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    Ryzen 5 1500x
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    B350 Tomahawk
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3000
  • GPU
    Gigabyte AORUS XTREME GTX 1070 8G REV 2.0
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    NZXT H700i
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    Samsung 970 EVO 250GB NVMe - Seagate 2TB IronWolf SATA
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    EVGA 750 GQ, 80+ GOLD
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    (Dont have it yet but someday) Acer XF250Q
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    Corsair Air Series AF140 red LED - Stock Case Fans - Wraith Spire CPU Cooler
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    Razer DeathStalker Essential
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    E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI
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    Logitech G430
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    Windows 10

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  1. I wasnt sure quite where to put this since ive concluded that my mouse and keyboard work, but here seemed most appropriate anyway. Ive encountered a strange issue that started yesterday. Initially, my keyboard stopped working. Cant type, and caps lock and all other buttons that would turn on lights dont turn on. I tried restarting, and when I did, the capslock button turned on while booting, but then goes off and stops working again once im at the lock screen. Then later, my mouse started having a very peculiar issue. When I click most windows things (settings, anything you can click on built into windows) it works fine. But when I go on discord and click on someones name, it opens browser. When I click anything in files, like downloads, it opens several new tabs with random directories like desktop, program files, and other folders in my pc. Finally, clicking on any text or specific files, it highlights everything above or behind the mouse cursor. Ive gone into bios and both keyboard and mouse work fine there. Ive updated windows, ive gone into device manager and manually removed both from there, and troubleshoot both, none of which has worked. any suggestions are welcome. thanks
  2. I'm currently working on overclocking my memory on Ryzen, just like everyone. My kit is only rated for 3000mhz, but I got it up to 3600.. however I have yet to do stability testing. However I got it to boot and do a run of cinebench (I know not a memory test but still works good to make sure its even a little stable) however I maged to get this with some high voltage. I have dram voltage set to 1.4v and SoC voltage set to 1.2875v. After some researching, most people say the highest you should go is 1.2v so I pushed it down but it was very unstable. I'm aware SoC affects memory controllers rather than the cores themselves, but my temps are in check even with that high a voltage, so is there really any harm? Usually if I go to an unsafe level my motherboard lets me know by making the value red, and 1.2875v is still white. Thanks.
  3. this it pretty much what id read before, which is why i was so supprised with these results..
  4. says the same thing as yours, x16 for width and x16 for supported... i should put in the wifi card to test but i doubt it would be different.
  5. I read a bunch of articles saying that b350 boards had 24 pcie/pci lanes. I built my computer slowly so this happened over time, but when i first used it my frames were great, 300 in csgo, 1000 in minecraft, all games ran well with my specs (r5 1500 gtx 1070), but then after a while, i bought an m.2 ssd, using pci lanes. After playing my games again, i noted my frames were a little lower overall, but nothing to much to worry about. Even later i got a pci wifi card, and now my frames were much worse, 100 in csgo, 60-100 in minecraft. I wouldve figured the gpu would use 16 lanes, m.2 uses 4, and wifi card uses 4, equaling 24? In case youre curious i have an msi b350 tomahawk motherboard which i know can split pci lanes for sli/crossfire, but i wouldnt have though it would affect other pci devices this way. After unplugging the wifi card, some of my frames, were a little better, up to 50-200 more in some titles, depending on how demanding in general. Im kinda confused to any help is useful. Thanks!
  6. Regardless of them not OC it still isnt a fair test, and damages the credibility of the test regardless of it had a meaningful impact.
  7. I agree. If it has a stock picture then its probably a scam. I saw a few though with actual pictures on a table or something for around 20 (Bid though so itll go up)
  8. $20-$70 dollars but anything over $60 is a little much. Seems like there are some pretty good deals on ebay, wether for auction of buy it now.
  9. Lenovo laptop, but yes similar idea to apple. And yea that too.
  10. Costco, for one thing. Two, ive noticed the more I learn about pcs how often compainies use ignorance for profit. They really have no idea, just saw it was thin with a big screen. Btw my friend claims it was 1000 but i have my suspiscions. Ive talked about it with their parents after and they did however imply that it was close to that price range which just... hurts. The kind of laptop I could get for $1000 would blow that thing out of the water. You can find used 1060 laptops on ebay for less than that, and get a quad core with and ssd even. Its ridiculous but its been almost two or three years now, way to late to return. Edit: IT dosent even turbo that high either, only up to lke 2.8 or so, but I could be wrong about that too. I know that it wont go past 3 which is just, yikes.
  11. "if I blindly spend more, ill get more!"
  12. My friends parents bought her a $1000 laptop with a dual core and an r7 240 (or something similar I dont know exactly) and her claiming that its the most kick butt laptop out there just because of the price... I got a used lapotop for $150 with a quad core, worse graphics,(nvs 5200m) but good enough to play csgo and 90 fps, gta at 50 all low on both, 1368x768 native resolution of laptop... It only set me back $150 there are so many better choices at the thousand dollar range, probably things cheaper too..
  13. I agree that the psu is way more than needed, but look at his budget, theres no reason not to. And i guess the monitor kinda come down to preferance. Its what id do but you are right that it would be sort of limiting so His choice i suppose