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  1. Mine is really sad......Im 28 now, turning 29 in 15 days. I figured this nick out when I was 13 and needed an email name. Something to "admire"....Kinda stuck. And by stuck, I mean that I don't have enough originality to pick a different one.


    My name is David. Girls would think it's cute to call me Davie/Davey. So there it is, daveyjones.


    Girls are weird.

  2. Welcome to the forum! :D Make sure you read the CoC located in my signature. If you want advice for your new build, go to New Builds and Planning and create a new thread there. Be sure to read and answer this in your thread before posting: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/3061-build-plan-thread-recommendations-please-read-before-posting/

    Thank you very much. Will read the COC at once but will not make a build plan until Im a little closer to may where I will buy it. So much will change before hand


    Im in the saving up mode and should have the money for the build I want in may.

  3. Im going to bite....Since english is not my native language. Its actually the third language I learned after danish and german. I always imagined that the danish accent would sound like the worst english accent ever. I hate it but actual english speakers aren't that bothered apparantly.


    Personally can't stand new york accents, but find some southern accents to be charming.


    Oh...French Women speaking english=boner.

  4. Sabertooth and maximus are both meant for different applications. Sabertooth series is meant for stability and less for overclocking that doesn't mean you cannot overclock on it but the maximus is more flexible for overclocking and is purely meant for that.


    Was what I was thinking. I won't OC, not in the beginning at least. I like the stability of the sabertooth.

  5. No problem =) The noise levels should be fine but that case comes with a fan controller so you can always adjust them if needed.



    I know but i just wanted to find a reference point.


    Don't trust their noise level specs. It's a sleeve bearing fan theyre noisy at low speeds. Get this fan instead http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608037


    I will probably get a noctua cpu fan but using brown case fans in a completely white case would be a crime against humanity.....

  6. Welcome, I think Nvidia normally launches there new series in like March or April where AMD is I think September or October. They will also release other cards between them to compete with the other, EX: Nvidia released the 780 TI to make sure they still had the fastest single GPU on the market.


    Thanks man! Well, that sounds great. Hope a potentially new Titan Black edition or a 790 will drop the price of the 780ti

  7. Interesting, as far as I know in Aus we can import any car we want so long as it meets two conditions, 1. it hasn't got any air conditioning attached (cfc's) and 2. it doesn't have cocaine stuffed in the seats. :D


    LoL! I remember watching that show "Border Security"  and I just could not help but laugh when you said that.........Tthey follow those people checking passangers and luggage and shit at the airport. There was this chick who were travelling on her own and they took these drug scanning devices and it found traces of coke all over her luggage and they kept asking her quistions.....Then they went to a more advanced test and found NOTHING!


    Weirdest thing ever. poor lady.


    but does importing an r34 infringe a patent law or just a companies desire not to make it officially available in the US?


    I HATE that parent law crap! Sorry, but apple really got the ball rolling in the wrong direction with that crap. This is ruining advances in technology every single day.

    If all parent law worked like this in the past, claw hammers would be illegal based on the fact that the claw hammer copied the normal hammer.

  8. The problem is not AMD or Mantle.....The problem is fanboyism. Mantle looks awesome, especially if you don't have a top of the line CPU, but there constant fights between AMD and Nvidia fans make it impossible for anything to be a success.
    Mantle was either going to be the twitching before the death of AMD or Mantle would kill make NVIDIA completely irrelevant.


    I personally love any kind of improvement that we can get.

  9. Where do you find noise levels for case fans? Its pretty easy to find db levels for cpu fans or for GPUs under different kind of stress but I wanted to find out what noise different case fans make.


    I am looking at cooler masters Storm Stryker, but could not find any noise levels from those fans.

  10. Hello Lunistech Forums.


    Totally new here, came from another board that I think was getting rather irritating to be honest. Been reading a bit on here before signing up and this seems more up my alley so to speak.


    Was wondering if anybody had a good source as to previous release dates on earlier GPU's to help trying to roughly predict the future:P


    I am going to do my first entirely new build in a quite a few years in may/june, and I wanted to take a look at the times between the different releases. There is always the danger that you buy a GPU, only for a new one to be released 2 weeks after so I know there is no certainty but I just wanted to at least get an idea.


    I have the ability to be patient so could easily wait some extra months if need be.





  11. Just going to hijack this......I was deciding between the sabertooth and the maximus hero. I personally absolutely love any dust prevention feature so I like the the thermal shield and all the dust covers. How much better is the hero's onboard sound? Enough to pick that over the sabertooth?