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About jonrosalia

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    new york
  • Interests
    special effects and pc hardware cars anything I can customize really at this point.
  • Occupation
    special effects and fabrication.


  • CPU
    i5 6500
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    8GB ddr4 2133
  • GPU
    evga 1050TI 4Gb sc
  • Case
    dell 7040MT
  • Storage
    240 crusial M.2 and a 1Tb firecuda
  • PSU
    dell 240 watt
  • Display(s)
    sceptre 27" curved 75Hz and a sceptre 27" 4k
  • Cooling
    stock unless you have sugestions
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    dell optical wired
  • Sound
    marshall valvestate 12"
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. jonrosalia

    GPU Bottleneck?

    if your looking for 60 HZ gaming it should be fine crank the graphics settings up till it balances out and unloads the cpu a bit if you arnt looking for a 60 lock its a good cpu still if you are able to try to pick up a i7 870,875k or 880 and get a good speed boost without swapping everything else. looked around more and if you overclock the snot out of it its might turn into a beast and do just fine for gaming in modern titles.
  2. jonrosalia

    PC suddenly shuts down

    is your PSU 80+ rated? brand and model number?
  3. jonrosalia

    Liquid cooling with vodka?

    it will work and really is a terrible idea the alcohol will need parts rated for alcohol so a pump tubing and O rings all need a rating and any gaskets in the system need to be changed also on top of that you have the boiling point of alcohol to deal with since it will boil before the water and pressurize your system if it got hot enough so you could blow out hoses in a extended gaming session. here is craft computing doing it with whiskey.
  4. jonrosalia

    PC tripping breaker when playing game.

    how many of these things are on the same circuit as the computer if they don't go off with the breaker they don't matter to this issue but it sounds like you just have to much crap plugged into one place and need to move them to other circuits or manage what you have on to control the power draw.
  5. I don't think this exists because a two in one is a thin and light and are basically sealed units to keep the weight down which removes most ports and expandability and even if you find one that's going to be terrible for tablet use because of the weight. you're better off with a good laptop that does everything else other than the flip and fold with a touch screen.
  6. jonrosalia

    Sister want's a good mouse.

    im a fan of Logitech they make good stuff never had any real complaints about anything I have had from them from web cams to keyboards and mice. I use the G502 but that's not what your looking
  7. jonrosalia

    dGPU not working on laptop.

    I was just looking around the internet and its not a good situation to have and people typically end up with a dead GPU. I heard try backing everything up and doing a factory reset to clear the issue some times works. another person said it could be a ram issue and if you can change it try different ram (don't know how that helps). another issue is the GPU sometimes delaminates and it fails.
  8. was the CPU in the motherboard that died? it may have been damaged when it died and you may have multiple issues not just the socket pins.
  9. jonrosalia

    What is this Worth? €

    you need to hope a college student needs a laptop throw it on local sales for 150-200 and take what you can get its a early AMD which cripples resale to start with and its kinda a bare minimum spec laptop with 4Gb of ram and a spinning HDD.
  10. just for lols but it didn't break 60c and thats not bad for the old 2310m on intel 4000 integrated2061544901_ScreenShot2018-12-01at10_41_19AM.png.b5314e2e39ac37ae2619c3c73a2a241b.png

    1. jonrosalia


      when you load it all the way down with ultra and 8x tessellation max and 3d off because screw 3d 

      Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 11.18.12 AM.png

  11. jonrosalia

    Is this a good Heaven Benchmark result?

    I would be a happy person with that but I also run a 1050ti and a 6500.
  12. jonrosalia

    The Kessel Run - a Star Wars near-scratch build

    love the whole project can't wait to see when you start fitting everything and what you come up with for mounting points because we all know everything is subject to change until its done and that's the fun part.
  13. Hey, since you were part of the convo that got me to finally start up a build log, I thought I'd shoot you the link to my Millennium Falcon build (early stages just yet)


  14. jonrosalia

    why cant apple make a updated unibody?

    the problem is they feel like they are trying to drag gamers into the mix with the 2018 offerings with the fake "i9" cpu and them pushing the "fortnite" angle feels like them becoming aware that people play games when they have down time. also that a gaming machine actually makes a damn good productivity machine and are half listening with the marketing team since they cant be seen actually talking to "gamers" outside the ecosystem so they are as always all about the buzz words i9 even among hardcore gamers is a joke and status symbol most still would rather buy a 8700k or a 7700k with their money because we understand price to performance. then the addition of Vega is them basically adding a AMD 1050ti to the lineup so for the screen they give you its able to game on medium for once but the prices of the components they choose are what makes the prices ridiculous.
  15. jonrosalia

    Gpu is too hot

    its a Nice clean build it has to be something in the card unfortunately you may want to contact the manufacturer.