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  1. would it melt even though i got sleeve on it? i got VenomRX Iron Clan 500W
  2. so my psu got 2 6 pin, and my new gpu needs 1 8 pin, is there any difference between i purchasing the 6 pin to 8 pin and the dual 6 pin to 8 pin (which is rare in my country and 10x more expensive)?
  3. im not sure is this the right topic, but should i buy the haylou gt1 or gt2, the only difference i see is the case, buttons, the noise reduction on the gt2, and the built in charger on the gt2. which should i buy according to you guys?
  4. holy s word, thanks for telling me so, i wasnt looking at the quest lately because i underestimated it and when i was seeing now it got some hand tracking in the future, seems very worth it tho
  5. So i heard that stereo cameras could be used for 3D Scanning but it was like 900 hundred bucks, and i found another option which i dont know it's possible or not, it is a attachable lens for smartphones like this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.com/Artshu-Smartphone-Stereoscopic-Camera-Fisheye/dp/B07JZJBYVF&ved=2ahUKEwiR8aKz5a_lAhXYbX0KHTDbBWQQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw1E587d5hkRZGbh3TxitdWv which also reflect to two different perspective similar as the stereo camera. could i attach those lens to my smartphone camera for 3d scanning?
  6. So i heard that oculus quest would be able to connect to pc with USB Type C and a software (or whatever it is) named Oculus Link. I heard some games are really downgraded between the PC version and the Quest version like robo recall. Would i be able to play it with better graphics quality if it's connected to pc via Oculus Link?
  7. what about with the mixed reality which requires hdmi port? the thing made by microsoft said my laptop was capable enough to use wmr
  8. o i have a laptop with 960m as its gpu, after i run the vr benchmark thing by steam it used intel hd one and it said my laptop wasn't vr ready but the average quality said it's very high and the fps under 90fps are 13 percent, should i buy a vr headset?
  9. thanks for all of your answer yall
  10. i dont find any of this product on my local online store, so these 2 are my choices, which is better? (thx for the recommendation tho)
  11. for sounds quality, do u know which is better?
  12. so, i got 2 choices for now, Logitech G431 for 64 dollars, and G433 for 48 dollars, so which should i buy? Thank you.
  13. I mean for cinematic(ish) vlog (with no talking and only walking, record iconic things, etc), does 30fps is better or 24fps is?
  14. Does 24fps really make a video seems cinematic or it's just a gimmick? And for 30fps recording camera, can i make the video 4 times faster and it will be 120fps and make it 5 times slower to get smooth and not choppy 24fps? Thank you.
  15. I know but i dont know how to delete a post :/. Anyway, thank you for answering
  16. I am going to take a trip like in 3 months, and i wanted to make cinematic vlog with my S10 so i want to make sure that everything will be on it's best quality. About the resolution, should i record 1080p with OIS, or 4k without OIS? (I might do walking scene a bit) EDIT: it's handheld. Thank You.
  17. I am going to take a trip like in 3 months, and i wanted to make cinematic vlog with my S10 so i wanted to make sure that everything will be on it's best quality. And on the resolution, should i record 1080p with OIS, or 4k without OIS? Thank You.
  18. Yea, it was dope, i picked it up 2 days ago
  19. So i wanted a case for my phone, i want a good protection but not so bulky look, and i found the 3 that i like and available in ky country, it's Spigen Silicone Fit, Spigen Neo Hybrid, and Ringke Fusion X, which should i buy?
  20. So i just bought a new phone, and i need a protective but not so bulky case, my choices are: Ringke Fusion X, Spigen Silicone Fit, and Spigen Liquid Air. Please help me choose which offer more protection Thank you.
  21. Thx for the reply, but i dont really like that bulky look on UAG, so between those two, which is better?
  22. So, i just got mate 20 pro and dont have a case, yet. So far, i found 2 cases that was said good at other phones, and easy to find here. It's Spigen Rugged Armour, and Ringke Fusion X. Please help me decide which should i buy and which is better. EDIT: The important thing to consider is it durability and protection from drops Thank you.
  23. Actually, there is more efficient way to reduce temperature on a laptop, its named Vacuum Cooler. but since my laptop has 2 fan exhaust, so its placed on the back and sometimes it works, and sometimes it wont, and i dont want to risk 40 dollars (one of the thing costs like about 20 dollars in my country), or should i.........................? maybe i should