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  1. Alright then i would search in local markets as well as 2400 and 3000 mhz ram prices are same in online. Thanks~
  2. So there is no point in buying 3000 mhz one and i should go for 2400 mhz one?
  3. Well then i will be buying 3000 mhz one Thanks~
  4. The difference in money is just 1 or 2 dollars and i see, thanks~
  5. So should i buy 3000 mhz as 2666 is still higher than 2400 mhz. Will it cause any strain in motherboard or something like that?
  6. 2666 is still more than 2400 Will there be any problem if i use that 3000 mhz one?
  7. So recently the ram prices here and quite low and 2400 mhz and 3000 mhz ram are almost of same prize. Ram is corsair vengeance 8gb ddr4 2400/3000 mhz I am using the b360m ds3h motherboard and i read somewhere that in b360 board the maximum clock speed can be 2666 mhz for ram but the ram are quite cheap and i want to buy one so should i go for 3000 mhz or default 2400 mhz
  8. Vikkun

    Zip and rar files getting corrupted

    Actually i am not using any antivirus, only windows defender and that defender is closing itself the moment i open it.
  9. So whenever I am opening any compressed files they are getting corrupted. For example opening a game setup file but the setup couldn't be completed because of corrupted files but when i am using that same file on my laptop its working fine. When i am installing any stuff from pendrive it is also working fine but when i am copying compressed files into my HDD and after i open them and run any setup I get that "corrupted files error" What might be the reason behind it?
  10. Vikkun

    Clean install or not

    I did and it seems like ram is at fault there
  11. Vikkun

    Memtest errors and cpu

    Ok i will try one core too, i was getting bsod's often so used memtest, it stopped itself after 10,000+ errors
  12. So after doing the memtest I found these errors on the midway Are these errors all related to ram or cpu too as it says cpu 0,1,2,3 I am using one 8gb ram only My cpu is i5 8400 as you can see in the pic but those l1 ,l2 and l3 cache organisation seems a bit doubtful,are they ok?