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  1. Something like this should be good for ya, new titles like Strange Brigade support HDR and so will some others I suppose.. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/z6YWGX/samsung-c27hg70-269-2560x1440-144hz-monitor-lc27hg70qqnxza
  2. There were the new 200HZ ones OTW but they got delayed, so that leaves you with those for now. Are you sure about blowing €1k on one of those older panels though, with that setup? 2gb vRAM is really low for 3440x. Might wanna consider a 38 incher Freesync 75 HZ for now, then get the new die shrunk AMD GPU. It'll be out a few months, heh.
  3. I don't care what you mentioned, you clearly did not even read the OP.. I'll get on that later. It may be my opinion, but your nonsense is way overblown. Here, please tell me how you're expecting the FETs or the +5VSB chip to effing explode on THAT PSU? With a system that will barely consume half of its capacity, most likely? You are telling that to take the topic elsewhere and the CXM DOES in fact come with caps that are halfway to being shitbag... Who the hell said anything about the G2 except YOU? The OP said he will be buying a PSU locally and the TWO are his ONLY choices. In that case, the GQ is more efficient, a bit higher power and is a give or take between the CXM so it's splitting hairs. So stop trying to talk like you know what you're on about and actually read the damn OP. The GQ is fine, JGuru and couple other reviews show this. That one is most likely a worse sample.. I wouldn't praise Be Quiet, their high end units are nothing REALLY worth speaking about... then you go out and talk about Cougar. Are you really this ill-informed? HEC has NOTHING that stands out. EVGA releases far better PSUs as long as you buy into the SuperNova units.
  4. Zilch, the thing is ancient POS. Nobody in their right mind would pay a penny for a GF 2 MX with the cabled VGA ripped out of its place and then hot glued back.. not only you're likely to not get screen output from it, but it also puts a vintage rig into danger given its condition (how the AGP port looks, etc). Recycle it.
  5. Yes, it is. You must be confusing the GQ with the BQ. The CXM is built no better and in fact comes with grabbag caps on the secondary. The GQ is slightly higher power, more efficient and looks better built / performing as well. You're also praising Be Quiet, a brand that had meh - almost shit PSUs for what they were in past. Good job. Most of us know EVGA has both crap and good PSUs.
  6. The 7940X also uses a giant monolithic die, bigger than the one on the 7900X.. they get shit hot w/o proper cooling / ventilation / ambient or delidding (yeah, I know). You might have been able to keep it around acceptable temps with one of those new Swiftech AIOs or something though. I'm having my 4.8 7900X cooled by a Captain 360 RGB right now and it does so around 85-90C at Cinebench. 7920X could have made slightly more sense IMHO..
  7. Wasn't sure Leadtek was still making consumer GPUs... that's a nice one you have over there. Good KB + mouse too. You must be from Asia I suppose?
  8. I have both of them, I think you would be happy with the G900. It's mostly plastic / lacks rubber (probably because it gets worn), but is a great performing mouse.
  9. Well it's likely that the AMD / Nvidia drivers might not let you pull off 10-bit on a Linux distro. They might, but you could encounter issues so it's kind of a crapshoot. You might want a 8-bit panel for that reason. Something like this maybe, but then again ultrawide could be an issue with Linux too.. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/378H99/lg-monitor-34um88p
  10. These are some really good panels for that purpose, I use one myself in a different shell / branding. It might not be worth it if you're going to daily Linux on it though, because it's a native 10-bit panel and you're likely going to have issues doing 10-bit with on Linux. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rQtWGX/benq-pd3200u-320-3840x2160-60hz-monitor-pd3200u
  11. Most people don't have massive hands. I found it a bit too small also, if you have an oversized hand, your finger rests on the side button instead of the rest area and touches it by mistake, which is really annoying. It's a great mouse, just not for very big hands. You might want to look at the G900 or the Swiftpoint Z, they're some of the crema de la crema of high end, big mice.
  12. This was true with the Quadro GV100, but what you said is completely wrong for gaming. The card needs SLI right now for the second GPU to work. I could do no bridge SLI with my 1080 Ti's, not sure if the 2080 Ti would let you do it.. or how much performance you would lose that way, if that helps.
  13. The BS is strong within the random user PSU "reviews" you read on Amazon, Newegg, etc.. what do they understand from PSUs? Absolutely nothing. Here, an actual test with a load tester, you will see even better results at 230v. https://www.hardocp.com/article/2018/06/26/seasonic_focus_plus_platinum_850w_psu_review/4