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  1. It is getting liquid directly from the res, if you watch the video you can see the liquid inside it. I took the pump apart when i got it and checked everything, it looked good.
  2. Yes the res outlet goes into the d5 inlet. This only happens when the pump speed ramps up. But when i left the back leg of the case up (where the pump is mounted) a lot of the noise stops, or quiets down.
  3. So when i was filling my loop it was silent, when it runs up rpm it gets loud like this... no idea what is going on.
  4. this is the video i took for my pump.
  5. Tried to cycle the power to the pump as well as Bykski support said there could be air bubbles in the pump but i do not see any bubbles now in that direction. Once i put the intake to the res on the bottom i have not seen any issues with air bubbles like that. Could it be just because its running at max speed from the molex power?
  6. So i changed it and saw air bubbles come into the res. Seems like its working but pump still sounds a little too loud. Starts off quiet but then it just vibrates a lot and sounds loud. I do not have any pwm going as i am just trying to get the loop together before i set the rest up. Any ideas?
  7. Im not trying to have this kind of problem, so im probably just gonna drain the loop enough to rearrange the order and get it right this time. I just hope it looks good still
  8. So do most people have the inlet on the bottom with the outlet?
  9. Do you think the best option is to move inlet to res to the bottom and leave outlet to pump and drain the way it is right now?
  10. What would be the cause of that though? So what do you think i should do? Add the inlet to the bottom and keep outlet and drain where it is?
  11. Im worried that the outlet to the pump might cause a cyclone effect, or pull air bubbles down with how the tube is. Is that possible? The inlet to the reservoir runs down the side of the res it does not splash inside from what i see. So im really wondering if i should change my drain port to be the bottom middle and my outlet to the pump be where my drain port is currently
  12. If i keep the way i have it right now it will continue to burp out air? How would i fix that? I could keep the outlet to the pump the same and put inlet to the reservoir down there. Since it has that tube on it the water being put into the res will not immediately be going into the pump. so what would you honestly suggest i do to make it better?
  13. So i should have my inlet and outlet on the bottom two ports? Let me post a picture of the reservoir i have. on the middle ports at the top and bottom i have these tubes that go down. But i have this rgb strip that goes into the top one so I can put the strip down. So then the one at the bottom i was going to use for the outlet to the pump, so i thought id use the one above that as an outlet for my drain valve. I guess if i drain it out enough so i can rearrange my ports it would be better. But honestly i like the way it looks right now. Just not sure its correct.
  14. Was hoping to stop by a store and get one after work. Well i can get a normal squeeze bottle and attach it to some tubing and use the tubing to fill instead i guess. Im just really trying to figure this all out so i can move on with cables and stuff. Didnt think id be running into these problems haha
  15. Do you know any stores in the US that sell filling bottles? I think i would have to take a video to show you what happens instead of try to explain it lol im having a hard time trying to explain it right
  16. Im thinking when the water in the res goes down when i turn it on i might be sucking some more air and bringing it into the loop. Thats why i was thinking adding more to it when it starts draining would possibly force the air bubbles to move along the loop instead of getting stuck. When i see the res drain, i see a lot of tiny air bubbles in the res until the water starts flowing in through the inlet
  17. Ive been reading that the way i have my inlet and outlet on my reservoir is wrong? Do i need to have my inlet and outlet on the bottom of the reservoir? and i know its a huge air pocket that is stuck. Im going to get one of those bent tube plastic fill bottles tomorrow so when it starts going down i can add more liquid to the reservoir.
  18. Yea i was just thinking maybe putting some foam between the bottom of the pump and the mounting holes on the legs might help some? Also i notice when i turn my pump off and everything settles all the liquid fills the res. But when i turn it back on the liquid level drops significantly for a little while and then rises up again. When it drops should i quickly add more liquid to the loop to try and force the air bubbles out?
  19. I mean this area back here. Or maybe its not tightened enough? Or should i be using a longer thicker material?
  20. So there is space between the actual pump and the mount for the pump top. Should i put foam between that space to limit vibrations too?
  21. Vibrates a little less, maybe i need to put foam surrounding it so it can dissipate less? They gave me this really tiny square.
  22. Ahhh i found some sticky foam that came with the pump, didnt think it was for mounting. Gonna try that out
  23. Do you have any examples to show me? So i have a reference on what to do? Thank you for all your help!!!
  24. What i notice is when i lift the case leg off the table the vibrations are very noticeably less, like i cant hear it. So im thinking with proper insulation for the mounting area, it should improve sound
  25. I was just looking to insulate the area between the pump mount, and the case. So that it lessens vibrations to the case. Idk how i would go about wrapping the pump.