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  1. If you no prob with some design, you can take a look for GSP350 maybe.... Or Sennheiser HD461/HD 4.40/HD 4.30, Sony XB950 N1/B1, ATH-MSR7
  2. Maybe you can take a look with HyperX Cloud Flight
  3. When compared with Takstar HD3000 and Cloud Alpha/Cloud 2 which better for sounding And Characteristic Neutral to Warm??
  4. What your recommend Headset Gaming between Cloud 2/Alpha or Acrtis 5 or MH752 for casual gaming and music for allarounder or Neutral to Warm?
  5. So here is my problem at the moment, and it has me annoyed, I bought my Hyperx Flight Cloud headset about a month ago because my old steel series artic 5s mic broke, I recently build a new gaming rig, when I first booted my computer my Hyperx Headset was working then all of the sudden it quit, I thought it was something with Realtek, so I spent the last two days trying to figure out how to get the Realtek Audio Manager (Still Not Solved). Today I messed around a little big and got out my Artic 5s and plugged them in they are working fine with my PC, can anyone give me any solutions to as why my Hyperx Head set is not working I cannot hear a thing with them, they are wireless as well just to throw that out there, I have tried everything from going to device manager and unintalling them to other solutions nothing has worked, I don't understand why they just randomly quit working, when I go into my sound settings it says that the headset is a speaker and not headphones as well, the bar beside it says that they have sound coming out of them but I do not hear sound at all. Please someone help I've spent far to long trying to figure it out and I don't wanna purchase a new headset when my Hyperx headset is only a month old.

    1. Law.Cornelius



      Actually i don't want to take Cloud Flight, I just wanna recommend some gaming headset, I think What Headphone I choose will not got problem with what you got because it was analog port jack 3.5mm, not Wireless and need software like Flight one, Maybe i would choose Cloud Alpha or Cloud Pro but i still considering about Cloud Pro Issues like Mic Bleeding like this video


    2. Law.Cornelius


      But wait, you said you ever use Arctis 5, how about that? Is that Great about sounds?

  6. But wait, i thought there a lot issues about Cloud Pro, like Mic Bleeding? Is that true?
  7. What do you think all about that Gaming Headset? Which Better? For sound (doesn't care about great mic, but there's mic at headphone) And what Headphone i should choose when hear music for Basshead? And Multi Platform (using Jack 3.5mm)
  8. what do think about AudioTechnica ATH-PG1? BTW just for casual usage, and Music
  9. What about those headphone and headset? Which better? *Khastadio CS-01 maybe same with Takstar HD2000 but more overall genre headphone
  10. What do you think, is Logitech G Pro Headset can beat HyperX headsets??
  11. Why Many People will recommend Hyper X Brand when tell about headsets? How about Their Another peripherals? And Why you not recommend HyperX Brand?
  12. Why many people would like to tell if Steelseries brand was great? Is that great build?, great brand? And why didn't recommend that brand?