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  1. As i said earlier, brain stores all your information
  2. Not like that tho! Brains support up to 2,5peta bytes that are 2,5millions of GB so... like hard disk brains support like.... 5 million hours of Spongebob..
  3. Ok. I know, i’m stupid. BUT THIS QUESTION F**KED ME UP ALL NIGHT THINKING! I know that brains work like a HARD DISK... corrent? then... if brains had usb support... wouldn’t it be possible to transfer stuff to brain? For me, sound cool! Cuz Histoy is Hard for me. please, no hate, but i have so many questions! Are we just operating systems? Can we run windows? Can we run MAC OS? Android? Ios? Linux? Free DOS? Can our pc run... “brain.exe”? Can we connect brain at pc as an actual hard drive?
  4. So it’s an Windows XP Profesional thing... i don’t know the motherboard but you can look at the bios and tell me what to format usb in? And also, i’ll make a video for you to see how is it going! So can you help me?
  5. And if i click Safe Mode it will say a bunch of crap text i dont understand... HELP ME
  6. Edit! I ejected the usb and it will just say -Run windows normally, but after that it jumps to the black screens
  7. I don’t know if i’m in the right place, but i bought a PC and they trolled me, it was a windows xp, but it has my graphics card, RAM, CPU, i have bought. But it won’t boot from UBS WINDOWS 10 bootable usb! The settings: it will just say something on a black screen like Nvidia corp, it will go black screen and, it will repeat that over and over. Please help me, i bought this for my dads birthday and its just 2 more days guys please! I believe in you!