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  1. Shoulda came up with a better title lmao
  2. Well i noticed that my pump has been working harder when i looked and saw this. Not too sure as the computer was idling when on because of school work. Idk how this happened, maybe it was the kind of angle i had it at?
  3. So i was wondering what could cause a kink in a custom loop. I just noticed that my flow had been restricted some (thankfully didnt play any games because of school) and i have since moved it a bit and sorted the kink out. I will of course drain the loop to clean it anyways as its been close to a year now and needs to be cleaned out. But i just cant figure out why it would suddenly kink when there wasnt anything wrong before. This picture is after i moved it, but the kink was serious. Im worried something could have happened to my pump. Ive also checked for possible leaks in all places but nothing.
  4. Yea it just doesnt give me that option for my w-pump header. It allows me to see the rpm though
  5. I have asus prime x370-pro mobo. I could get a splitter for my other fan header. I just thought my pump had to go into w-pump header
  6. I can control my cpu fan and chassis fan. I got my pump plugged into the w-pump header. Figured it would be pwm control for it
  7. I was also curious how to have pwm enabled on my pump. I have the 4pin put in, but also the 12v molex cable. I cant access pwm controls. Do i need to just have the pwm cable and not the molex?
  8. Is EVA foam or Cork better for anti vibrations?
  9. How would you suggest isolating the vibrations from the pump without making it heat up?
  10. It seems like the conquer really allows vibrations everywhere lol. How would you suggest stopping them?
  11. You think im hearing it more because its complete open case? I guess i never took that into consideration. How would you handle the vibrations though? I got these foam pads that came with it, not really helping much.
  12. I love my cougar conquer case, just because you dont like it doesnt mean someone else wont.
  13. The vibrations are still there but i heard thats normal for a D5 pump right? It sounds kind of similar to the old pump, but it just does not have that kind of grindy sound to it. ughh man those vibrations are killer when your on the same desk as it... any advice? The sound doesnt really start until it starts moving a good amount of water at high speed. Idk i guess i was under the impression that there would be zero sound with this. When i was filling i made sure there was fluid inside the pump head completely and moved it around so it was everywhere. Did not want to run it dry.
  14. Also i looked at bad D5 pump, cant see anything that would be defective with it
  15. So i replaced the pump, still hear something. Maybe its bubbles but its nowhere near as bad Here is old pump for reference