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  1. I did that but every time they say the same thing, we tested your card (using benchmark) and it is working fine. I noted down the serial number. But replacement card won't come in company packaging or with any seal by company to show its a replacement? Do they just send any card? Isn't it supposed to be new or something?
  2. Oh dude!! You are the best. You are absolutely right. Its vram. Benchmark software is hardly using 300MB Whereas game crashes after hitting 1500MB VRAM.
  3. Thank You for your response. Really appreciate. Will try to get in touch with store and see if they help. Is there any software to test vram? I would like to check before I tell those peasants working at a service center.
  4. Yes, I told them multiple times. I sent my card twice for RMA. They always return it by saying that they ran benchmark test and everything is alright. Service centers of this particular company are really bad. While talking with one of the guy at service center I felt as if I am talking with someone with no knowledge of tech or graphics card.
  5. Hi, I have approximately 2.5 years old PC build and I am using a 980ti in my PC. Everything was working great so far but from last 2 months I am facing issue with my graphics card. My PC crashes as soon as I play any graphic intensive game. I tried using a different graphics card (980ti installed on my other PC) on my this PC and games worked without any problem. I used faulty graphics card on other PC, and I faced same crashing issue. This clearly shows that graphics card is not working properly. I ran a few benchmark tests using furmark and my faulty card didn't crash but when I play any game, my PC crashes (I see a blank screen and to use PC again, I must forcefully shutdown the PC). I submitted my card for RMA and service center returned it without fixing it. I contacted service center to ask if they repaired the card and they said that they ran benchmark tests using furmark and card didn't replicate the mentioned issue. As mentioned previously, even I do not face issues while running benchmark tests using furmark. They are saying card is perfect if it doesn't crash while testing using furmark. Basically, I am now stuck with a graphic card which can only perform in benchmark tests. So, my question is, can a company use your software to prove if a card is faulty or not? These service guys do not have any tech knowledge at all and they just keep saying that they did benchmark test and card is alright. So, can a company make such a statement based of benchmark tests done using furmark? I am going to send them a legal notice and your response would really help. Thanks!
  6. I did. I have 2 980ti's. I didn't face the issue with other 980ti. I used faulty 980ti in a different PC and I faced exact same crashing issue. That's why I am pretty sure that GPU is faulty.
  7. No, its not overclocked. I sometimes get white and sometimes get black screen. I tested it on a different PC (exact same specs as mine) and I faced same issue. Don't think its because of ram.
  8. They might not be lying. Even I did some stress tests and it didn't crash but it crashes as soon as I play graphic intense games. I don't think they will try to test it by playing games and I am now stuck with a graphic card which can only perform in stress tests. Temp is usually 60-75 degrees.
  9. My PC Specs: Processor: i7 6700K Skylake Liquid Cooler: H100i GTX Extreme Cooler Motherboard: Maximus VIII Hero Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB Kit SSD: Corsair ForceLE 480GB Power Supply: Corsair CS750M Issue: PC crashes while gaming and I get a blank screen. Nothing works until I hard reboot my PC. Its a 1.5 years old build. Everything was great so far but suddenly my PC started crashing when I play games. It takes 30-60 minutes to crash when I play CS:GO and 1-2 minutes when I play PUBG, GTA 5 or Fortnite. I have 2 PCs with exact same specs. So, I switched my graphic cards and now I have same issue on other PC. That means something is wrong with graphics card. I sent it for repair/replacement and they (Gigabyte) told me that they ran benchmarks and they can not see any issues. After getting the card back, I ran games and facing same crashing issue. Can someone tell what's wrong with PC/GPU? Would really appreciate your help!