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  1. JinX1984

    Onboard Wifi antenna Vs USB dongle wifi

    Thanks for the info,Will work out a final solution.
  2. JinX1984

    Onboard Wifi antenna Vs USB dongle wifi

    Thanks for the solution but what will you recommend for PCIE Wifi brand model etc?If I were to route 2m of internet cable(will flat cables be ideal since I have to route it through corners too...and what to look out for when purchasing a "good" quality cable?)Thanks!
  3. Heres the problem I faced with my networking issues...Basically I have been using some unknown china brand cheap wifi usb Adapter for the past 3 months(New pc)that claims to receive up to "1Gbps per sec".I have been really pissed off by the Latency or networking speed not up to highest standard.(I'm using a Fibre internet of 1Gbps)Due to Room being too far from the living room,I think Wifi is a better solution for me than routing a 2m internet cable all over the place.In my research,I think ASUS USB-AC68 Wireless AC1900 USB Adapter would be an ideal choice for the replacement for the old adapter since my Router(Provided by the ISP) was also a Ac1900.However,I am planning to change my Motherboard to Either Asus ROG series For Am4 socket or the X470 version..Is the onboard motherboard wifi significantly better than the USB ones or should I get them both seperately?Thanks! Edit:My main question would be "Other than these options,are there any more viable solutions?" In all,due to wifi being block by 3 walls lol,Should I get an extender or repeater as well?"
  4. Tested the Sata cable with another drive and it seems to work fine and so I axed out this bad sata possibility but thanks for reminding me to do a check.
  5. Turns out to be some Windows related issue...After tweaking some settings,I managed to get the secondary drive visible again.And I created new petition and didnt leave it as unallocated space.Nevertheless,thanks for reminding me.I have the issue solved
  6. A quick update: I brought the SSD back to the store and made an exchange for another new one today.I explained everything to the store owner and he actually assumed I didnt set the boot priority...After some arguments due to some miscommunications,he gave up me another new one. I went home and made a back up of my existing files to my extenal SSD backup then I deleted every single Petition and Reinstalled windows 10.But this time it was on The Kingston A400 Drive but not the old WD Green SSD. Another problem arises when windows actually didnt detect my existing WD green as another storage...Checking via disk management or the bios...It did show that it was connected but it remains invisible when logged in. And now my WD Drive wasnt even in the list of boot order and just went missing..Although I reconfigure all by creating new petitions(Pretty sure was Fat32 format)Any Ideas how to solve this new issue?Thanks Sata 1=Kingston SSD(With windows bootloader) Sata 2=WD SSD(All wiped and created new petition,so its all empty but not detected)_Secondary Storage
  7. Yeah thats what I thought about too..It should be fine..But I think I will head back to the store asap since I bought it yesterday just in case later they blamed me for the fault for making it defective "Just in case it really is defective"But I doubt so
  8. Could it be a defective ssd that is being sold?I mean should i go back the the store and ask the owner?Its okay,I am greatful to receive your help.Thanks man
  9. I clicked according to your instructions but it seems that it still doesnt works though.About the disabling the blank SSD part,I am not sure how to do it.I got this error message
  10. Actually I did tried this step to make sure it isnt the boot loader problem..Sata 2=Main boot.Heres a picture of my bios #2 There was only two Sata devices connected to my motherboard.So Since Both are stated as "Online"I assume its both the new and old ssd being connected but "Unallocated for disk 1(The new ssd)I couldnt find out the reason why(Maybe its what you said about the recent windows update)But the boot order was correct when I checked the bios.
  11. Okay...So basically,I bought a Kingston A400 SSD from my local store and today I decided to plug into my Sata cable(It was working because before that I was using it for my CD Drive)I disconnected it and plug into My new SSD...All wires are properly connected as seen in the picture I taken. I plug it in when I was still in windows as in(signed in already)I check for windows settings under storage..It was not detected so I decided to reboot my computer. After reboot,I was unable to get back into windows and infinite repairs(Failure after failure...Endless loop basically,but I still have the option to shut it down after It says Automatic Repair failed.(I have taken the picture of the Error message) I then decided to unplug the new ssd and proceed to boot normally with my old ssd and it works then under disk manager,I plug the new ssd in again...And it wasnt utilised...I am really out of options thus seeking help through here..Is it a failed SSD?(I just bought it yesterday though..Brand new) or some corruption in the new ssd...I havent even used it before.. I am planning to use this SSD as a secondary Storage not as the main storage**My existing SSD will remain as the main boot**
  12. Thank you,I just bought the Season Gold Plus Full modular psu.
  13. Thank you,I will take this into consideration when buying
  14. Basically,I am using this Non modular psu from CM.Recently,after some considerations,I have decided to buy a fully modular psu with gold standard and above but I am not sure which series to go for,I have refered to the tier listing.I would preferably prefer Psu that is tier #1 For future proofing purposes,I would prefer a minimum 550W psu with gold standard. (Ultimately,I still do not know which to go for.) I am tired of too many additional cables not being used and due to non modular,I can only tie it up which is a waste of space. Here is my computer specs Ryzen 1500X Gtx 1060 6GB Fractal Define R6(case) 1TB Seagate Barrucuda and Samsung 970 Evo 250GB Current power supply: Coolermaster watt lite 600 (Any opinions for alternate Psu upgrades?) Thanks in advance