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  1. The warranty replaced my battery to a new one after the water damage, the problem is with the charging port/circuit board. If I don't touch it for a week after cleaning and drying it will charge, but few hours later after the charging it will stopped charging. Maybe there is some protection layer I need to rub in?
  2. Hello, Some water spilled on my laptop, I tried to dry it, and it worked just fine for a month. After a month the laptop stopped charging. I tried to get it fix by pros but no one could help so I picked up 99% isopropyl alcohol and took the MB out and clean it nice and slowly, and it worked! the laptop charge again! BUT After few hours the laptop stopped charging again, so I did it again and again, every time it charging for some time and stopping again. I tried to clean, wait a week, and then connected it to the wall, works but after few hours stopped charging again. When I say stopped charging I mean it is won't charge any more. only by taking the MB out again and cleaning it and drying it with cold hair dryer and few hours or days of wait and only then connecting it to the charger. So any one have an idea what can I do? I can get it back to charge but how can I make it be fixed and not temporary? Maybe there is something I need to rub on my laptop? Dry Spec: Asus TP300LA i7 4510U 8GB Ram 128GB SSD 1080P Touchscren IPS Thanks
  3. I would love the new Razer Blade 14 (1060 edition). Not as I finished school, I have to be very portable and I would like to keep my hobbies available everywhere (gaming).
  4. I wish, brand new SSD from someone and it cost half price from other in the same size. hopefully one day do a raid zero of this and another one. I can buy for 25$ more a used SSD by Plextor PX512M3P . what do you think? @TheGamingBarrel
  5. OK thank you very much, what do you think about the build so far? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ftpsgs
  6. I agree with you but I buying those used, and the 970 will fit perfectly but there is no options to buy 970 used yet in my country. There is a plenty of options to buy 780 used here. P.S I doing a scrapyard wars with my self
  7. Hello! I want to buy Gigabyte GTX 780 OC and a i7-4790k. I currntly has OCZ 550W fatal1ty power supply. I want to know if it will be enough or I need to buy a new PSU? I will keep everything on stock. P.S I'm doing kind of scarpyard war, so what do you think about this build this far: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ftpsgs ? Thanks, Tamir
  8. Vessel Username: tamircj Videos (I just started so it's only yours videos): https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamircj/status/580350992656441344 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tamir.zimerman.1/posts/323624467846944
  9. Linus, I have watched your videos for over 4 years. It will sound maybe a bit strange but thank to you my English became excellent, actually i didn't speak a word before I started watching your videos.. I remember I didn't know what is the subscribe button so everyday I would go to your channel (on my bookmark of course) and watching your new videos. one of my favorite videos I remember was the gtx 590 surround projector setup. Mazal-Tov on your new girl! I am a big fan! I hope I will meet you one day. Thank you very much! Tamir
  10. Xperia Z2: The design with the waterproofness dbrand: they sponsored a lot of giveaway!