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  1. Oops, sorry have been busy with getting back to work and forgot to check back. I believe it does take batteries but I will confirm when I get home. EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, I see what you mean. There is an on/off switch on the toy, and now that I actually put my brain to use I'm remembering that the switch only turns the sound on and off. The toy is operated mechanically, which complicates things. Oh well. Thanks for the reply! Lol.
  2. Hi all! My wife and I are currently vacationing at Walt Disney World, Orlando for our honeymoon, and the other day we each adopted one of those animatronic banshee toys from the Pandora section of the Animal Kingdom (based on the Ikran from James Cameron's Avatar - see attached)! I thought it might be fun to base my next PC build off of my banshee colors, with a little bit of an Avatar theme splashed in. Then I could perch my banshee on my tower or monitor or something. I'm not really a massive Avatar fan, but the banshee toys look cool enough so I figure it would at least be a fun project with a neat enough result. But what I'm wondering is, would there be any way to mod the controller bit (or the wiring, as it is attached by cable) that makes the banshee's mouth, head, and wings move, in order to be able to manipulate it through a function of the PC without having to reach for the controller piece? If so, how hard do you think it would be? I don't know much at all about this kinda stuff and I probably wouldn't be comfortable trying to DIY it unless I had a pretty thorough step-by-step guide. I just thought it would be cool! Lol. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm not 100% if this is the most appropriate category for this thread, as it's a question that kind of overlaps a few topics. Sorry if It's been asked before; it's kind of difficult to search for because the related keywords aren't really unique/specific enough. Anywho. I (like many people) love jamming out to my favorite tunes while driving, and having playback controls on my steering wheel and dash is IMO one of the best quality-of-life things to happen to cars in recent years. But also I use GPS a lot, and I usually keep my phone plugged in via USB-C to the 12v cigarette lighter. This causes a dilemma: either I suffer from the slight loss of quality from streaming over Bluetooth, or I deal with playing music over an AUX connection that doesn't support my steering wheel/dash playback controls (and still might not sound as good as the USB, depending on the DAC in my phone vs. the DAC in my head unit). So, my question is: is there any way that I can get the best of both all 3 worlds and have fast charging from my 12v accesory outlet while still maximizing audio quality and accessibility?
  4. Whoops, thought I replied! My bad! Thanks for the help; I might give it a shot! Or not, I might just deal with it rather than risk the finish. It's really not very often that I notice it.
  5. @MiNy The toothpaste thing is one of the first solutions I saw when I Googled it! Putting toothpaste on my monitor just sounds scary... but maybe I'm just carrying over old fears from the days when people always said to never ever under any circumstances touch your TV/computer screen LOL @W-L I figured that any possible solution would consist of either filling or buffing it; I hadn't considered the anti-glare coating though. Anything specific you would recommend?
  6. Hey LTT Forums! So, I have an Acer Predator XB271HU 1440p 144/165Hz IPS GSync monitor, and it has *one* wee little scratch near the center of the right third of the screen. It's not terrible, I rarely notice it, and it seems to be extremely shallow. (Ignore the dust on the picture; I also need to clean it...) However, it would be really awesome if there were some way to safely get it to effectively disappear! I don't want to do anything that would risk damaging my monitor though. While I'm a pretty tech-enthusiastic consumer, my knowledge of hardware on that level isn't particularly extensive, and there have been a LOT of different display technologies over the years, some of which have had a reputation (whether true or not) for being particularly sensitive. There are a few suggested solutions that come up with a simple Google search, but I wanted to make sure I'm in the green before I actually try anything! It's not exactly a cheap monitor... Thanks in advance!