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  1. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    Sadly not, still the same issues
  2. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    nope, rufus gives an error that it cannot format because of unknown reasons Nope, still nothing but i noticed CMD says that there is no free space on the drive, but when i delete it it return back normal with the windows install
  3. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    will try it out buddy, also when i run rufus i got this interesting error message nope, since in widnows disk manager when i try to convert it to a dynamic disk it just dispears and says that i need to open the disk manager again
  4. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    Juat tried that didnt work got an error
  5. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    Low-format gives me Format errors, then just closes will do
  6. malaeckov

    Cannot erase data from USB

    I am having some problems with my 32gb usb 3.0 device(Lexar), i wanted to burn windows 10 on it using Rufus, but in the process my PC shut down. Now i cannot do anything with the USB, cannot format(tried windows format and using the CMD method to delete the drive but to no avail), if i delete something from it it comes right back, trying to delete a folder causes the device to freeze up. Also the usb doesnt give out how much GB it has used/in total until i change its name then it displays, but again i cannot delete anything. Is there any hope for this usb?