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  1. I would be right behind you.


    I'm just sick of teacher making the VAGUE-IST F**KING QUESTIONS IMAGINABLE, then marking you down for it, because you didn't get EXACTLY the answer they wanted, when you can barely tell what the answer they want is supposed to be, in the first place.


    They've even managed to make multiple choice questions vague, HOW'VE THEY DONE THAT?!


    Also, WHY AM I LEARNING COMMAND LINE INTERFACE WHEN ALMOST ALLLLLLLLLLL LINUX DISTRO'S USE GUI NOW?! Seriously, if a company can't afford to throw in ANY CHEAP GRAPHICS CARD for like $10, I will GLADLY buy it for them to be able to NOT use CLI. It's complete and utter shit, and makes EVERYTHING take ten times longer than it should.


    I have been having some discussions about this with some friends from asian countries and they have the same problem, just worse.


    The schools aren't trying to make students into work successes when they leave school..they are instead focused on constantly grading and ranking everybody. In how many work places are you required to work within a team? A huge majority of them......But did you have a lot of group work or group tests? Did you get a chance to think outside the box and solve a problem`? No....You got to put some X' in some boxes.....brilliant.

  2. The FBI is an agency of the law, and an investigation is not a conviction, though given we're seeing guilty pleas already, it seems that's where we're headed.


    The numbers may be publically available, but were they published here in an unbiased manner? That's always the question. And it can be a specific type of subsidy too. You have to be very careful when analyzing bureaucratic information. There's so many categories, and there's so many ways to manipulate the numbers to say what you want. Innocent until proven guilty, but this isn't proof on its own.


    Ofcourse...When researching, we should absolutely be critical. And I was...Getting any unbiased information is an oxy moron, but getting a lot of information about corporate subsidies in general, is pretty difficult. There is a lot of powerful industry who isn't really that interested in getting it out. The media mostly haven't been able to lift this burden, so the ctj is one of the few organisation critical....Ofcourse you need to be careful, but they do tend to be pretty careful since they know that their "opponents" have plenty of money to fight back when they get stuff wrong.


    Read it, and take away from it what you want....thats really the best we can do.


    But I think it was unfair to describe it as "sully industry names".....People have no problem criticizing poor people for taking tax payer money, but when you criticise big business for doing the same, you are just out to sully industry names.

  3. Any independent, 3rd party peer review of this? Given the sole purpose of the creation of this document was to sully industry names, I'm not willing to take this at face value, though I will read it and verify on my own as best I can.


    ¨The CTJ.org is a pretty respected organisation that is widely cited by the washington post and the wall street journal....



    Those industries are making plenty of whitemash reports that get taken at face value, so I really don't see why you should be so much more skeptical.


    This is however not particularly controversial....Most of these numbers are publicly available....



    "Sully industry names"....Oh those poor defenceless babies...What ever will they survive the injustice?!? :P


    Another way of saying "Given the sole purpose of the creation of this document was to sully industry names" would be "A report that investigates certain industries".....


    Thats like dismissing the FBI report about fifa because its sole purpose is to sully fifa's name.....




    Wouldn't go that far.


    I will say on thing, I do hate the way our education and hiring system work.


    At this point in technologically advanced, "civilized" countries. There really isn't much need for college degrees and what not, at least for some things. With the advent of the internet, we carry around the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets, so why do I still have to take tests, and know shit off the top of my head?


    Seriously, what is the freaking point? I'm taking online classes, and they always say "we trust you will not use notes or the text book during the tests" WHY NOT? If you're at work, and don't know how to do something, YOU LOOK IT UP rather than stumble around not knowing what you're doing and breaking shit. So what's the freaking point? At this point, the test should be testing what you do know, and your ability to look up that which you don't know.


    Think of it from an IT perspective, would you rather an employee stop to look something up, or just guess, get it wrong, somehow accidentally shut down the cooling system on the servers, and catch the building on fire/ fry the servers as a result?


    I think we know that answer to that. When you don't know, you look it up, or you ask someone who does know. After enough times doing the same thing, they'll remember it.


    YES YES YES!!! Sorry about my enthusiasm, but SOOOOO much this! This is still the thing that drives me the most insane about especially US and Asian education systems....There is just no focus on "How are we actually going to use this in the real world?"


    There are so many people who are in for a massive culture shock when they actually go out of school and into employment because the only thing they are used to, is memorizing stuff....Guess what!? You don't need that still in the fucking job market. But taking information from different sources, and finding a way to use that information..Now THAT is really useful, is almost all sectors.



    But I guess parents need those tests....The most important thing about school is ofcourse the ability to brag to your friends how your kid got an A on this or that test...

  4. Fantastic article! :P


    But I doubt it will happen. There are far fewer people with actual knowledge in this area than there was 15 years ago. But its also because its way too easy. In the past, you had to research just to get shit working....There was far more work involved with just about every task you did.



    And this is why I will never ever work as a technician again.


    "He explains that the Internet used to be on his desktop, but isn't any more. I close I.E. and scour the desktop, eventually finding the little blue 'e' buried amongst some PowerPoint and Excel icons. I point to it. He points to a different location on the screen, informing me of where it used to be. I drag the icon back to it's original location. He's happy"


    :D :D :D


    I had a similar panicked call from a family member the other day.....When he closes down his computer, a huge error message appears he said in a panicked voice...He was sure he had a virus that was taking over.. I visit, and when I restart the message doesn't appear.


    It turns out that it only happens when he was watching something on youtube, and just pressed turn off computer....Its a chrome message:p

  5. Does anyone buy those? Like, just save the picture and make one


    oh. yes they do...don't know how many.



    There are a lot of people who are deluded beyond belief in terms of what they believe merits a price however. People aren't always so understanding of supply and demand, and thinks that if they spend a lot of time on something, then they deserve to be paid.

  6. For some reason I havent watched any anime in the past few weeks, but I've read tons of random Manga.


    One of them: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.


    Reason: I started it because I saw it on the front page of a site having been updated and I thought, "why not, I've seen the name before" because I remembered seeing it on the top of a list of best selling english translated Manga.


    Conclusion: People have shit taste, I would have rather watched porn. Only dropped one manga before this, this became number two. Just couldnt do it lol


    I almost never read manga, but I recently gave it a shot with Evergreen and that shit almost ruined everything ever....(Seriously....The author lost her fucking mind.-..can't believe she wrote toradora and golden time and then produced this nightmare)

  7. If it actually lights up like that, I might have to buy a wig and a dress and start walking the streets to get money to get one.


    Cop to trik: "God man...what happened to you? We used to go to school together and this is how you ended up!?....WHY MAN WHY!?`"


    Trik response: "I really needed this new graphics card with pretty lights on them!"



    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  8. Cops are still gonna be on your ass even if it's legal. Oh well.


    dammit.....I had at least hoped for the one advantage of this...Fewer videos on youtube of open carry advocates being really impolite. But can't even have that.


    We have establised that I don't understand(Seriously....i really dont), but are there many concealed carry licensed people who would "shift" to this?

  9. Youre from Denmark. You wouldn't understand.


    I agree....few non americans would.... Hence not touching it.


    But I doubt there will be much fruitful debate on that issue here...just saying:-) Unless you are really itching to find opposition

  10. well we all know how many people and cars there are in that country and were most things are manufactured so maybe it can't be helped


    I really can't avoid getting into them growing up, they're everywhere. but well my best friend never played any game and I still can't convince him to so yeah there are some people.

    Im 500+ episodes behind in the anime tho.


    Hehe....It was really insane the amount of over exposure there was with Pokemon on a global scale for a long time. I remember the card game being insanely popular too.


    Being 500 eps behind is okay, considering they insane amount of eps created.



    I have great news. Open carry bill is on its way to Texas governors desk. Further more, conceal carry on campus bill is steadily moving through the house.

    Open carry:


    Conceal carry on higher education:




    Okaaaaaay........Not even gonna touch that one.