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  1. Hello all, We have all heard the stigma of Internet browsers and such so IGNORING all sides of the debate lets go to brass tax. What is the most popular browser on Earth? Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Midori, Opera what ever it is have your say and lets make it official. What will be crowned 'King of the Browsers'? Thank you all. Sincerely, JATG
  2. Hey CrAzY158, LMG has actually answered this question already with the following videos. How to Twitch Stream on Twitch with OBS What Kind of PC Do You Need for Streaming? Ryzen is THE BEST CPU for STREAMING? I included the OBS one because i assumed you have considered recording it also, but yes encoding is all on the CPU. You can even use a second computer as a dedicated encoder for your streams. I hope this helps. Sincerely, JTAG99
  3. Hey Lord Vile, Well with all of that i can relate. Windows does have many little glitches here and there but in Microsoft's defense they do build it for almost a billion devices with almost any possible hardware configuration. 128 gig is very small (for me personally) an i am not a fan of Chrome either (#FirefoxLife). MacOS is perfect for syncing to your iOS device that is no lie but it is up to you. Check out Pages online from Apple at iCloud.com you sign in via your Apple ID and you can use their Pages, Numbers and Keynote. If you are utilising cloud storage well 50 - 200 gig of iCloud is more than enough if you go with it. Other than that it is dealer's choice. Other than that do a bunch of research on the options you are considering and make an informed decision but i assume you already knew that. I hope this also helped. Sincerely, JTAG99
  4. Hey MrIceCremeLollipop, All good my friend. Happy gaming. Sincerely, JTAG99
  5. Hey Lord Vile, Well the question seems to be more around software rather than hardware. Do you not like Microsoft Windows or just Office? Do you want macOS or do you need it? I have used Windows, macOS and even Linux and honestly software wise you can getaway with any. IF you go with Mac you can run Windows in BootCamp or Parallels so you can always use both. MacOS is a decent OS, especially for productivity, but Windows (of course) is more supported and you can play more games on it if that is your thing. From what you said you need it for you can go with any OS Windows, Mac or Linux but if you are more focused around software to use check out LibreOffice or OpenOffice they are open-source alternatives to Microsoft Office and they offer full file type compatibility (that is the .DOCX extension). It comes to preference and also cost. Personally i do not like the idea of a loan for a piece of technology but everyone is different, but the Macbook Air only has two CPU cores and that is an issue in 2019. All in all for basic usage and general word processing and Internet browsing any and all will do you fine unless you need specific things. Keep in mind! Macs need adapters now if you care about that. I hope this helped. Sincerely, JTAG99
  6. Hey MrIceCremeLollipop,, I really hate being that guy, but it depends on what you are going to play and also your current, or future rig. I am not a major AMD person i prefer NVIDIA (yes i said it) but if you could give more context to the question that would be good. Best answer is look at reviews for those cards for the titles you want to play and also games in general and see how they fare. I hope this helped. Sincerely, JTAG99
  7. I will be honest i did not read all of it i skimmed it due to the sheer size. However, there is no one answer to why Microsoft cloud services are faster than Google. Essentially Microsoft is used in the corporate world or any industry really due to Microsoft Office Dominance and they are currently investing heavily on Office 365, OneDrive and Azure so online work IS Microsoft's lifeblood along with Windows and Office. Google on the other hand, their main lifeblood is Android and their Search Engine with their online document services (while they are working on) are not as wide-spread or adaptable, but that point can be argued heavily by industry experts, and tech fan boys/girls. Very over simplified nutshell but gets the point across. Also, unlike google Microsoft ties in their Office and Cloud storage very well in Windows and most business just get Microsoft and be done with it. Onto speed. I do not feel like getting into the specific because that can turn into a very long essay, Linus himself even discussed this is some older LTT videos, but it all has to do with point-to-point communication, server location and the technology used to transmit the data. that is a shockingly simple nutshell, but it is still valid. So the thread question 'Google vs Microsoft' depends on factors: Which will i use more? Is there really a difference over one service to another? Which one is more cost-effective? Which is more reliable? Do my colleagues use it? Do i care which stores my data? Those are better questions to try and answer the overall. If you do care about privacy read their policies: Microsoft - https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement Google - https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-US Apple - https://www.apple.com/au/legal/privacy/en-ww/ I thew Apple in because they are also an alternative. If you do not care about privacy go with what you and your circle use more and what you like. Go with what works for you and does not hamper your workflow. Sincerely, JTAG99
  8. So i could not respond on my thread since it was locked ( https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1059159-macs-are-slower-ltt-video-discussion/?tab=comments#comment-12522144 ) but to address some of the responses: 1 comparing I.T. denial to Christians think God is murder is a ridicules association and i have ignored it. 2 Real-World performance does not always relate back to simulated tests or benches i mean thunderbolt 3 is advertised at 40 Gbps, i highly doubt anyone can get those speeds exactly in day-to-day use or in a work context unless in very specific circumstances. 3 Insurance IS NOT WARRANTY. 4 If people have the money to spend thousands on a Mac that 'under delivers' they also have the money to purchase another rig. Also, programmers and graphic designers (decent ones anyway) will know what specs to go for in a computer. 5 This whole video is only true IF the context in which the Mac is being used for [INSERT MISSION CRITICAL WORK HERE] possibly might not care that much waiting an extra min or two for the computer to crunch the numbers. As a programmer, i have spoken to many other professional programmers that prefer code to compile slower when they are done to ensure the conversion to third gen languages to Machine code is more efficient. Perfect example is Java to ByteCode. 6 Macs are only considered 'vintage' and 'obsolete' after 5 years so if a pro user has not upgraded in 5 years then they are believing a false lie. spending 1 - 6k on a fully spec Mac that is not an i9 is not that bad of an investment considering the aforementioned sentence IF the work it is being used for generates enough income to upgrade it if needed. Sincerely, JTAG
  9. Hello all, I just saw the latest LTT video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=947op8yKJRY ) (at time of writing) and Linus was on a Witch Hunt for Apple Inc. yet again. Now while he did raise some valid points concerning the inefficient head dispersion and the problems with thermal-throttling I just wanted to discuss the other aspects to this scenario. Most of the people in the world are not tech enthusiasts as he said and yes Apple products have immense ‘sex’ appeal and they do under perform for some workloads, but the main point that I wanted to discuss is if one were to purchase said products for a professional setting. If a Programmer or Graphic Designer went all out and purchases a fully specced Apple computer to handle their work load(s) they will have at the bare minimum, some knowledge of the internals to handle said work. On the other hand as we know, an average person that does not know the difference between Google and Google Chrome might also purchase the same computer (although very unlikely) or a similar cheaper Mac for their day-to-day activities. The professional will understand there will be possible issues, but unless it is very specific they will not do anything about it and they are more than likely going for a Mac because they simply want to, and/or they have been a customer for years and they are loyal and like the software etc. So now onto the throttling. If it is a laptop that was purchased then the owner will know (depending on the person) that you cannot get the exact same performance when in comparison to a Desktop counter part in almost every scenario. If an iMac was purchased.. well it is encaged in a small Aluminium shell so of course there will be issues. The points are these in a nutshell: Firstly, people purchase products they want and/or need and from companies they trust. Secondly, If a customer spend between 1 – 6 k on a Macintosh there is a very high probability they either have insurance either personal or work and also the funds to purchase AppleCare+ if, the computer is damaged. Now of course, one could say ‘Well Apple does not care!’ possibly, who knows. The better argument would be is it ethical to sellcomputers that are deliberately tuned down? But at the end of the day unless it is very specific circumstances would you even notice the turbo boost anyway? I am sure there are scenarios, and if you know of one then I hope it is mission critical and not just ‘It is mission critical because I said so’. I just wanted to post my thoughts here and hopefully strike up some more conversation about this. And I hope the continued conversation will be kept civilised I did not mean to agitate anyone. Thoughts? Thank you. JTAG
  10. Hello all, I just saw the latest Techquickie video (at time of writing) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiYDWspiBr0) and honestly Colton raised some valid points. However, not all grounds were covered. Personally when i went to Primary and High School and even a little in my first year at university i was taught the 'correct' way to make PowerPoint slides with the following which are but not limited to: Only the most vital information to be used Not too many slides Easy to see colour scheme Nice font size and font style Limited use of animations Paraphrase paragraphs if absolutely needed to most vital information Now while Colton was focusing mainly on complaining about PowerPoint mainly with a hint of human error the software is perfectly fine. People are lazy, and they are the ones that make bad presentations. Example, one of my lecturers at my university usually has slides 166 slides long and he just reads off of them and usually does not finish the two hour lecture. I have also had lecturers not only colour code their slides, (background only) in such a way that it does not make the font hard to read it actually made it easy to remember information and made the overall presentation less boring. Once again it goes down to human error. If you can make wonderful presentations then you are awesome, if you make terrible presentations then please paraphrase for the love of God please paraphrase. Thank you all for your time. Sincerely, JATG Post Script, Anyone else had thoughts on the video? Also, Colton if you do read this it was a rant not a Techquickie video, or maybe a Techquickie video hijacked by a rant?
  11. Hello Stormy00, I am happy i helped. Hope you enjoy Linux (unless you use Android or a distro already). Thank you. Sincerely, JATG
  12. Hello Stormy00, The first part of your question is a bit obscure so i will try to answer in what i think you meant by it: Issue 1) You have an OS installed on an external drive that you use via VirtualBox or dual-booted and you want to update it automatically. Answer 1) I am not aware of any program that would do it automatically except for the one piece of software Linus has recently been promoting (i cannot remember the name), but other than that change your Ubuntu update settings to update to the absolute latest and that should work. Issue 2) You want to know how to update any ISO files you have on an external drive, or drive of any kind. Answer 2) No idea, you may have to program a program to do so yourself if you are a coder. Now onto your second question. To download a macOS VirtualBox/VMWare file already installed is illegal and you would have to consider piracy if you really wanted to do so. I highly recommend not to due to legality issues, and also it would be a tremendous pain-in-the-neck to get it working since macOS is build only to work on PCs (Macintoshes) with a special boot chip to ensure it is a Mac and Mac only running it. If you really wanted to get the "Mac feel" either invest in a really old Mac to try it out or you can download and install this version of Linux Ubuntu called Elementary OS, which mimics macOS greatly. It is also free and legal to download and install. Elementary OS link ( https://elementary.io/ ) I hope this helped. Thank you. Sincerely, JATG
  13. Hello all, Honestly, was thing really a shock to anyone? Google's life blood is selling ads so this is a good business move for them. However, this may also cause people to switch to Firefox or even other web browsers. In the end, who cares? Google is just a spyware company so just switch browsers, save your RAM and copy over your bookmarks. Or wait and see how this plays out. Thank you. Sincerely. JATG
  14. Hello Luckyp, While you do offer some interesting points i cannot agree that it is not entirely Microsoft's responsibility to try and suit almost a billion devices by nit picking their updates. I also use many OSes besides Windows, and unlike Microsoft, they do not have so much stigma about the update cycles which allows a that to update as they please without fear of backlash. Also, if someone where to purchase a low-grade computer with limited storage then you have accepted limited use of memory unless you deliberately try and upgrade it, or use a concoction of solutions to fit everything. Microsoft also does test their updates and the October dumpster-fire was a disaster of course, but every messes up at some stage no matter how hard we try. Allowing users to update whenever they want is also a double-edged blade, IF Microsoft allowed users to never update then only the most I.T. minded individuals would update their systems. Like i said earlier we know when the updates come out, so someone can fit 20 mins into their schedule to accommodate it after backing up their data. Also, in the case of production machines, and workstations, well if that is such a huge deal, then disconnect them from the Internet to perform the work. Music producers love disconnecting their PCs from the Internet to protect their data for example. If people never updated because Microsoft gave them all of the power then people would complain when their machines are hacked due to security loop holes from updating negligence. Live-patching is also a long shot since Microsoft cannot update almost a billion devices at once, they would have to segment the updates to every day of the month in chunks of x amount of PCs at a time and they would be continuously running the updates costing more money, power and time to ensure it is all done. Most people do need to get over it and while that does sound mean it is not without merit. Some people are just never satisfied with things and thy just need to accept something to get on with it. There is no such thing as a perfect solution, but hopefully we can get a better one. Sincerely, JATG
  15. Hello Mr Moose, I would disagree on the premise that a double blind back-to-back audio hearing sessions would offer a higher rate of failing since people would be deliberately focusing on the audio. From my experience, if the tests are conducted at different times without the subject knowing what audio to listen for, they can hear the difference. Sincerely, JTAG