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About jonrosalia

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  • Birthday 1987-03-03

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    new york
  • Interests
    special effects and pc hardware cars anything I can customize really at this point.
  • Occupation
    special effects and fabrication.


  • CPU
    i5 6500
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    8GB ddr4 2133
  • GPU
    evga 1050TI 4Gb sc
  • Case
    dell 7040MT
  • Storage
    240 crusial M.2 and a 1Tb firecuda
  • PSU
    dell 240 watt
  • Display(s)
    sceptre 27" curved 75Hz and a sceptre 27" 4k
  • Cooling
    stock unless you have sugestions
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    dell optical wired
  • Sound
    marshall valvestate 12"
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. the 1050ti if your stuck with slot power is the best card you can buy and its a damn good card overall. any i7 is still good for gaming and everyday stuff but for anything requiring 4k or newer instruction sets its going to show its age along with the ram which should still be low speed ddr3. AMD needs to use their 7nm power savings to make a card for people who have prebuilt and also want performance a desktop 75watt HMB2 ram GPU would be amazing and make me buy a AMD card the new 7 is tempting if I had the money. the RX cards are showing their age and all they do really well is save you money if you have the power to feed them.
  2. jonrosalia

    2060 or a 2070

    I can never get over 100-110 "stable" frames and cpu is max even if I drop resolution or lower settings. its why I usually game at 1080 75Hz high/ultra or 4k 60 medium settings since even a good 1050ti isn't up for any real 4k gaming it runs out of ram and power sadly . im in the same boat as you thinking about upgrades and the one I keep coming to is the cpu and a 6700 isn't cheap neither is a 7700 and I keep seeing its not worth it and a new build would make more sense with it basically being a mobo and cpu. personally I might go upcoming ryzen 5 if I do a new build unless intel does something amazing between now and then.
  3. jonrosalia

    2060 or a 2070

    can you get 144 right now? I'm interested now for myself.
  4. jonrosalia

    2060 or a 2070

    what resolution are you shooting for is the real question my 6500 is usually only good for 100-110 fps max realistically no matter the resolution. I have a similar specs and I 75Hz game mostly max settings or med settings 4k 60.
  5. im with the why's on this one
  6. jonrosalia

    which ssd to buy for 1 - 2 TB for gaming

    I thought they where looking to spend 400-500 and if you want big and crazy fast what's better than a 2tb Samsung 970
  7. jonrosalia

    which ssd to buy for 1 - 2 TB for gaming

    can you run NVME? because 2TB Samsung 970 evo M.2 is right on the $500 mark right now on amazon sale price $100 off
  8. jonrosalia

    i5 7400 Upgrade

    your going to upgrade your CPU and then be bottlenecked by your GPU ram because you have the 3Gb version and most games will use more than that I never understood why they screwed people with this card and gave 1050ti guys 4Gb what I keep seeing as minimum Vram for 2018.
  9. jonrosalia

    What SSD should I choose for a laptop

    does your laptop support intel optaine cacheing? if it does put optaine in it and let it rip. if not does it support NVME drives? no matter what I wouldn't buy a 120 its to small to be useful 256 or higher because ssds slow down significantly when you fill them to half way I buy 480Gb 2.5" for $50-60 now no reason not to get the largest one you can
  10. jonrosalia

    Best Cpu Upgrade?

    7700 has better NVME support built into it and also gives you support for intel optaine memory which 6700 lacks that's basically the difference and then 8700 is the same as 7700 with 2 more cores glued on to it I would start looking through local sales for 7700k systems for sale I see alot of them cheap with no ram or GPU and you drop yours in with your cooler and or strip what you need and put your old parts in it and pass it on.
  11. jonrosalia

    3Pin 5V to 4Pin 12V RGB Adapter?

    I say use a usb adapter hub if they won't play nice with your motherboard connector until you can upgrade all the fans to the 4 pin connection and do all of it in aura sync
  12. jonrosalia

    Good mouse for fps games.

    I have the older one and and on sale https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019OB663A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_50IiCb9JAHY7N
  13. jonrosalia

    3Pin 5V to 4Pin 12V RGB Adapter?

    I think Phanteks sells a adapter on their website for this issue.
  14. jonrosalia

    Good mouse for fps games.

    im a fan of Logitech I use the G502 not for everyone but its able to be adjusted with weights and other settings and has basic RBG
  15. RTX shirt demonstration lol. 

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone on the forum