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  1. So I got an msi optix mag24c, I have freesync enabled. My desktop is 144hz, when I play games in fullscreen my game only gets to around 75-77hz at max. If I play with freesync off I get the full 144hz. Why is this?
  2. I was able to solve this issue by updating my driver to latest, setting my tv to 75hz, and restarting after driver update. Idk why this solved the issue but it is no longer occurring
  3. Thank you for a detailed response on what I could do to try and fix this. I am still confused because my Ryzen 1700x is not an APU, why would I need that driver? Is there some kind of APU built into the mobo I will be using?
  4. Well this is at 1280 x 760 i think. Maybe 59hz? Maybe I could do DP to Hdmi adapter? Would that make any difference?
  5. Ok when i am able to do that I will let you know how it goes. But other than drivers could it be because the difference in pixel ration is so different it is causing problems?
  6. I see they have a new driver released should I try that first? How would I roll back to an older driver?
  7. I am using the latest driver software for my rx580 8gb. Should I try to reinstall the driver? And they way I set the display 144hz was I went into display setting and click on the more options for monitor and then I changed the display from 60hz to 144hz and clicked apply. Was this not the right way to do it?
  8. I do not have an APU though, I have a Ryzen 7 1700x 3.4ghz. That's not an APU right?
  9. Yes I went into the display settings for the monitor and i put it to 144hz. Could it be because it's a 44in tv, and it's only able to run at 1280 x 760, maybe 59hz??
  10. i was playing PoE last night while watching Netflix on my 44in TV. Every few moments I would be moving and it would freeze for like a second and then start up but everything felt like slow motion. Then it would go back to being smooth and then it would happen again.
  11. I don't have the Vega graphics in my processor, no onboard graphics.
  12. Maybe it's freesync? Or the response time I set to extreme on the monitor? It's the MSI Optix MAG24C. I read a Reddit post with saying they had fixes for it in Win7 but nothing for Win10
  13. so is there no way to get a second display that will not affect my 144hz monitor?
  14. Is that even available for my motherboard? If so how do I enable it?
  15. My specs are ryzen 7 1700x asus prime x370-pro msi gaming x rx580 8gb 16g 3000mhz ram 144hz msi optix and a 44in tv/27in widescreen monitor i want my 144hz as my main display, but when I have a 60hz display on the gpu it seems like it drastically slows down every few second and then comes back to being normal. I heard someone say that I can have my secondary display run off mobo graphics. How would I do this? Just plug the hdmi into my io on my mobo?
  16. Can anyone help explain what he might mean? Or help me in general?
  17. It would be a funny gift to give to a friend ??
  18. What do you mean using the onboard?
  19. To be clear about what happens, occasionally when I'm playing a game or just on my desktop. It freezes for a split second and then it moves again but it seems like it's slow motion. Then it goes back to normal. Could it be something to do with having multiple displays at different hz?
  20. The main display is my 144hz by DisplayPort, my 60hz Asus is by hdmi and my 44in tv is by hdmi. MSI gaming x RX580 8gb, it's a Radeon card.
  21. My system specs are R7 1700x 16g 3000mhz ram rx 580 8gb asus prime x370-pro 850watt psu 1tb HDD and 500g M.2 corsair H60 aio CPU cooler i am using DisplayPort for the 144 hz monitor and freesync is turned on. HDMI ports are used for the other displays. Only one other display is connected at a time. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
  22. Hi there so I recently got an MSI optix mag24c 144hz monitor. When I have it at 144hz i get these weird moments when the display freezes and the continues really slowly and then goes back to normal. I am running it with an extra monitor/tv (i switch between them). These other displays are running at 60/59hz respectively. Any idea what is going on or how to fix this. If I put my main display back to 60hz it is fine.
  23. I am just curious, how could the rgb header be causing this when it ends up starting just fine. I do know when I turn my pc off for the night or when I go to work i also flip the power switch in the back and press the button a couple times to get all the power out. When I turn it on I just flip the switch and push the button. Could that do anything?
  24. Stock bios version. I will try that when I am off work but I don't see why it would cause this from the rgb header Also to be clear on what happens, I press power button and everything turns on. Then like a second later it shuts off, and then turns back on and boots normally.