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  1. I fixed it in the most ridiculous way possible, while the tv was on i kept plugging and unplugging the dvi-d and it recognized my second monitor and from there i configured everything. Btw before i fixed it i showed in the video my pc booting and it was really slow plus it was booting off a nvme drive so yee . I will select ur comment as the best solution because to be fair it would have fixed it if i were to try it your way. Thanks for your reply have a nice day
  2. I will try that, haven't dont it yet
  3. Trust me the first thing i did is plug in my tv and update my drivers lol, didnt fix it.
  4. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for hours trying to fix this i have a monitor that when plugged in to my gpu (RX 580 8GB) goes trough the bios boot process and gets to the windows logo and the little thing at the bottom spinning as if the system is booting up, when ever the logo stops spinning and the graphics driver gets initialized the screen goes black and loses signal and doesn’t come back on. On the other hand the tv thats connected to my hdmi port starts up perfectly with no issues, so on boot the graphics driver seems to dismiss my DVI-D port and just displays on hdmi you can see it in the video bellow. already tried DDU and it doesn’t work, in safe mode everything works fine so it seems that my graphics driver is screwed up hard. video: in the video it shows both monitors being picked up but once the driver loads it turns off my monitor (dvi-d) and continues booting on my tv (hdmi)
  5. Hello, i have a problem with my headphones where the audio outputted trough windows to the speakers is being picked up by the microphone on my headphones. for example im watching a youtube video and im in a call with someone on discord, they can hear my youtube video but not at full audio but slightly decreased version. so how can i fix this? maybe a windows setting or an audio driver setting?
  6. Yeah i know my samsung sdd died so now my computer is running off a hdd that is failing lol ty for ur answer
  7. Hello, is it possible that my hard drive could be making lots of noise because of a bad psu sata connector? It only makes noise during playing games. Also when it happens the game lags. I sometimes swap the sata power cables and it fixes it for a while but the noises and the lagging start happening after some time again. The sound that it makes is like when you first start up your computer, the drive spinning up sound but it keeps repeating.
  8. It shows up in bios unfortunately i dont have backups im just looking to rebuild gpt somehow in windows bootable media or is it worse somehow that i cant even do that
  9. Im in panic right now because i have very very important files on a windows installation which now fails to boot because of storeMI and bad ssd. So i installed StoreMI which is amd’s technology of combining large HDD’s with SSD’s (operating system is on HDD) for better speed and system fluidity. After installation my ssd died and i could no longer boot my system. I kept getting a bsod with no stop code or Critical process died. Please does anyone know how to fix this and get my old os back without StoreMI?? I have a windows 10 boot media on a thumb drive if needed for repair please help me.
  10. Yeah my nand flash isnt getting hot its the controller, so my ssd just stopes working so idk what to do so i ordered a heatsink for it hopefully it solves it
  11. Yep i used crystaldiskmark and hovers around 50c but i think thats not the controller but the actuall nand flash chips witch dont get hot at all, and i have tried to repair disk image it did nothing so i think its just a bad ssd. I used the aomei backupper it cloned successfully
  12. Really liking the collaboration between u guys xd. And yes i still have hdd with the os on it and ill definitely try it out
  13. Yes i still have it and it works fine without the ssd
  14. Well okay, i cloned my drive from a hdd so does that have to do with anything causing the ssd to stress out?