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    Tech, IT, Servers, Gaming
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    I7-4790 K
  • Motherboard
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    8 GB Kingston DDR3
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    fractal design define r5
  • Storage
    120 GB Kingston SSD + 1 TB seagate barracuda
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    700W bronze Coolermaster
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    2x asus 24" 1080p 1ms
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    Logitech g810
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    Razer Deathadder chroma
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    Windows 10 64-bit
  1. Okay then, thanks for your insight guys I think I will stick with my Iphone for now since it’s still a great phone I just wandered if the OnePlus would be a smart switch since it would only be 50$
  2. Hello everyone i have been thinking about if I should switch my IPhone XR for a OnePlus 7T. I haven’t been liking the picture quality from my IPhone, will it be any better on the OnePlus 7T? Would it be a good upgrade? I can trade in my IPhone XR and get the OnePlus for about 50$ how big is the difference between the two? Or should i stick with the Iphone XR down the line instead of switching to the OnePlus 7T Best regards Tobias
  3. Is it because I only have 8gb ram that my PC can't run BF5 or it the graphics card? I have been reading online that BF5 needs 16gb ram to run smoothly, because of its very demanding maps? Thanks I will take a look
  4. Hello, I have been thinking up upgrading my rig since its 4 years old now, i can't run BF5 on medium. I am currently using an Asus Strix gtx 980 paired with an Intel i7-4790k with 8gb ram and I can't maintain a solid framerate in BF5 and BF1 on 1080p. I have been thinking of buying an Rx 590 and pair it with Ryzen 2600x with 16gb 3000 MHz ram. Would that be a solid upgrade or any other good value options? PC part prices are quite high here in Denmark so the upgrade mentioned would cost 900$. I am open for suggestions, and bonus info a gtx 1070 is double the price of the Rx 590 and the Rx 590 has the same price as gtx 1060.
  5. Thanks. I am thinking about mate 20 pro isn't worth the price since the other options So now it's between Oneplus 6t, S9+ and p20 pro I think the Oneplus 6t is the most balanced device, meaning great battery life, faster software updates and no TouchWiz and EMUI, and a good camera. I like the p20 pro's camera, but no stabilization on 4K + cold colours (my opinion) and a weaker SoT, but great battery life. The S9+ has a great overall camera, not strong battery life which is annoying and TouchWiz with lots of bloatware and very slow to make new android updates.
  6. A pixel 2 XL is around 700$, but with older hardware (4gb ram and Snapdragon 835) + No voLTE and voWIFI support since it's not officially on the Danish marked, I don't think it's better than the other options.
  7. Hello everyone I am currently using a Huawei p10 and I'm beginning to be a little bit tired of its camera. I have been looking to buy a new phone since there are some good deals right now on smartphones here in Denmark. But I am not sure where I get the most for my money, I am a little mixed with Huawei's aggressive processing and their cool colours, is that a problem I need to worry about? I have been looking at four different phones, because of their cameras and price. Oneplus 6T at 670$ (no contract), Huawei P20 Pro at 620$, Huawei Mate 20 Pro 1005$, and last Samsung galaxy S9+ 803$ The two Huawei phones and the Samsung phone includes 6 months subscription plan in the price (worth like 100$) warmer colours, but I am concerned about the battery life since my old Galaxy S6 had terrible battery life. Also, I know that the camera on the Pixel phones is fantastic, but they are not sold in Denmark so if I have to buy one I need to import it and a Pixel 3 XL would cost around 1450$. Have I missed any other great phones, does anyone have some experience with the four phones I have been looking at? I am looking for all the knowledge I can get, and all feedback both good and bad is welcome since I am not sure what is the best camera phone when the Pixel 3 xl is not an option. Cheers Tobias
  8. Just got the new Toshiba P300 3 TB (HDWD130UZSVA) just took a speed test and it seems cool, longevity has to be seen, but so far so good
  9. It is a secondary drive, the main drive is a 120 GB SSD, so this HDD keeps all the games and none important data, but I think I will buy the 3 TB Toshiba drive to try something else Seems like a good idea to buy a new drive then. Interesting, do you experience any slowdowns?
  10. Hi my PC is around 3 years and 4 months old, and i have been experiencing slow load times in games (slower than my other friends with their 5+ years old HDDs) Then i downloaded the CrystalDiskinfo tool to check the Harddrives condition, and i see 99 on reallocated sectors and 100 on current pending sectors is this a sign of a failing hard drive? Because i've been looking at other forum posts all days and they say different stuff, do you guys have any experience with this and should i replace the HDD? I've been looking at the Toshiba P300 3TB and Seagate Barracuda 3 TB, since they cost around 600 DKK (100$) Hope someone knows more about Hard drives than me Cheers Tobias