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  1. Recently I watched a Linus video called " Build Your Own SUPER FAST Thumb Drive!" (link below) and I was on board and I purchased the WD Blue 3D NAND 500GB and SilverStone enclosure. As soon as the purchase arrived I realized that i made a mistake. I should have gone with the 1TB flash instead of 500GB. My only question is will the 1TB work without with silver-stone enclosure? The reason I am asking that is because I want to store virtual machines on the external drive and the current setup just is just not enough. I am actually very impressed with the way this turned. 500GB in my pocket? I never thought of that. Build Your Own SUPER FAST Thumb Drive!
  2. I am currently running a windows as my main machine, however I have an old drive with an OS still installed in it and I will like access the data stored in there. If I simply attached the old drive to my new system in an attempt to use it as a secondary drive will installed OS in the old drive cause issue or conflict with my new windows? I want to use the old drive without formatting it.
  3. Can you share a bit more on how you go about doing the network transfer.
  4. So after a few months of putting components together my rig is fully operational running windows server 2016, with over 100 gigs of ram. I am not big into gaming but I have a small steam library with around 15 massive games installed all over in my old PC, a windows 10 machine. My current challenge is how to move my steam library and my other games from my old computer to my new machines. for example, as you can see in the Gforce experience picture I have minecraft installed, I have league of legend, fortnite and other games that are not installed trough steam. for example destiny 2 was installed from battlenet. I now have a dedicated 2 terabyte drive just for gaming. That way i will be able to track everything easily. My question is that: Is there a proper solution in place for me to move my entire library to the new PC. A youtube link or a web link are all welcome. So far I have searched on youtube but i see many people using external hard-drive for this. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. I am on the market for a high perfomence hard drive. I want to use this drive to store my video games and some virtual Machines. However when I was looking at the seagate line of drives: I noticed that the firecuda 2TB ssd was much cheaper than the barracuda ssh. but they are both ssd. Is there any reason why ?
  6. The thing is my current mobo's limit for the ram is 32GB and I am sucker for ram. The mobo can handle up to a 2TB of ram. I feel that windows Server is the best option to support that.
  7. Also i have not tested any graphics card on the Z10PE-D16 WS mobo, but I plan on going to either a TITAN x or RTX 2080 primarily for deep learning projects
  8. I want to stick to windows server because i use it at work all the time, and I happen to get a free license from work. And from my experience, it is faster and doesnt have a tone baggage
  9. Well the new build has a sensor issue. The 103 displayed on there is not the real temperature.
  10. Hello Mortals, I have situation that i need some serious help with. I am currently running a Windows 10 pro gaming system with 32GB ram and an Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz and a GTX 1070 and I am planning to upgrade to a ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS with 2 Intel Xeon E5 v3 @ 3.20GHz. My problem is that I have a tone of games on this system ranging from modern warfare to fortnite. But recently I think that my workload as exceeded what this machine is capable of handling, So I purchased an ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS with 2 CPU sockets and build it up: 2 Xeons, and 64GB for now(I will add more ram). I will be attaching the picture with specs. The problem: I am worried about migrating everything to the new Windows server system because I dont know if I will be able to play my video games on windows server. Please help me with this magration. I plan on selling my windows 10 system and buy a new RTX card for deep learning and video games. The windows Server System will be: Primary development machine, Deep learning project, Virtualization infrastructure project(ESXi, KVM, OpenStack), Storage server and best of all gaming system Will I be able to play video games on my Windows Server 2016?
  11. ok so my current budget is around $1500 and I have the following items, 2x heatsink, 128Gb ram, 1600W power supply and multiple SSDs, the only main decision I need to make is regarding the mobo and or processor(s)
  12. The Goal is not 128 GB ram, Eventually, I will like to cramp in as much ram as I can. Up to 500 GB ram if i can
  13. I am currently using a gigabyte gaming3 with an Intel Core i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz with 32 gigs of ram, however, due the mobo's limitation, I can only fit 64 gigs of ram. I am thinking of upgrading to an ASUS - MOTHERBOARDS Z10PE-D16 WS with maybe 2 Intel Xeon E5 2650 V3 ES QFSB 2.1GHz 25MB with 10 cores each. or 14 cores, One of the reason is that I intend to use this machine for my lab exercises with virtualizations, and I also I want to be able to play games on this machine. I will like some advice on whether I should go with 2 Xeon motherboard or stick to a single motherboard my current CPU wich has only 4 cores.