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  1. I'm running two nvme ssds for my drives. I really doubt it's the drives lol. Hopefully amd post on their site.
  2. What does this utility do? Because I've tried cpuz and looking at things but everything appears normal no matter what. I thought it was just the reporting software messing up but you can feel it's sluggish in anything you do. But a restart brings it back to normal.
  3. It stays at that frequency no matter what. I first realized it when I was running heaven and getting like 1/3 of my normal fps. The clock is fixed at that speed for some reason. When I restart my fps goes back to normal with the clock speed change. I thought it was fixed with the new BIOS update but it wasn't. I even tried reseating the CPU but it didn't change anything. It doesn't seem to be a board issue because it happens very rarely but I'm just lost as to why it happen on my zen2 based system but not on my 1700x system.
  4. It happens rarely, Everytime it happens I go into BIOS on the next startup and everything looks normal. I'm in high performance profile in windows as well.
  5. So I have a ryzen 3800x and an Asus strix-e x570 mobo. Sometimes on a boot up my CPU is stuck at like 1.5-1.6ghz and after a reboot the processor is running normal stock settings and boosting up to 4.4-4.5ghz. I am on latest Asus bios (1407) and CPU is not overclocked. I also have the DOCP settings up for my ram set at 3600mhz. I have no clue why it does this and haven't been able to find anything out online. If you need anymore data please let me know.
  6. Is there a certain kind of sleeve that I would need to get?
  7. I am wanting to do individual sleeving on my cables but have no idea where to source the materials from. I've looked on Amazon but don't really know what kind of sleeving I need to find for the PSU cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. My ddc I have now is a Bykski ddc, not sure what style impeller it uses.
  9. So I need to find out if my stock ddc uses a Liang style too, right?
  10. Hey so I'm trying to find a better pump for my distribution plate for my case. It uses a ddc pump mounted directly to the plate. I was hoping to change the stock one I have over to an ekwb 3.2 elite. I know the mounting holes for the screws are the same, 50x50. From what I can gather the size of the pumps looks to be generally the same as well. But are there height differences with the impellers? I know my d5 has one that sticks out and ddc is more inside the pump. But idk if it will fit on there well, and Bykski doesn't really seem to keen on helping. Is my only option going to be to order it to try it out?
  11. Yea I know this, just makes me scratch my head because the same brand pump I had before was silent at the same percentage speed.
  12. Did you hear the video, that sound is annoying and it's like that at 50% speed
  13. Is there a way I can get rid of the little bubbles that the pump is sucking in and possibly stuck on the impeller?
  14. Any idea why my old pump was silent but this one isn't? On another note my old one was 10w while this one says 15w.
  15. I find it weird that my "faulty" pump made no noise at around the same speed. But when it was at full load it was noisy as hell.
  16. Yea I know ddc is louder than D5. It could very well be that it's cause it's an open air case. This is a new pump, was not run dry at all. My last one if I put it at like 55% it was silent. So not too sure whats going on.
  17. Well I got a replacement pump sent to me. The old one if I put it to 55% was silent. This one is always producing some form of a hum. The loop was just refilled yesterday but wasn't running much until now. That's why I'm wondering if it might be just some trapped air bubbles. Or maybe I just have the pump mounted too tightly? It's on a distroplate. This is a video of how it sounds. VID_20200308_202402.mp4
  18. Is a humming sound normal with ddc pumps? Or could it be air bubbles inside. I see that my distro block has air bubbles that are stuck in the main chamber right before the pump.
  19. Used the same graphite pad as the 5700xt. But yes there is a possible micro surface difference with the HBM2 stacks
  20. Used the same graphite pad as the 5700xt. But yes there is a possible micro surface difference with the HBM2 stacks
  21. Does anyone have a link or know what this washer mod entails. I'm hoping to get some better cooling with my waterblock but I know the contact is not really too good.
  22. I'll try it out later on and see what happens.
  23. I thought AMD wants freesync active with V-Sync on as well. Could it be that my monitor is expecting a DP1.4 connection instead of the 1.2 cable?
  24. V-Sync should be turned off when freesync is enabled?