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  1. Yep, and adaptive sync is enabled.
  2. It's minor fps drops, like 2-5fps but feels really laggy. I'm using a 1440p 144hz monitor over DP. I don't know if there's a cable difference between DP 1.4 or 1.2. I monitor with afterburner but I have tried with Radeon monitoring too. Fps stays average over 120 tho. Also I heard on these x570 certain memory timings are difficult and slightly unstable. Could that cause stuff like this?
  3. Thanks, sorry about that! Wasn't sure where to put.
  4. So when I play games that I have high fps in I get weird stuttering at times. I have a Radeon VII, and a ryzen 3800x. 16gb 3600 cl16 with fabric to 1800. I'm running on nvme drives. The games are like path of exile, grim dawn, lost ark ru. I don't have stutters from what I can tell in games such as The Outer World. Let me know if you need more information.
  5. Well I left CPU at stock, I was gonna lower voltage some but left it alone. I guess I can run RAM at stock since that's all I changed
  6. It's all clean install. But this happens on desktop as well.so confused about what's happening
  7. So I recently just finished my build. Ryzen 3800x Asus rog strix x570-e Trident z neo cl16 3600 16gb Radeon vii Two nvme ssds It's water-cooled It seems games just appear choppy at time, CPU load isn't high nor temperatures. Gpu is usually at 99% and overclocked to 1950/1200. Ram is at DOCP settings. Also sometimes I get q codes for ram issues. I did tests and it passed them for memory testing. Should I raise voltage or something? All drivers are up to date as well. New BIOS version.
  8. So I'm having these different qcodes come up when I boot and restart. Like instead of AA, I get 40 or 30. Are these bad? I've been having problems with memory on this board like other people. I just upped the SOC voltage and it seems to be fine now.
  9. There are still some bubbles but i got 99% taken care of. The build looks amazing now!
  10. Yes, I cleaned my gpu block but rinsed thoroughly with distilled water. Other than that, the tubes that I bent used Dawn as lubricant. But after every bend I washed the tubes once they were correct length.
  11. I've had tiny bubbles before, but that was with a res not a distro. I'm wondering if my pump is just too strong?
  12. It looks like a lot of bubbles showed up in my loop. I've never had so many before but idk why it's happening? Is this normal for distro plate loops? Its in all the tubes and blocks.
  13. So I have been leak testing at 0,75 bar. Not a single movement of the dial. Looks like there was a loose screw on a block somewhere.
  14. I always considered that like margin of error. Like something moved or idk lol
  15. That's what I've been hearing. I'm doing one last test after work. I did it yesterday after I tightened every single screw in all my blocks. Didn't see any drop after 3 hours. Gonna test again for an hour or two, then fill it up and hope for the best I guess. But if there is a drop it's like .25 - .5 of a strip drop
  16. I mean none of my tubes are really crazy bends. It's all just 90's and straight lines. But I'm like 99% sure that all my runs have great contact with the fittings and o-rings.
  17. Well, I have officially tightened every screw on every block. Doing one last leak test, and then I guess I'll have to put liquid in to know more if it fails
  18. So if after like 4 hours I have like a .75 strip drop in pressure. Could this be a margin of error thing? Or should I investigate some more? The only other component I haven't checked is my CPU blocks screws. Maybe there is still some more that needs to be tightened with the screws. But everything else is as tight as it's gonna be. All the fittings and tubes are perfect fits. I guess once I take off the CPU block the only thing I can do left is to run liquid through it and see what happens.
  19. Yea all my builds with soft tubing ive never leak tested. I feel it's almost impossible to leak with soft and compression fittings.
  20. I can power the pump separately no problem. Just when I see I have air pressure leaks, makes me nervous to put fluid in. Did you do hard line cooling or soft?
  21. This bend was hard to figure out for my first time..
  22. Man it took me a while to find this out. One if my tight tubes was a little too short, wasn't fully making contact. I had to unscrew the distroplate and turn it in order to get the tube in the fitting. Whew, currently leak testing this part. So far everything has been leak free.
  23. Yea I just tighten everything until it won't anymore. Im not gonna force any with that because I don't want microfractures
  24. Right now I'm testing each cavity of my distroplate individually. The screws on the back had another turn or so in them. So I'm wondering if that was causing bad contact? Also I got two tubes, I made them a tiny bit longer.