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    BSOD after installing sound drivers

    Thank you, but problem still persists I would like some more ideas on how to correct this issue..
  2. Hey everyone. Around a month ago I received a new computer. It came pre-built. It was running well until I installed audio drivers from official motherboard's support page (Realtek HD Audio with Sonic Studio III) for better audio quality. It freezes and restarts while playing games and/or watching YouTube. Later, when turning computer on, it starts with black screen, nothing happens, even if waiting 30 minutes or more. I have to shut down computer manually and next time, when turning on, it gives BSOD Recovery. In message, it tells the file name which made the crash, it tells the error code (example - 0xc0000001) gives an option "Press Enter to try again". Once I press Enter, it gives different file name as an error reason. The crashed files are Windows System files from Windows folder and/or from System32 folder (example hdaudbus.sys). Once I re-install Windows, everything works fine until I install audio drivers again. I have an Asus Crosshair VI Hero x370 motherboard and sound quality is better with drivers installed than without them installed. How do I get these drivers to work? Is it faulty motherboard?