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  1. that the plugins im using but let me explain i heve two surces of internet one that give me shit ping but 5 mega upload that great to upload stream and one with great ping for game but less the 3 mega upload im trying to enjoy both world
  2. U kind of got it pc 1 have 2 network one for games and one for obs pc 2 have only for obs Just make is semple
  3. Hello I need help i have to difrent internet sources and i want to conncet them both to the same pc One will be for gaming and the other one to pass trow obs my stream to my secand pc that will upload the stream how do i do that useing lan cable (i have usb adapter for one more lan connection)
  4. weight dont care battry lifes dont care dsiplay a 17.3 or a 15.? just the best i can buy for 2k
  5. hello guys im looking for a good gaming pc for a fiar price i can aford one around 2k$ and i looking for the best one i can get soo help me find the best one for 2k$