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    AMD Ryzen 2700x
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    Asus Crosshair VI Wi-Fi
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    32 GB Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200
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    EVGA 1080Ti SC2
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    Fractal Define C
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    500 GB Samsung 960 EVO
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    EVGA 1600G2
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    CoolerMaster ML240L
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    Logitech K350
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    Logitech G930
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    Windows 10

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  1. Isn't that just a vendor match? I've had no issues force flashing other ROMs over these cards. I had to do a similar force flag to flash this 14CU 560 up to a 16CU image (896->1024)
  2. What ISP package do you have? It depends what the actual issue is. If your problem is wifi contention, another AP would help. If your problem is ISP contention, then upgrading the ISP package would help. If your problem is foreign interference as you're adding devices to the 2.4G band, migrate to the 5G band or change channels. You have to do a bit of additional investigating, unless you have enough disposable income to upgrade everything.
  3. That was over 12 years ago lol. Prices for Pascal have come down a lot, 1070Ti/1080 deals pop up all the time, at least in 'murica. Not sure about Euroland.
  4. Wifi <-> Wifi transfers on the same channel/AP tank performance pretty hard, each packet causes the other host and AP to randomly back off. You can analyze further by doing wired <-> wifi transfers to see what sort of baseline performance you're actually getting. Wired transfers being limited to 100 mbit tells me either a 10/100 NIC, 10/100 router/switch, or a cabling problem where gigabit generates too many errors so it negotiates downward.
  5. What nas and drives do you have?
  6. What are you going to use to share the HDD? Samba/Windows Share? I'd use iSCSI or something. What HDD is it? Most of them don't xfer much faster than gigabit (~125 MB/sec) but you would benefit from contents cached in server RAM.
  7. Please explain how a consumer would create ISP level routing loops when they aren't participating in a dynamic routing protocol.
  8. As per others, additional bandwidth won't magically help your ping. It will help if you're having spikes due to bandwidth contention, but from a baseline perspective they will perform exactly the same in League. You may be able to have them switch your plan from Interleaved to Fast Path, but it's generally an enormous struggle arguing with support to save 15-25ms. It took me like five weeks to get Verizon to do that for me back in the day
  9. That would be my approach as well. Plus OP you are using the cheapest wireless adapters ( TL-WN781ND ) you could find which also compounds your issue.
  10. How far apart? What are your options for connecting them? Realistically you'd have a transit interface/subnet on your router that has a link to their router, and a route pointing their LAN subnet over whatever local link you hooked up between them. That's probably the laziest conceivable response.
  11. Yeah you'll be fine doing that, there isn't any sort of Mac binding for a specific ap/router on your client.
  12. Don't accept this level of service as 'okay'. What model of the sky hub do you have? Single band? Any new wireless devices around like a camera or baby monitor? Do you have a lot of neighbors with wifi? I'd assume interference.
  13. Not really, they historically lag behind the industry with hardware. Software is what they are known for. Mikrotik is cool and all but most of these type of posts are a result of being inexperienced.
  14. Ummm.. But yeah whoever told you that about 'slowing down' is misinformed, as per Lurick you'll have the same amount of bandwidth up to the 100 meter specification.