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  1. I'm talking about a 800-1000$ computer with current components. Look at the specs of the upcoming consoles. Basically every AAA game in the next 7-8 years is going to be designed to run well on those specs, and you can totally get an equivalent or better PC now.
  2. A $800-1000 gaming PC will easily be able to run modern AAA titles at 60+ fps 1080p for 5-6 years on high/ultra settings. I have a GTX 1070 and a Ryzen 5 1600x, and the only game I had to run on medium is RDR2. Everything else I can just crank up the graphics settings and rarely, if ever, see them dip below 60. Anything more expensive than that gives you only incremental gains, and only makes sense if you're really into competitive CS:GO and you need it to have a stable 144+ fps. A $400 PC would probably suck, but if you picked your components wisely you could make it easy to upgrade at a later date, or maybe not even have to upgrade if all you play is CS:GO, LoL, Valorant, etc.
  3. There are no good MMOs anymore. That being said, Destiny 2 is pretty good. Almost all of D2 content is available free to play on Steam as well.
  4. It depends on the game you play. I imagine you could easily run Doom Eternal or Mortal Kombat 11 in the 60+ frame range with medium settings because those games are incredibly well optimized. On the other hand, there's no doubt you'd have a crappy experience with Red Dead Redemption 2 and a less-than-ideal experience with Metro Exodus. My advice to you is to wait until the new consoles and the RTX 3xxx series comes out. That's probably going to drive down some hardware prices and make GPUs such as the 1660 super or even the 2080ti a lot more affordable.
  5. Nobody cares if the Xbox Series X is going to have better hardware than the PS5. What matters is the exclusives, and so far Xbox Series X has an underwhelming offering, with all or most of its exclusives being available on PC anyway.
  6. Jesus Christ this guy has a flashlight + a flashlight on his phone + another little flashlight on his gun. Are you expecting some kind of a blackout apocalypse every time you leave home?
  7. Nah, that's way too small to fit all the stuff I need.
  8. I got a shoulder bag that normally contains 2-3 sets of keys, wallet, phone, wireless earbuds, a case for my glasses, a book or my Kindle, handkerchiefs, and a reusable grocery bag. I'm like a woman, basically.
  9. As the guy who played, finished, and enjoyed Agony and Metal Gear Survive, I can understand when someone likes a game that everyone else hates. It happens. Opinions are like aholes and all that. IMHO, wait for a sale before buying TLOU2, or borrow it from a friend. I think it's worth experiencing. Not my cup of tea personally, but not a terrible game by any stretch.
  10. Graphics are great, gameplay is adequate, and the story is trash. The characters in particular are empty and lifeless and angsty, and they talk a lot about nothing. Overall, it's playable. I'd say 3/5. EDIT: Oh yeah, and this is the first TLOU game I played. If you're a fan of the first one, you're probably going to really hate this one because of what they did to the characters.
  11. Both are perfectly good. That being said, Dark Souls is a console game and works really well with a controller and a TV. I played it both ways, and overall the TV+controller is a better experience.
  12. Because the IdTech engine is one of the best engines ever and Id Software are gods when it comes to making a game.
  13. Here's a weird thing that happened with it. After I formatted it prior to putting it in a replacement laptop I got after my old laptop died, and installed windows, I took it out and placed it in my main computer and copied a whole bunch of media files on it so I wouldn't have to copy all that stuff via USB drives. However, after I placed the SSD back in the laptop, the files I copied onto it weren't there! I ended up copying the files via flash drives anyway, and forgot about it. Now I thought that maybe these phantom files that I coped from my main pc were still somehow taking up space on the SSD, but they're nowhere to be found and Disk Management is reporting only two partitions (the system-allocated one, and the main 240 gb one).
  14. At a big computer store in my city. I bought it about 3-4 years ago, after which it has served me for years in my main computer, to then be used in my work laptops since I don't need much storage there anyway. It's not that old and didnt get that much written on it, so I'd be surprised if it's malfunctioning due to wear and tear.
  15. What are the snapshots? If you mean the recovery backup images (System > System Protection > System Protection > Configure), that setting is set to not exceed 2-3% of the drive.
  16. Here it is. The space of individual folders is shown in the TreeSize screenshot. I'm afraid I don't know what a cluster sie is.
  17. TreeSize was ran as admin. When I select all the files, including hidden ones, Windows shows a total of 103gb.
  18. I have a weird problem with a Samsung EVO 850 250gb ssd. My Computer and Disk Management shows 250gb total capacity, but Windows reports that only 30ish gb are free. This makes no sense because only about half of it should be taken. So I fired up TreeSize to check what's eating up all the space... but TreeSize detects 117gb are taken (which is how many it should be). Malwarebytes and Windows Defender scans did not find anything. TreeSize should've also detected it if there was a large cache file or something like that. I tried the SSD in another computer, and the problem persisted. What's going on with my SSD? I can probably solve the problem by formatting the drive and reinstalling Win10, but I'd rather not go to that much hassle. Here are some screenshots of what My Computer, DIsk Management, and TreeSize tell me:
  19. Control is very repetitive and the story is Hollywoody trash. Metro Exodus is absolutely phenomenal. I haven't played Detroit Become Human, but people say it's really good. Red Dead Redemption 2 is pretty damn good and has tons of content. GTA5 is 14.99 right now and, well... it's GTA5. Close to the Sun, State of Decay 2, World War Z, the 2nd Ghost Recon, and Predator Hunting Grounds are all garbage so don't buy those.
  20. Gears of War story is simplistic Hollywoody drivel, but the cover shooter mechanics and melee carnage can be very satisfying, especially if you play in couch co-op with a friend. Play whichever one you want. They're all the same game with graphics that get better over time. I'd start with Gears 4 and 5 and then maybe play the older ones if you really like it. The story really doesn't matter.
  21. Realistic graphics always age the worst. I'm actually not impressed by some of the graphics in RDR2. Granted, I run the game mostly on medium with textures on ultra, but still, human models look waaaaaaay better in other games such as Jedi Fallen Order, Tomb Raider, Doom Eternal, etc. Also, I can run those other games on high-ultra settings no problem, so it's RDR2's fault for having crappy optimization.
  22. Most games can't really strain a cutting-edge CPU at all, and only high budget AAA titles can really push a modern GPU to its limits. In other words, if you tried to review the strength of a GPU based on what most people do with it (play LoL, Counter Strike, Witcher 3, GTA5, or some other popular title) there would really be no practical difference between a 1080ti and a 2080ti, as both GPUs would output far more frames on ultra settings than the average person's 60Hz monitor can show anyway. With high end CPUs the differences would be even more negligible. Hence why you use tasks such as rendering, compiling, etc. that are actually going to stress the hardware and show how much better/worse a piece of hardware is than the competing products. There really is no other way to do this stuff.
  23. Most singleplayer games aren't fast-paced enough for the Vsync input lag to matter. This is especially true if you play at medium or similar difficulties.
  24. At that kind of price range, definitely go with the PC.