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  1. So my distro plates back screws had some more in them to turn. I'm testing each cavity of the plate now for 15min to see how the seal is. I tested CPU block and it's sealed fine. Gpu block is good. I had two tubes that could be a little longer so I went ahead and made a little longer tubes. Hopefully it's figured out now, but only time will tell
  2. I think I'm going to take my new CPU block and distro plate off and make sure the screws are tight enough. Because I know all my fitting are tight and there is a solid connection between tubes and fittings. Like they won't budge at all.
  3. Well but shouldn't a loop be airtight? So shouldn't this still have a purpose? What kind of pressure for a loop get anyways? But how is it pointless if I'm not using ek products? Don't all do the same thing?
  4. Anyone got any advice please? I'm lost with this now..
  5. Tubes are supposed to be a tight fit right? I figured a tight fit was better than loose.
  6. What would wetting the o-rings do?
  7. The same thing happens with 0,75. It's so minor you wouldn't notice it if you weren't paying attention. I'll try to wet the oring when I get off work and see what happens. Only other thing I can think of is a tube is not long enough or making good enough contact. Wish I knew where the minor leak was coming from... I could fix it then.
  8. All the tubes fit very snugly in the fittings. They are all tightened down to the point it won't go any more. I make sure that they were exact size needed by trial and error. They are all level, so it's just really confusing.
  9. From what I can tell it's a very very very gradual drop. Like happens after 3-4 hours of testing. It's so small you wouldn't really notice it if I didn't take pictures of it. I'm probably going to have to take it all apart and make sure my tubes are sanded and making good contact again. And make sure my distro plate is sealed completely and my CPU block. But that's why I was thinking of water. To get the exact location of the leak.
  10. I have been leak testing in segments as well. Block a certain Part of distro plate off and test. Idk if it could be improper contact of fittings though I have reseated them a couple times.
  11. So for the past day I have been trying to figure out where the point of failure in my loop is. I am using ek leak tester and it shows I have a very minor pressure drop. When I test the specific areas of the distro plate there is no pressure drop, once I put the tubes in is when it drops. I'm talking like a mm drop from .5 bar to .45 bar. I have no idea where the point of failure is. Should I add water to the loop and see where it leaks out from?
  12. Well I had a solid white fluid from before, didn't really wanna take apart the gpu block as it's a pain with the small screws. So I thought there was a way to clean it with fluid and then drain and refill with coolant.
  13. So what is the best way to clean out a new loop, and drain it. As you can see in the picture I do have a drain port to my pc. I was going to run a combination of distilled water and vinegar in it, based on suggestion from person at microcenter. On thng that I'm wondering is if there is an easy way to drain the whole loop afterwards. Because I'm pretty sure if I just opened the drain only a little bit of the loop would come out but the fluid stuck inside radiator and blocks would stay.
  14. Some of the bends on this build were horrible and needed to use angle fittings for the better contact.
  15. I got it figured out, one of my bends was making bad contact so I went and got a 90 and now it's working. Waiting to see if it leaks now.
  16. Hmm I forgot about that because I had a plug In it but I'll fix that and try again
  17. Maybe one of my tube connections is bad and causing it to not fill with air?
  18. So I have been trying to leak test with air on my first hard line build. I have a distro plate for cougar conquer, 1 slim 360 and a slim 240, CPU block and gpu block. I have been pumping for God knows how long and the gauge hasn't moved at all. Does it take forever to fill up with air? Is my loop too big to do it fast?
  19. So I decided on getting a C7H and I want to use m.2 drives for storage. If I understand this correctly the top m.2 slot uses part of the PCIE x16 slots bandwidth and forces it at x8. I see there is this pcie expansion card that allows two m.2 drives to be Installed. Would it be better to put an m.2 in the bottom slot and use one of the PCIE x4 slots that doesn't take gpu bandwidth away. Is there a huge difference between x8 and x16?
  20. Got any examples? That's also why I was looking at like a crosshair vii hero. But I heard 3600 ram speed was a hit or miss with them.
  21. More for like peace of mind because if I mess settings up with overclocking. I was originally looking at the TUF board but IDK about it.
  22. Well I want to be able to get a decent all core overclock on the chip. Good power delivery. BIOS flash button. Good memory support to hit 3600 MHz with decent timing. Wifi as well. Looking in the lower 200's range. As well as Argb for my water-cooling supplies.
  23. Well I see some able to do it but some say xmp profiles for the ram speed of the crosshair vii are weird. Honestly don't think I would need pcie gen 4, although wifi 6 does sound nice. I'm just so torn, I love Asus boards (used them all my life). But want a board with a little extra features. Without spending like $300 on a board. Is there anything that an x470 board won't be able to do besides pcie gen 4 when it comes to zen 2?
  24. Well I just heard of problems getting 3600mhZ ram working on it. Was gonna get 16g 3600 trident z neo. But if I can't run at that speed why get the board you know?