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  1. It should have built in safeguards so it shouldn't happen, but there is always the possibility. 

    Try plugging everything in correctly and see how it goes.


    And that's some prime ram you got the 2400KiloHertz, holy smokes  :lol:  :lol:


    Thats the problem these days....Back in the day, we were nervous wrecks, because there were never any safe guards and shit just broke.


    It's just frustrating as I don't have other parts to swap out and test by lettuce of elimination

    :lol: :lol:



    No dont do it because if you do they won't take a return if its dead, troubleshoot yourself and if it's dead return it and say it was dead on arrival.



    Yea this is why I have a PSU, a stick of DDR2, a stick of DDR3, a AMD and Nvidia GPU, that I Know for 100% sure they all work, just for the sake of troubleshooting. 


    Exactly! Never sell old hardware! I still have a 8800GT that is hopeless in terms on any modern game what so ever, but it works perfectly, and is a great test GPU.


    Plus, it has sentimental value!:P

  2. I'm still a filthy 1080p casual, but I do know what you mean in terms of 24" to 27"! Although I went from a 23" 1080p TN panel to a 27" 1080p IPS panel. There's so much more.. space, to look at. Sure, you don't have more "screen real-estate," but there's more screen to look at. I remember the first time I plugged in my panel. My then-okay background became very crisp and clear, and it was very shiny, and I was in awe when I saw it. My old panel was TN, had some bad clouding, and the color reproduction was okay at best. Now every time I see my monitor, it's jaw-dropping. :-)


    Enjoy it! That giddy feeling when you see it still hasn't gone away for me, and I've had my monitor for 7 months now!


    I would not own a 1080p screen that is 27 inch...There might be more "room" but there are the same amount of pixels for more space= shitty picture.



    everything over 24" should be more than 1080p. Which I don't have the setup to support anyway:p



    I'm not a fan of AMD drivers at all and specs mean shit if it don't perform well



    Very true. Just didn't want the AMD defense brigade to hunt me down for not mentioning it lol. Gigabyte 980 Ti G1 gaming for sure. That battleship game looks amazing. I might pre-order it. Any bugs.


    Feel the same way...Wished it was not true, but it just is!

  3. Going by brand is a little tough....Price is also impoirtant. Seasonic make great PSUs but they make cheap shit too....


    I would always recommend NOT cheaping out on PSU and motherboards. But people never listen:P



    They only make the GS and PS units for EVGA.


    Most of Corsair's range is made by CWT these days. Seasonic make the AX and a few other models, although most of the stuff they do for Corsair is now discontinued. 


    Seasonic make all XFX psu's.



    And the AX is far better than the rest of Corsairs line......Their HX are pathetic in comparison. Maybe Corsair should just stick with Seasonic

  4. Get as many as you want....You have a case that is purpose build for aircooling...Would be rather stupid not to exploit that fact and put some nice fans in.


    There is no answer like "This amount of fans is enough"....Depends on your system, how warm your room gets etc etc etc.


    I have 4 fans in my case, and I have roughly the same system as you, just a little bit better.


    But I get a weird sense of satisfaction to see my computer running at very low temps.

  5. Meh, no surprise that the older generations of power plants have problems. Why no one is upgrading to the newer safer designs, is beyond me.


    Oh yeah....because: $$$


    There was a lot of very disturbing things about the whole disaster....Upgrading would not have helped a lot when they lied about how secure the plant was and how much damage had been done.


    TEPCO made systematic false reporting to regulators.....The japanese government had no idea how shit that plant was.

    "TEPCO admitted for the first time on 12 October 2012 that it had failed to take stronger measures to prevent disasters for fear of inviting lawsuits or protests against its nuclear plant"


    I don't have a problem with nuclear plants per say, but I think they should be run partly the the state....Not because the government is great at running things, but because making short cuts just isn't acceptable in this area. Which is exactly what happened at fukushima.....


    The disaster was ruled as "man-made" because the plant was simply not build to withstand neither the earthquake nor the tsunami.....Because of some rich CEO cutting corners to improve their earnings.


    The company behind the plant admitted in 2012

  6. Having a sleep disorder means I can win this contest..




    5 days....,., no drugs, no energydrinks or anything else.... The Hallucinations were fucked up and very freaky....My body almost stopped functioning.


    brilliant...misunderstood the question..:Shortest amount of time? I don't know. If I know I would have to get up in 2-3 hours, I would never go to sleep.....Much better to just tough it out.



    How do people even do more than 2 days. I can not do that. Impossible for me.


    Drugs for the most part...or medical reasons like me.

  7. The first is a little slow at first, for maybe the first hour or so.  It's also a bit clunky and shows its age.  But the story more than makes up for any shortcomings once you get into it.  The second is fantastic, fixing a lot of the gameplay mechanics from the first and also being excellent in everything else as well.  Definitely worth the money, cannot recommend them enough, spent over 30 hours playing each of them.


    EDIT: that's 30+ hours on a single playthrough of each game


    what he said....The first game is a little slow, but not too a massive degree. Its still fun!

  8. wait......so you are telling me you do not want a free 10 mil in gta 5?.....but why?

    Seriously, do you prefer to grind that money on heists and stupid missions?

    The most fun i have had playing the game has been with hackers, most notably was having a person in the lobby who had the angry planes mod. seriously the most fun i have ever had.


    But i do understand that some of you don't want to play this way, and i actually wish rockstar had 2 separate game modes: regular and modded. That way we can all enjoy what we want, but good luck that ever happening <_<


    Yes we prefer that you cheating bastard......That is why its called a game...Where you solve shit and get rewards!


    You can mod all you want in your single player game and buy everything you fucking want.....But people like you are ruining it for the rest of us.



    We are actually some people who are from a generation where we believe in earning shit instead of being handed shit.


    Hackers should be banned for ever after the first strike. They have fundamentally ruined GTA 5 for many of us.

  9. I never try mass effect

    and today both onsale so... I give that a go.


    DO IT! And start with the first. Your character gets transfered from each game, so your actions in game on influences game 2 etc.


    Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I have ever played.

  10. You dont even have to give the teacher your phone. You can literally walk out of the class and go home if thats what you want. The worst that can happen is you get detention or other school related trouble, but they can't pretend to be cops or anything. Just because you are supposed to do as the teacher says, you can make your own decisions, however they may have other consequences.


    Depends on the country....there are places in the US where the cops will stop children if they are seen outside during school hours.

  11. Doctor who, eastenders (Very popular) , great British bake off, the apprentice, the voice, and bbc news 


    And match of the day, panorama etc etc etc


    I think his point is that top gear pulls more views then any other show, would not be surprised if it was more than all those shows.


    Although we don't have those numbers. Top Gear got tons of iplayer(probably a lot of them with VPN) views, but we don't have solid numbers to compare with


    Why is everyone mad that he got fired? I mean it sucks but he punched someone part of the TV show team...


    Because these people have no morals if its a person they like

    What is the BBC even thinking? Top gear is one of the most popular TV shows in the world, and is a very large portion of what "they" are to the world. Damn I hope these three are picked up by Netflix and made into something greater, just so we can shove it in the faces of those at BBC.


    What the BBC was thinking? They gave him countless warnings, and he then PUNCHED a fucking producer. What was the Clarkson thinking? BBC had no other choice. THey would have opened themselves up to lawsuits, and imagine how the producers on the rest of the network would feel if he wasn't fired...


    Any anger towards the BBC is pathetic, and shows how insane the top gear fans have become.....

  12. I really don't get this....Its great if it pushes adoption but the infrastructure is so far removed from being able to handle this.


    How many people have the internet connections to handle this? Consistently?


    I live in a country with pretty damned great internet connections, but problems with full HD in netflix were are problem not so long ago....


    Seems so illogical to move so fast up in resolution.

  13. None....I JUST GOT MY SUPERLUX 668B!


    I'll mod the bastard later.



    ew, wired


    ..........You seriously use a bluetooth set of headphones? Why!?




    Im sorry, what was your point? They usally market things the way they are meant to be used, or do women wear high heels when out jogging?


    His point is that the whole "gaming" thing makes no difference. A gaming headset, is usually a lower quality set of headphones that can be sold at a high price because it has a mic and has "Gaming" written on it.

  14. I prefer the look of AIOs. I would have considered a large air cooler, but the space in my case restricts me from doing so. I can only fit a CPU cooler of approximately 150mm in height, which is why I went for a TX3 EVO over a 212 EVO.


    Thats fair enough..just a difference of opinion in looks, but the lack of space makes your choice perfectly reasonable...There are a lot of very pretty aircoolers but fewer in that size.

  15. Full Loops are expensive as well(Especially if you actually want a something high quality...The fittings alone are insanely expensive)......

    But VERY cool!



    AIOs are in my opinion overvalued...There are too many things that can break, and I have witnessed a lot of bad pumps inside AIOs...I still feel big aircoolers are a way better and safer choice in the long run vs. AIO.