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  1. BecauseICanTBH

    Anyone remember the video about the instant HDMI switcher hub?

    Nevermind, I found it. KVM switch is what I was looking for.
  2. Awhile back LTT did a video about an HDMI I/O hub that could switch the sources without the re-synchronization delay. Does anyone remember the video and/or what it was called? Link me if you can.
  3. This is kind of an unusual use for bluetooth headsets, but my SO and I both have QC35 bluetooth headsets and would like some way to connect them directly to each other when nearby (~10 ft), to basically have a phone conversation - but without the cellular network latency. Any ideas of where to start on this?
  4. Do they have different extensions? No extensions? Is there a way to look at a large list of files (500,000+) and use any sort of "sort by" option in standard Windows Explorer to be able to determine whether a ransomware attack has begun encrypting stuff or has taken place to any extent? I ask this because the obvious way to prevent a ransomware attack is to have offline backups. But you wouldn't want to sync-up-to-date your offline backup if some of your online stuff had been compromised and you didn't realize it yet.
  5. Smart! I gave it away to HXRT900 and I think he was able to successfully redeem it.
  6. True, you can try it. I'll PM you.
  7. Sorry but I don't think you'd be able to redeem it. It requires one of their new cards.
  8. What's your graphics card?
  9. I have no idea how they do it, that's why I don't really know if it would even work for someone else or not. Guess we'll see.
  10. I don't think your card will work. It's too old. It's just one code and it works for all 3 games. If nobody else wants it in a day or so, I'll give it to you. And yeah I know, it sounds like too much of a hassle to give a fuck
  11. My post literally says that.
  12. I just bought a Radeon VII on Newegg a couple days ago and it came with a free code to 3 games. I don't game. I have no idea if you'll even be able to redeem it, but it's worth a shot. The email says you need an "RX Vega, RX 590 or Radeon powered PC" to redeem it. It's for these games: Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Please post proof of your GPU.
  13. BecauseICanTBH

    Radeon VII - Unexpectedly low frame rate in GTA V

    I did a CMOS reset and a fresh installation of Windows. VSync didn't seem to make much of a difference, but MSAA made a pretty huge difference. Turning MSAA from x8 to x4 bumped my frame rate from 40s to 80s. Turning it off brought me over 100. These are my new AMD and game settings, and with this I'm sitting at about 160 fps. Very cool. Thanks a bunch guys.
  14. BecauseICanTBH

    Radeon VII - Unexpectedly low frame rate in GTA V

    I used the extreme preset with nothing running in the background, and got these results. Does that look normal?
  15. BecauseICanTBH

    Radeon VII - Unexpectedly low frame rate in GTA V

    I reset all of the AMD settings, and it seems all that changed was that the frame rate is now more like 20-25. I'm going to run some benchmarks now