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  1. yeah ive heard that there are some pretty good deals to be had there, however, im more so looking for just a phone by itself as i don't have mine put on a carrier yet
  2. Ok so heres the deal, i was wondering if someone on here would be willing to share any insane value used phone model to watch for on like, ebay for example. a friend told me about the great deals to be had on the moto z2 play/force and i managed to get an insane deal on one of those ($37 shipped for a z2 force in good condition) but then i had to go and screw up the screen and with how expensive the replacements are for that phone, im now looking for a new one. So i was just wondering if there were any other crazy good deals to be had on other phones that i should look out for as a replacement. any advice would be appreciated. P.S. im a frugal person and i don't really want to spend a lot on a new phone, so the cheaper the better
  3. the generation is indicated by the first number of the model number i.e. 2200g is second gen. and yes, it is compatable with that board
  4. Update: I have decided to just buy a snow leopard instal disk from apple. thank you everyone for all of your help!
  5. how much would that be though? the nearest apple store is like an hour away and i want to make sure it would be worth it befow i make the trip.
  6. so, i was recently given an old 2009 imac, the previous owner took out the hard drive so i installed a new one. but i don't have a copy of os x to put on it. so i was wondering if it would be possible to instal windows 10 instead? i have a usb with the windows installation media but when i try to use it, it goes to a windows recovery screen with error code 0xc00000f and restarts a few seconds later. now i have a imac and can't use it. any suggestions?
  7. everyone else seems to have forgotten to mention that you will need some new ddr4 ram as well
  8. what cpu are you running?
  9. 1. No I do not, I would prefer if it was a modem/router combo 2. I was thinking somewhere under $100 3. Yes I need wifi 4. No, I own my current router. its an old c1000a model
  10. So, I have reached the the point of finally needing to upgrade my home router. my current one just isn't reliable anymore and keeps dropping the connection. so basically I would like some help finding a replacement router as I know little about router comatability. the replacement needs to have the following: It needs to be DSL as thats what I have right now, It needs to be compatible with centurylink, and it needs to have a phone port on the back for a landline. I would like to spend as little as posible as thats just the type of person I am. P.S. If it helps, I currently have a 7 mega bit connection to the isp any help is appreciated.
  11. well at the moment im just shorting the pins to try and start it, however i did try using a working Fpanel connecter and the same thing happened, nothing.
  12. So I recently bought a bundle deal on craigs list and one of the items was a asrock taichi x370. the guy said that as far as he knew it worked, so i broght it home and when i went to test it i ran into some problems. so basicly, i pluged everything in and when i turn on the power supply, the lights flash once, and then nothing. no indicators, no lights, nothing. it acts like it doesn't have power and won't post or even turn on. I know its not the power supply or the ram or the cpu as I have tested them in other systems and found them working. any help is appreciated