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  1. Just built a pc for my cousin.

    no i mean the usb ports from the mobo isnt working neither is the hdmi ports from the 1050 ti its a msi btw
  2. Just built a pc for my cousin.

    Specs: Fx-8320 Corsair h60 gtx 1050ti 2x8 adata 1600 mhz ram 430 thermaltake psu ga 78lmt 1tb wd So this pc was working before I had blew all the dust out and everything but i put all the parts back nothing decided to work. the pc was running fans led and leds on motherbpard were working but no signal to display neither is the ports working from the mobo
  3. Help System just turns on and restarts

    i saw that* Do i need to just use a screwdriver to connect the link or something
  4. Help System just turns on and restarts

    i sae tht on the motherboard do i need like a tool or something
  5. Help System just turns on and restarts

    how would i reset bios? Also I couldnt do anything because there was no signal from the system
  6. Specs: Cpu: I7 3770k Mobo: P8 H61-M LX Ram: 16gb 2x8 1600mhz adata GPU: Gtx 1050ti / Hd 7870 Cooler: Corsair H60 120mm water cooler PSU: Thermaltake tr 430 w/ Silverstone 450w Case: IBuyPower Case It turned on consistently for 2 hours and when I restarted it for updates i pressed power and then it turned on (leds/lights/fans) for 5 secs and then reboots and infinite loops. while the pc was on i connected it to a aoc monitor and it said no signal i tried with a hdmi and dvi cable to no avail. Please help my nephews birthday is on monday.