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  1. Yeah, selling it to someone brave, if I can - it would worth a lot more, if it'd been fully functional though. Thanks for the input!
  2. yeah, just a shame to miss out on the 780 if the card worked... it's still capable enough to run some titles at 1080p
  3. All temperatures were good too. Nothing beyond 70-something in GPU-Z. I've installed another old card now, a 970, and it works with no problems, in DX12 and 11
  4. Wasn't the driver or the bios. After reboot again, white dotted lines and mismatched colors appeared (blues turning yellow, ex.). In windows the card wasn't even recognized, neither in GPU-Z or afterburner. I DDU'ed and installed older drivers, didn't work. I flashed the bios back to older version, with the same result... I'm accepting the fate of that card
  5. Managed to crash it! After running Time Spy on loop for over an hour, the screen went grey/black with backlight and the computer was not responding to any input. After rebooting I got into Windows just fine, until I loaded another 3D-application, Firestrike, wanted to see if it did it there too, and just after hitting the Exe, it did the same again... could it be the driver? The 445.75 from Nvidia that I have on there is not recognized by Nvidia to work? Before lending it to my buddy I had the previous driver on there, and had stresstested way more than now, with no issues? Or should I just accept that the card is dead?
  6. Right, that's what I was thinking, ofcause it's not made for it, but it should be able to run with no major issues - but there is, so, that's why my post...
  7. I've voted for you to wait, due to the fact that I don't know what you're playing - are you experiencing really bad performance from your system in what you wanna game? I'd say the logical first step is to install Rivatuner or something like that and see what's getting hit the hardest and upgrade that component; CPU, GPU or maybe RAM (I know DDR3 could be seen as a waste, but at least at my local used marked, prices seems to have stabilised for a while, since no new DDR3-systems are being made, so you'd possibly be able to sell it again at the same price or a very small loss). If the 8gb you have is bottlenecking the other two components, then it's a cheap and easy upgrade temporarily and maybe enough for you to be happy with your system until next-gen GPU's and CPU's comes along. Then you can consider what to do next. The upgrades you're talking about, GPU and CPU, will most likely come down in price with the new launches (both new and used), and will have exactly the same level of performance - only lower on the range of similar level next-gen item, but not in actual performance, which sould save you some money at the same performance-level. Moreover, oyu could buy at the same price-level and get more performance with next-gen. On the other hand, there's the perpetuality of the argument, why not wait until next-next-gen then, and so on. The reason why I'd still say wait comes down to two things: AMD being a real potentually competitor to Nvidia for next-gen, and the fact that 8gb ram might save you some money in the longer run, if you only upgrade that now. I see that you've ordered some of the parts already - hope they fot your needs - I just wanted to give my point of view too - interesting discussion.
  8. I've got donated a GTX 780 when helping someone upgrading his hardware. He said it had problems, but after a Bios-flash and driver update it seems to be working just fine in DX11-API settings. Though DX12 is producing screen tearing . Tested in Ashes of the Singularity and 3D-mark Timespy/Firestrike with a Xeon X5649 6c/12t @ 3,6 ghz. Resolution at 1920x1200. With 12 gb DDR3. Before noticing this I'd lend out the system to a friend who had no computer to game on in these Covid-times, but he had to give it back when it kept crashing in Far Cry 5 - I don't own this title my self so can't test that. But I think it's the same issues. Is the GPU busted/on it's last leg?, is it just too old for DX12? or is my problem something completly different?
  9. Ok thanks, that's not what I've understood from the WAN-show introduction, there's no more granular control? So I'd have to run my GPU 100% if I want to use it - and I can't run my CPU at 100% without also fully loading my GPU, seems very strange...
  10. I've just installed the folding client-app-thing on my PC, I can only adjust 3 values on my slider for "Folding power"; low, medium or high. GPU problem: Not that I mind it being used at all - but the fans will ramp up and get noisy on my GPU when on medium or high - and when I set it to low, it just goes to 2% complete and pauses, no movement. I can't figure out how to set it to use the GPU at maybe 20-30% and not the 100% it'll use on medium and high... When I set the folding power to "light" it just says under status "paused waiting for idle" even when I've checked the box "on idle" - I don't want that, but I don't wont it to go for 100% usage either... CPU problem: I can't figure out how to get the client to even start using the CPU... It just says "ID: 00", "Status: Ready", "Description: CPU 14" in folding slots, and "Status Download" in selected work unit.... Can someone post a guide to get more detailed control of this thing... it makes zero sense to me, and I've used up own know-how... Also, do I need to set something up specially for COVID-19 research, can't find the "Disease" with the other ones I can choose.
  11. Yeah, something like that - I'd still like to be able to get to bios and have a clean install - but life's tough I guess I'll report back with the progress - thanks!
  12. Thanks - I've tried two different keyboards. Both of them light up in the "numlock" LED, so the USB's are providing power. But maybe I'll have to put a drive with windows on in the system, from another machine and see if it'll boot?
  13. Tried changing the CMOS battery - no change - thanks for the advice though
  14. Alright - I'll try that and report back - don't have any at home, but need to go get infected with Corona anyways #getitoverwith - thanks!