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  1. From looking at the specs on the MSI website for that particular board which is obviously ITX it doesnt look like it, but I am happy to be corrected.
  2. The Z370 chipset has upto 24 PCI lanes available dependent on motherboard manufacturer so you should have no issues whatsoever throwing a m.2 onto the board.
  3. All your contacts on the card look ok. Have you tried moving the card into one of the other PCIe slots? The reason I ask is you may have bent one of the pins in the actually slot itself which may be causing an intermittent short. Something to look at on the board itself.
  4. Also make sure the card is seated correctly into the slot.
  5. Another cause could possibly be a change in the input voltage from the wall. This can happen if there has been more load put on the power coming in from your street connection and there has been a slight voltage drop or increase. Even though modern power supplies should smooth this out I have come across this situation occasionally. I have seen voltage differences here in Australia anything from 230v through to 260v in the same geographical area. So don't discount a bad supply coming into your house.
  6. You have kind of answered your own question. On low settings you aren't asking much of the 1080 so naturally it it wont stress the GPU as much so less usage of the GPU. Once you turn the settings up-to epic you aren't pretty much turning everything up and utilizing the card to its full potential. You also have to remember that a 144Hz monitor will only actually display 144FPS +or- a few FPS even though the card may be outputting 150+FPS So in general.... don't worry about it. The card is performing just fine and you are getting pretty well the max that the monitor is able to display anyway.
  7. I gather you are talking about this card. If so have you tried unplugging the 8pin PCIE power lead and seeing what the LED status on the card shows. The LED should be just above the PCIE power connector on the card. If Red it isnt getting power and if White or Green it means it is getting power. Failing that try using another PCIE power lead from your PS to eliminate a bad lead and then try plugging into a different PCIE port if you have a modular power supply. Just some ideas for you to try.
  8. CPU: Intel i7 7700k GPU: Nvidia 1050ti Superposition Score: 1413 Should make it the fastest 1050ti Submitted for score sheet.
  9. I feel like such a proud father with this one.... CPU: Intel 7700k GPU: Nvidia 750Ti
  10. CPU: Intel 7700k GPU: Nvidia 770GTX Superposition Score: 1369 Submitted for score sheet
  11. CPU: Intel 7700k GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 Superposition Score: 1275 Submitted for score sheet
  12. I think I have reached the limit of the card. Cleaned out the blower and new thermal paste on the die which brought temps down but just cant seem to squeeze anything more out of it without Unigine crashing.
  13. Could very well be.... Im not really attached to the card but obviously wouldnt want to kill it but will push it as hard as I feel comfortable with. Might do some other cooling tricks, maybe pull it apart and clean it out and change out the thermal paste etc. Maybe custom Bios if I have some time as well.
  14. Yeah... have a blower style card as well..... I will keep tweaking and try and get to the magic 1000 mark if I can...
  15. They should work fine in your system especially if they have better CAS timings than what is recommended. Just make sure that the memory voltage specs are the same and all should be good.