with the recent controversy with the verge if people still valued the Verge as a credible source. Please leave a detailed comment and vote. (If the poll dosnt work please say so. <link removed> < The poll.
  10. I think I found goth Linus and he’s not a cat this time. but seriously I was scrolling through Instagram and this came up, dose it not look like him!?
  11. Budddy27

    New build questions

    Ok. Can you explain to me what the difference is between a 240mm and a 120 AIO is ? I think it’s the radiator but I’m not sure.
  12. Budddy27

    New build questions

    @Herman Mcpootis How’s this list? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/778P7W Im going to use my sister old hard dive for now instead of buying one. And I can get windows from kenguin for 20 or 30 bucks (bitwit did a video about it and it’s legit). And the rest of the changes are cause of price or looks.
  13. Budddy27

    Mouse Help

    Happens to the best!
  14. Budddy27

    New build questions

    Because I’m new to building pc and I don’t have half a crap of what to do.
  15. Question 1.I’m looking to build a new PC in instead of buying a new copy of windows any hard drive or SSD could I use the hard drive from my sisters laptop that already has windows on it? If I wipe the drive of all her stuff ( it’s her old laptop that she used for photo editing and now she’s at college and she has a Mac ) wouldn’t it in theory just still have windows and work with mine ? And now for question 2 . I’m using pc part picker https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q7x9RJ and it says that my motherboard might need a bios update and more jazz that sort of understand. It also talks about the cool I’m going to use that the mounting bracket for an am4 motherboard might not come with the kit but I checked the reviews on Amazon and it doses so don’t worry about that.( I also have the graphics card on the list it was given to me by my cousin, it was free so can complain! I will upgrade it later but for now I just want to have the pc to build.) AAAAnd question 3 if there’s anyway I could get a stronger pc for under 800 pls say so. I would like it to be ryzen and have a minimum of 8gb of RAM and preferably a white theme and must be atx form factor. Thanks and sorry for the misspellings and bad grammar.